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My names Sage which means “wise” and that’s something I haven’t always lived up too, but every sage was once a fool. When I came to radiant I was 16 like many people nowadays I struggling with addiction, depression, and a broken heart. Yoga was the tool to discover the root of all my problems stemming from a rough childhood. Once you’ve climbed out of a sunken place all you want to do is help the next person. Radiant has blessed me with that opportunity to help others turn their 6’s to 9’s.
I am now 21 currently traveling to the best spots in the world to surf. When I’m home I practice at Radiant almost every day and it’s my sanctuary to visualize my dreams, where I find connection to myself, and where I build my mindset. Although I am now a teacher I will always be a student at heart. I believe my teaching is a reflection of my practice.
We’re all looking for connection, fulfillment, and love. If I was able to find that at Radiant so could you.
Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    Sage was absolutely amazing! Attentive. Intentional.

    His presence was very safe and welcoming . I’ve been in the industry for sometime and i have never seen someone this young be so gifted and combine his skill set with passion so congruently


    This was my first time doing hot yoga and it was so challenging!

    But also super satisfying at the end. It is a type of challenge that’s not overwhelming and it’s so motivational. I really enjoyed it


    Great class!

    Sage knew how to read the room and open the doors when needed. I will definitely take his class again!


    Sage is the best.

    I wish he had more classes on the schedule though. 10/10


    My favorite yoga class.

    Perfect level of challenge, spirituality, and sweat.


    Love Sage’s class!


    I’ve been to radiant a bunch and this was my first time with Sage.

    He’s one of my fav instructors now. Obsessed will be recommending.


    Amazing per usual!