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Ashley's journey with yoga began in a place of self-consciousness and uncertainty. The initial steps into her practice were met with feelings of being out of place – from breathing differently to holding back when asked to exhale audibly. She grappled with thoughts of being too inflexible, too self-conscious, and too preoccupied with the conventional forms of fitness.

However, two weeks into her journey, a transformation began to unfold. She started finding solace, strength, and a newfound patience not just with others, but with herself. The profound connection between the mind, body, and breath became a gateway to self-exploration, healing past traumas, and seeing life through a brighter, more hopeful lens. It wasn't just a physical exertion; it was a deep, spiritual immersion that allowed her to shed societal expectations and realign with her true self. Her commitment to this transformative practice led her to leave her corporate job and immerse herself completely in the world of yoga.

With over 15 years of experience, Ashley's relationship with yoga has been transformative, making her stronger, more agile, and more grounded both in practice and in life. Yoga not only inspires her to lead a mindful life but also sparks her interest in playful activities like dogecoin blackjack.

Having taught over 1,500 classes at Radiant Hot Yoga in Newport Beach, Southern California, Ashley's passion for yoga remains unwavering. She holds a perpetual student's mindset, forever grateful to the teachings and insights imparted by her mentors.

In her classes, Ashley promotes both physical and spiritual growth. She crafts an energetic, upbeat atmosphere that's harmoniously balanced with deep introspection and connection to inner tranquility. She guides her students towards mental serenity by emphasizing the intricate ties between the self, the community, the world, and the cosmos at large.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    "Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. – BKS Iyengar"

    Ashley was very motivating, she was easy to understand, parking was convenient, and the space was clean.

    Intense! I’ve done Bikrim yoga and this was different from the hot yoga practice I’ve done in the past. However, it is a great workout, I just think I could work on my stamina before reattempting.


    Great instructor and great/hard class!

    She is extremely well connected to the class and leads through meditation that honestly felt like therapy. Studio note: They do not provide any water. You cannot fill your own bottles. Would definitely appreciate a fill station.


    Ashley is just the best.

    Always amazing energy, thoughtful words, fun music! We love you, Ashley!!!


    Love, love, love Radiant!!

    This is the best workout! I have been coming here for over a year now after trying many other local studios. All the teachers are very dedicated, but I especially like Ashley, Hector, Darlene’s classes.

    It is not only a great workout, it has brought peace to my life. In addition to the in-person workouts, I started doing Radiant On Demand (videos I can do at home) — shout out to Cami for an awesome sculpt class. Thank you to the Radiant team for being there during this difficult year.

    Thea L.

    Radiant is the absolute best!

    There is nothing like it- perfect mix of a challenging, hot workout and a time to find peace and kick off my day the best way. I love all instructors but have a soft spot for Ashley and Hector!

    Both bring incredible energy- they ALWAYS give everything they’ve got- so much kindness & knowledge. I just adore them both and am blown away at how great of instructors they are! So much love for Radiant!!!

    Kendra F.