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Tana has been in the fitness industry and dance community for 20-30 years. She's taught aerobics, body pump, dance, cardio groove....pretty much if you name it, she's taught it. She also danced as a professional Polynesian dancer for many years until a ruptured achilles tendon right before she went on stage on Tahiti effectively ended her dance career.

"It was really hard to adjust to life outside of the dance world. All my friends were in dance, and until I injured myself and no longer had a place in the competitive world, I didn't realize how it consumed my life."

Tana only started practicing yoga in September 2014. She loved the people and how the practice made her feel so much that she decided to sign up for teaching training to make new friends and deepen her practice.

Fast forward to Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training - Spring 2015 - Her thoughts her first weekend were, "Uh oh...this is very overwhelming, maybe I'm not ready yet......" However with each passing week, she was drawn to her fellow teacher trainers and if you ask her now what gave her the strength to continue, she will say it was the people. She found that as her yoga practice grew, her injury began to heal. She also began to open her heart to life outside of dance as she began to feel whole again.

"It is truly my personal yoga journey that lead me to want to teach. I realized that if it could heal me, it could heal anybody. I felt so much more connected to my mind, body and soul. I felt whole."

Tana now has an active yoga practice and when she's not in the yoga room or on the dance floor, you can find her marketing and managing the family businesses or relaxing with her husband.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    Loved the class!

    And Tana (the teacher) did a great job!!



    I’ve been coming here for about 3 years now. Their instructors are very experienced and know what they are doing, most of all they have a great energy and a passion for being an instructor. Before the pandemic, I enjoyed ruckys hot sculpt, and I recommend all the instructors but my favorites would have to be Izzy, Skyler, Debbie, Tana, Tania, Cami, and Doug.

    Especially the yoga on the yacht event! I went to first one and a few after definitely worth your morning! The Irvine studio is more spacious. Thank you Darlene!

    Elle T.