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    Join us for an hour meditation class based on Zen meditation and mindfulness.

    In this class you will:

    • Learn how to do awareness meditation and work with your monkey mind.
    • Practice seated meditation to deepen your experience.
    • Experience yoga poses as moving meditation.
    • Feel more compassionate towards yourself and those around you after a loving-kindness meditation.
    • Understand the connection between Zen and Yoga.
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    Know how to establish a meditation practice after the workshop. Zen meditation is an open awareness meditation. Unlike Transcendental Meditation, where your attention is focused on a specific mantra, in Zen meditation we try to be completely aware of everything inside and outside of us without controlling anything.

    No show / late cancel fee of $40. If you cannot make it to class, You need to cancel 3 hours before your class starts, or you will be charged. Because you are holding up a place, someone else could have.

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