Yoga Teacher


Hector initially approached yoga as a physical workout and a means to recuperate from sports-related injuries.

In January 2018, his journey took a transformative turn when he discovered Radiant Hot Yoga. At this studio, Hector experienced a profound connection to his inner self, surpassing his expectations in a remarkably short timeframe. Under the guidance of numerous dedicated teachers at Radiant, he felt a deep nourishment and healing of his mind, body, and soul.

While his initial intent for joining the Yoga Teacher training was to delve deeper into his practice and self-awareness, the experience offered him much more. It became a pathway to acceptance, embracing himself fully as he is. This revelation led Hector to the decision to teach. He believes that if he can assist even a single individual in feeling revitalized, more grounded, and instill a deeper sense of self-love, then his journey as a teacher is wholly worthwhile.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    I don’t even know where to start, but all I can say is that Radiant is part of my weekly fitness routine.

    I love how intense and challenging the classes are but Hector exactly knows when to give you a brief moment to catch your breath! This is not your typical hot yoga class, prepare to go to war with yourself!

    It challenges you mentally and physically. Me and my partner are literally addicted to the feeling we get after the class. Highly recommend it to everyone.


    Hector is an amazing teacher.

    I’m super grateful for him and the energy he brings to class.


    Hectors class was amazing today.

    His energy is contagious and I was able to completely relax in sleeping pigeon and legit almost fell asleep. It was such an amazing experience to be so relaxed after the first portion of class. Thanks Hector!


    Hector is one of the best instructors.

    He dives deep and all of us leave his class feeling more alive and refreshed. He is one of my favorite instructors @ Radiant! You wont regret it!


    Hector was amazing.

    I loved the 105°F room and that it wasn’t Bikram. It was challenging and rewarding. Loved the class. Dripping sweat


    What a class!

    Not only was Hector an incredible instructor who motivated the room and made everyone felt welcomed, but he spoke to me by name, never having met me before and you’re not given a seat placement.

    The little things matter and I’m grateful I drove from Long Beach just to be in that class. Beyond worth it. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you, Hector 🙏🏽


    Hector was amazing.

    First time at this studio and the energy that Hector beings to the class makes it so the hour flies by. For those not used to 105 degree rooms, Hector does a nice job of giving some time to catch your breath during the flow. Only downside to the studio is only one men’s shower so there is a line to use it. Small inconvenience for a great yoga experience.


    This is a wonderful studio w awesome instructors.

    I love Hector ‘s classes the best! The studio is always clean and always smells fresh. I highly recommend the Newport location.

    Brian A.

    This is truly the hottest yoga class ever but I am obsessed.

    The energy from the class, the loud music, and the flow are the best. Hector is my favorite teacher. It is a lot of people in one small hot room so it might not be for everyone but I love it.

    Nina D.

    Love, love, love Radiant!!

    This is the best workout! I have been coming here for over a year now after trying many other local studios. All the teachers are very dedicated, but I especially like Ashley, Hector, Darlene’s classes.

    It is not only a great workout, it has brought peace to my life. In addition to the in-person workouts, I started doing Radiant On Demand (videos I can do at home) — shout out to Cami for an awesome sculpt class. Thank you to the Radiant team for being there during this difficult year.

    Thea L.

    Radiant is the absolute best!

    There is nothing like it- perfect mix of a challenging, hot workout and a time to find peace and kick off my day the best way. I love all instructors but have a soft spot for Ashley and Hector!

    Both bring incredible energy- they ALWAYS give everything they’ve got- so much kindness & knowledge. I just adore them both and am blown away at how great of instructors they are! So much love for Radiant!!!

    Kendra F.