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Doug first discovered hot yoga 15 years ago and quickly recognized both his passion and natural inclination for it. Unfortunately, a series of ill-advised decisions led him away from the practice for nearly a decade. Facing multiple chronic injuries, Doug's physical and mental well-being deteriorated. It was the recommitment to his yoga practice, especially at Radiant, that breathed new life into him. Astounded by its therapeutic qualities, Doug integrated regular yoga sessions, mindful eating, and meditation into his lifestyle, creating a harmonious balance in various facets of his life.

A lover of mountain biking and surfing, Doug is also known to tout the myriad benefits of yoga. He playfully asserts to family members that yoga is the panacea for everything - from sleep disorders and postural issues to skin ailments and existential unease.

Professionally, Doug has dedicated nearly two decades to graphic design. He resides in Costa Mesa with his wife and teenage son, looking forward to many more enriching years of practicing and teaching yoga.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    This class mainly focuses on breath work and holding stretches. There are no standing poses, it’s all done laying down or sitting, so expect child pose, fetal pose, table top, lotus pose, etc.

    There’s also some sound bowl therapy too. The instructor’s voice is soothing and he gently corrects poses and gives massages as needed (with consent). I enjoyed this class as I was able to release pent up tension and found myself smiling at the end during my shavasanna. Highly recommend!


    Doug is an awesome, motivating and mindful instructor.

    No matter what level you are, he understands you, respects you, and let’s you just be where you are. There was no judgement within the space, unlike other hot yoga classes I’ve taken elsewhere. I really appreciate the space and everyone in it.


    Doug is one of my favorite instructors. He’s very welcoming and really pays attention to each and every person.

    I also respect the fact that he knows how to read the room and opens the doors for air when he sees that people need it.


    Doug is amazing!!

    Loved his class. I feel so revived and renewed. Thank you for an amazing experience!


    Doug is an amazing instructor!

    He guides you throughout practice using sound bath. Overall it was a healing practice. I will definitely be attending again!


    It’s a really good class !

    If you’ve never done yoga (like me) you can look up and follow along haha it kicked my booty, def. An experience… one of the more crowded classes I’ve taken but it was pretty cool.


    Doug is the best as always.



    I’ve been coming here for about 3 years now. Their instructors are very experienced and know what they are doing, most of all they have a great energy and a passion for being an instructor. Before the pandemic, I enjoyed ruckys hot sculpt, and I recommend all the instructors but my favorites would have to be Izzy, Skyler, Debbie, Tana, Tania, Cami, and Doug.

    Especially the yoga on the yacht event! I went to first one and a few after definitely worth your morning! The Irvine studio is more spacious. Thank you Darlene!

    Elle T.

    Was visiting my parents in Newport Coast and was fortunate enough to find Radiant Hot Yoga!

    Thoroughly enjoyed my classes taught by Alexa and Doug—both are excellent! Lovely studio, helpful staff, plus Yoga mats and towels are available for rent. I will definitely return the next time I’m in the area!

    Carol W.