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Important Studio News – Class Cancellation

Dear Yogis,

We will be capping classes at 10 people, instead of 50. This will ensure everyone has a few feet around them. YOU MUST SIGN UP ONLINE TO ENTER!

As usual, it is first come first serve, unless you have the Gold Membership. Signing up online will not guarantee you a spot, unless you have the Gold Membership. So please make sure you make it to your mat early, this will also give you a great opportunity to meditate before class to find inner peace.

Class Cancellation

As of today, Tuesday (3/17/2020) we are canceling for 2 weeks time ALL 7:00 PM CLASSES at both Irvine & Newport Beach Studios:

At the Irvine Studio we are canceling the following classes for the next 2 weeks:

Class cancellation at Newport Beach Studio:

As of yesterday, Monday (3/16/2020) we already canceled:

Beginning today, Tuesday (3/17/2020):

Beginning this Saturday (3/21/2020):

Please check regularly our Online Schedule and Free App for up-to date class schedule.

Right now, more than ever we need yoga. Your yoga practice is your place to find peace, healing, love and joy. It is your refuge. It is your home away from home. We are so grateful for each and everyone of you, that is why we are making sure that everyone feels good and safe when making it to their yoga mat. Make sure to spend as much time as possible on your mat before and after class to allow this feeling of peace to sink into your body and spirit.

We know that yoga heals the mind and body and connects you deeper to your spirit. Radiant Hot Yoga is here for you, it is your sanctuary now and always.

Darlene Dearen


We take no responsibility for anyone who might become ill with the coronavirus or any other illness from attending classes at Radiant Hot Yoga. You are entering at your own risk. We disclaim any liabaility as we are doing everything in our power to keep everything sanitized. By entering this premises you release Radiant Hot Yoga, all owners, employees and staff.