You are Safe With Us

To My Beautiful Radiant Community

Radiant Hot Yoga is a sanctuary of love & healing. When I opened my doors in 2013, with my two beautiful daughters; maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, health, and safety have been my first priority.

From the beginning, we have always had a gold standard of cleanliness. Radiant Hot Yoga is much more than a place you come to enjoy a work out. It is a place where families come together – to heal emotions, trauma, and pain. Radiant is not only a place where I have raised my daughters for the past 8 years; my daughters, best friends, yoga brothers and sisters all work and practice here daily.

Many of us live our lives at RHY whether teaching or practicing – this beautiful healing sanctuary is where ALL my loved ones come to daily – it has always been part of my mission and I will continue to make sure that we go above and beyond to be a place of radiant health. The health of my family, students and employees have been and always will be my top priority and center around everything I do.

On behalf of Radiant Hot Yoga, we are here to serve you, and we want to share information with you about how we continue to operate safely and effectively.If you are sick, not feeling well, have a fever, or if you’re experiencing any type of symptomsPLEASE STAY HOME – rest and recover. We look forward to having you join us when you are fully healthy.

It is crucial that we remain mindful and aware of our impact on others. If you come into the studio, coughing, sneezing, or unwell – you will kindly be asked to leave and come back when your well.

Front desk, teachers, or myself have the right to kindly ask you to come back when your health is restored – this is not personal at all – but during this time, with heightened senses, this is a procedure we must implement to protect our beautiful community, teachers, and staff.Radiant Hot Yoga is my mission, dharma, it is my life’s work and it would not be the same without YOU. Radiant is here to help you get through these changing times, this will continue to be a safe place where you can come to find, peace, healing, inspiration, love and the tools to help you to get through everyday life.

I honor the place in you which is of light, love & Radiance, when you are in this place, and I am in this place, we are forever connected and ONE.

Darlene Dearen

Important Studio News – Class Cancellation

Dear Yogis,

We will be capping classes at 10 people, instead of 50. This will ensure everyone has a few feet around them. YOU MUST SIGN UP ONLINE TO ENTER!

We are also canceling multiple classes at both studios for the next 2 weeks.Read more about schedule changes and class cancellation at Radiant Hot Yoga StudiosDisclaimer

We take no responsibility for anyone who might become ill with the coronavirus or any other illness from attending classes at Radiant Hot Yoga. You are entering at your own risk. We disclaim any liabaility as we are doing everything in our power to keep everything sanitized. By entering this premises you release Radiant Hot Yoga, all owners, employees and staff.