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Loren's journey with yoga began quite serendipitously after his relocation from the east coast in 2018. A close friend introduced him to the world of Radiant, and despite his initial skepticism – having perceived yoga as merely a series of slow stretches – his first class at Radiant was nothing short of revelatory. If one word were to encapsulate that experience, it would be 'humbling'.

Originally, Loren turned to yoga as a complementary discipline to his powerlifting, intending to enhance his flexibility and reduce injury risks. But yoga, with its profound depth, soon transcended beyond just a workout routine for him. From being a casual practitioner attending two to three classes a week, Loren found himself deeply engrossed, often attending classes upwards of 10 times a week. The term 'addicted' barely scratches the surface of his dedication.

In the early months of 2022, Loren decided to deepen his immersion into the yogic realm by undertaking Teacher Training. Although his initial intention was solely to enhance his personal practice, Loren's open-minded approach to life led him down unexpected avenues. Rather than setting preconceived expectations, he allowed the training experience to organically shape his journey. It was during this transformative period that Loren discovered an innate passion for teaching yoga. He reveled in the performance, thrived on the challenges, and was invigorated by the energy exchange with his students.

But yoga, as central as it is to his life, is just one facet of Loren's multifaceted personality. He's an active soul, always on the move, whether it's in business or travel. And when he's not striking a yoga pose or attending to business dealings, Loren can be found soaking in music at concerts, a testament to his deep love for rhythm and melodies.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    Loren was a great guide!

    He led everyone through challenging postures while still making the class intentional and genuinely spiritual. When leading the class through meditation in savasanas, I appreciated that it felt genuine and not from a script. 🤍


    Loren is exactly what Radiant was missing!

    My friend and I both left this class feeling like we had so much fun. The music choices were fantastic, even started dancing at one point. Good vibes, good class, would book again!


    Loren is the best instructor at Radiant!

    Love his energy, passion, and positivity.


    Loren’s classes are amazing!!

    He brings such a positive, friendly, and fun energy and also has great playlists! Really pushes you to do your best, can’t wait to go back!


    One of my favorite instructors.

    Always has good music & vibes. The temp is always perf. Wish he would reach more!


    It was such a good class! Very high energy.