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Over a decade ago, during my high school sophomore year, I stumbled upon hot yoga, and it completely transformed my life. The detoxifying experience, the constant challenge, and the fact that it never got easier fueled my addiction, driving me to surpass my past self with each session. Growing up in Palm Springs, where scorching summers reached the high 120's, I developed a deep love for and embrace of the heat.

My journey began as a competitive swimmer and water polo player, a path that continued through college, fostering my enduring passion for health and wellness. Beyond the yoga studio, I have a love for the outdoors through activities like distance running and cycling. Teaching yoga brings me immense joy, as I get to share 60 minutes of relaxation and release with others. Giving back the serenity and balance that yoga has generously bestowed upon me is a fulfilling aspect of my teaching journey.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    I’ve been going to Radiant for about 2 years now, and decided to post a review because this was hands down one of the best classes I’ve been to so far.

    The instructor, Cindy D, was absolutely amazing and made the class so much fun! The energy was great, the sweat was consistent and she even made a few jokes to keep everyone engaged. Her words were inspiring, which definitely makes me want to come back for more of her classes. Couldn’t believe this was only her 4th class ever! If you haven’t tried out this instructor yet, I would highly recommend it!


    Cindy is amazing- a natural!

    I felt motivated and supported by her throughout class. I cannot wait to come back.


    Cindy is awesome. Great energy and tone.

    She has me converted to Radiant Hot Yoga and I love it!!


    Cindy is such an amazing teacher. Everything about the class impressed me.

    She had a beautiful voice and the heat was perfect. I’m so excited to continue taking her classes.


    She is such a great instructor!

    Her energy is so good.


    Cindy brings the energy!!

    Love her classes.


    Cindy is an amazing instructor!

    This was one of my favorite classes I’ve taken so far. She has a great energy and the vibe of her class is really upbeat and encouraging.


    She’s awesome.

    The best way to end a Sunday!


    Cindy has great energy and kindness.

    Such a beautiful evening class.


    Cindy has great direction…

    …and a great voice!


    First time at Radiant, Cindy was awesome!

    Great way to start the year.


    Cindy is amazing!

    Best class ever!