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Where “Strong Body, Strong Mind” isn’t just a slogan — it’s a transformative experience. Join us and embrace the journey to a more powerful you.

A place of love, family, and healing

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Radiant Hot Yoga was founded by Darlene Dearen to create a place of unity and family.

She envisioned a yoga studio that was more like a home, a place where you feel welcomed from the moment you walk in.

Ultimately she created the studio for her 2 daughters, Skyler and Savanna, as a place of love and healing.

A home away from home

Newport Beach Studio

Radiant Hot Yoga Newport Beach was opened in 2013 and is located in the Newport North Shopping Center conveniently located off the 73 FWY.

Offering a variety of classes for all levels creating a strong mind & body and joyful spirit. We welcome you to your home away from home. Namaste.

Improve your life and develop a


mind body spirit

Yoga eliminates the debilitating factors, which prevent you from living your happiest life and reaching your full potential. Radiant Hot Yoga is the combination of traditional hot yoga with vinyasa power flow; hot yoga is a set of static postures, while vinyasa is movement connected to breath.

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Radiant Hot Yoga?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, young or old, physically active, or just starting your fitness journey, you’re welcome at our beautiful Newport Beach studio. At Radiant Hot Yoga, we offer heated options to suit your practice needs.

Our state-of-the-art studio maintains a 105-degree heat and 40% humidity setting for our heated classes, optimizing your workout while promoting detoxification and mental serenity. Here, we offer more than just a workout; we offer a holistic experience that nourishes your mind, body, and soul in line with our motto—strong body, strong mind.

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Benefits of Hot Yoga

At Radiant Hot Yoga, our classes are a balanced blend of static postures and dynamic flow, refined to create a sense of inner peace and harmony, while simultaneously building strength and flexibility.

In addition to our signature Radiant Hot 60 class, we also offer Radiant Hot Sculpt (with weights), Radiant Barre (ballet inspired), Radiant Bounce (dance), Radiant Yin (non-heated restorative), Radiant Creative Flow, Radiant Kundalini, Sound and Gong Healing.


muscle tone

and build strength


Relieve stress

and anxiety


Reduces symptoms

of thyroid disorders

& depression


Helps prevent


and circulatory



Boost the

immune system



the mind

and the body




and impurities




range of motion

and balance


Get hands-on

help with







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Embark on a transformative journey where each step brings you closer to the radiant version of yourself! At Radiant Hot Yoga, we invite you to dive into a world of physical vitality, mental clarity, and soulful radiance.