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The transformative power of yoga became evident to me the moment I stepped into the warm embrace of Radiant Hot Yoga's heated room. That very day marked the beginning of my deep-rooted love for what would soon become my sanctuary. As my practice grew more consistent, an inner calling urged me to become both a beacon and a healer within that sacred space. Seizing the opportunity, I eagerly joined the passionate and resilient Radiant family as an instructor.

My bond with yoga deepened when I completed my RYT-200 certification in the tumultuous year of 2020. In a time shrouded in global despair, my teacher training emerged as a beacon, illuminating my path. It taught me heightened self-awareness, deeper connections with others, and a more profound understanding of my mind, emotions, and breath. This transformative journey, undertaken alongside like-minded souls who soon became my yogi sisters, was nothing short of therapeutic magic.

Guiding our cherished yoga community in the heated room, sharing my ardor, insights, and direction, is a source of immeasurable joy for me. The privilege of brightening someone's day nourishes my soul and fills my heart.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    "Yoga is a light. Once lit, it will never dim. – Iyengar"

    Difficult but extremely satisfying class, Aeja and the Radiant team and facility are fantastic.

    I consider myself a regular!


    Aeja always pushes me to try harder!

    Smaller class tonight and it was amazing energy.


    I really enjoyed the flow of tonight’s class with Aeja!

    It’s an incredible balance between strength, stretch, and endurance. I feel so centered within myself and with the community that was there in the studio.


    Aeja was the instructor and she was amazing!

    Great class, as usual!


    Great hot yoga.

    Fast flow, great pump jams during Vinyasa. Just hard enough, with appropriate cool down breaks. This class is an experience!! I’ll be back.


    Will definitely go back – great way to finish the week!

    First time in a long time doing hot yoga. Very welcoming – encouraged to be aware of own body, take breaks or modifications as needed, and hydrate. Loved that people around me actually did this in between some bada$$ poses. The point was to stick around in the room for the 60 min, so do what you can. I liked that it was challenging so I could push as wanted/dared and then modify or chill as needed.


    As someone who has NEVER done yoga or group fitness classes, I LOVE Aeja and Emily’s classes!!

    My friend bought me a pass and I was hesitant to use it but the classes are amazing! My first class was with Aeja. Aeja’s class was great for a first timer because it was not intimidating and she was very intentional about making sure everyone had a positive experience.

    I love radiant hot yoga classes because it’s atypical for yoga. It combines yoga with upbeat music and cardio! I can calm my mind while getting in an intense workout!

    Aeja and Emily’s classes are underrated! I highly recommend attending their classes!

    Staci D.