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Joanne T., fondly known as "JoJo," has been a dedicated member of Radiant Hot Yoga since its inception, maintaining a consistent practice every week since 2013. In the fall of 2017, JoJo completed Radiant's intensive 200-hour teacher training program and promptly began instructing weekly Radiant Hot Power sessions.

By profession, JoJo is a Physical Therapist. Beyond that, she has a decade-long experience teaching dance fitness and Zumba. In 2018, combining her expertise in the Radiant sequence with her passion for dance, JoJo collaborated with Radiant to introduce a distinctive class, "Radiant Hot Bounce."

JoJo resides in Irvine, sharing her home with her husband and their three children.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    Jojo is so helpful and kind instructor.

    Her voice is so soothing and she has great music. I like how she creates a nonjudgmental environment when I Couldn’t do certain moves! Def will be back 🙂


    Jojo’s class was perfect.

    It was enough hot feel every single movement. Her voice was so clear and welcome. She used a mic which needed. Its awesome. Thanks!


    JoJo’s classes are always pure magic!

    I look forward to them every week. Perfect amount of heat, amazing music and energy.


    Jojo is a magical instructor.

    Her class is like Goldie Locks – never too hot or too cold, but just right!! She is so motivational and inspirational. Absolutely love her classes!!


    Jojo is an incredible instructor.

    Authentic and warm. She is able to connect with her students with intentional hands on adjustments and words of encouragement. LOVED her class!


    She is such a great instructor!!!

    This is my second time attending one of her classes & I LOVE her vibe!!


    Jojo was wonderful, great energy.

    That was the hardest and longest 60 minutes of yoga of my life but I felt so good afterwards. Thank you!


    Great music and great temp.


    Radiant is home!

    Nothing is like their hot yoga — intense, upbeat and relaxing all at once. I’ve been coming to this studio for years and of the hundreds of classes I’ve taken, none is the same. Each provides a new challenge!

    The instructors are talented and care. They transport you to a new world! Try a Jojo or Audrey class. They’re top notch.

    Hopelessly obsessed with radiant hot yoga, and can’t go a week without one of their classes.

    A must try studio!

    Jaclyn P.

    Amazing studio!

    Clean, creative, friendly, warm, just awesome. And JoJo is an amazing teacher!!!!

    Dana M.