Meet Your Guiding Lights: Souls Behind the Asanas

The Radiant
Hot Yoga

owner/founder & yoga teacher

Darlene Dearen

Darlene Dearen combines her Apache heritage and spiritual background with her passion for yoga to create a sanctuary of healing and inspiration. Once astray from her roots, it was yoga that reconnected her to her essence and life’s purpose. With years of experience in both yoga instruction and women’s health, she has dedicated her life to empowering others. As the founder of Radiant Hot Yoga, Darlene’s mission is to uplift and transform, one soul at a time.

“If yoga can save my life, it can save yours.”

yoga teacher

Savanna Dearen

Meet Savanna Dearen, a dedicated yoga teacher with a love for community and empowerment. She’s been practicing since age 5 and teaching since 15. Outside the studio, she co-hosts global yoga retreats and curates our boutique’s trendy apparel. Savanna’s classes are as renewing as they are challenging, embodying the very essence of Radiant.

Yoga teacher

Skyler Dearen

Meet Skyler Dearen, the youngest certified hot yoga instructor since 2013, with over 2,000 teaching hours to her name. A firm believer in yoga’s healing power, Skyler travels globally to host retreats and aims to touch the hearts of her students. Her life’s work revolves around teaching, inspiring, and fostering a love for yoga, proving age is just a number when it comes to passion and dedication.

Introducing Our Radiant Yoga Instructors

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I absolutely love what I do for a living, constantly being surrounded by the most incredible group of people, connecting, sweating, healing, and having fun all in one.