Rebecca Y.

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher training was the best experience I’ve ever had in my entire life. Darlene (owner of the studio) and her two daughters are incredible people and I learned so much about myself and yoga through their guided support.

Catherine W.

Thank you Radiant Hot Yoga for allowing me to explore my myself and deepen my yoga practice. The training there was amazing and it was so great to get to know so many like minded supportive people.

Camille H.

An incredible program and beautiful studio! Couldn’t have asked for a more loving, comfortable, and knowledgeable place to do teacher training. Enjoyed every moment and learned so much. Honored to be a part of the Radiant Hot Yoga community.

Trammie N.

9 weeks of truly transformation. It was intense, especially for someone who has a full time job like me. But I got a lot of help, encouragement and support from everyone from the studios. At the end of the program, I felt healthier than ever, it really helped me to build up my strength and […]

Mira P.

The Radiant Hot Yoga teacher training program changed my life! I became a more open minded and confident person because of it! Radiant Hot Yoga has a set sequence and they do an amazing job teaching you how to step by step get people in and out of postures. The only reason why the score […]

Tyler C.

After completing the Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training program in 2019, it became clear to me why Radiant’s teachers are different from all the rest. I’ve traveled the world seeking out studios and teachers, and I found the teachers at Radiant to be a cut above the rest. This teacher training program is so much […]

Karen B.

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher training process works! It has helped me become more confident, open and a better communicator in all aspects of my life. I strongly recommend this program.

Michael W.

So very grateful to be able to complete my Yoga Teacher Training at Radiant Hot Yoga. I feel they go beyond which is required for preparing those who want to give back to others, with what it was we find in our soul, heart and mind; able to find peace within the world in which […]

Robin P.

I enjoyed every minute of the 200 hours. Radiant was a home away from home before I participated in teacher training but their program takes you deeper and builds relationships with your fellow trainees. If you like it hot, this is place to be. And if you are looking for a family, you will not […]

Tara Z.

Doing my teacher training with Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life. I cannot imagine a better experience. Throughout this teacher training program, I found myself. I identified my passions. I opened up to people in a way I have never been capable of doing in the past. I met my best friends, my soul family. […]

Diana J.

Darlene is a beautiful soul, as is her daughter, Skyler– they’re both so full of light and radiant energy.. it’s no wonder they named their studio Radiant Hot Yoga–– it’s a testament to their commitment to keep their space full of vitality and will be sure to have you glowing every time you leave your […]

Alexa R.

A truly life changing, transformative experience. Forever grateful for YTT at Radiant Hot Yoga with Darlene!

Emily L.

Getting my RYT 200 at Radiant Hot Yoga was one of the best decisions I ever made. Darlene has put together a comprehensive eight-week program that challenges the mind, body, and spirit in ways you can’t even imagine. I graduated from the program not only ready to begin teaching heart-centered yoga, but I also emerged […]

Helen M.

This was a life changing experience. The curriculum was outstanding on all levels. Instruction amazing, including all the guest speakers. Cannot speak highly enough about this program at Radiant Hot Yoga in Newport Beach. Darlene Dearen is a true healer, guru, human being extraordinaire!

Hydie Z.

I cannot describe in words how amazing this yoga training was. It was forever life changing in the most positive, beautiful way. Darlene is the epitome of a goddess and I adore her forever. She is truly magic and I am so grateful to have been able to experience this journey with her by my […]

Cheri T.

The TT Program at RHY was fantastic. We touched on so many aspects of the practice and really emphasized a deep personal dive into the self. I am thoroughly inspired and continue to study every day.

Audrey R.

The Radiant Hot Yoga teacher training program is truly an experience of a lifetime! Darlene provides a safe space to dive deep within yourself and allow your inner voice to shine. You will feel the love, warmth, and encouragement of the Radiant community and teachers right when you walk in the doors. The training curriculum […]

Whitney S.

I will cherish my teacher training experience at Radiant Hot Yoga all my life. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the abundance of love, growth, learning, and beautiful connections that I was able to be apart of. My Radiant family has touched my heart deeply. The training is enlightening, transformative, and powerful. I was […]

Lindsey M.

This studio doesn’t offer just yoga classes, it offers a community, a safe haven to heal and a place to deeply align with your body while stilling your mind. Having taken 200 hours of yoga teacher training and teaching yoga classes for years… I am super picky with studios that I attend. Every single class […]

Whitney S.

I’m obsessed with Radiant Hot Yoga and the beautiful souls there! I love this yoga studio so much. It is a place of strength, growth, and love for the body and the mind. The instructors are amazing and their hot yoga sequences are a perfect balance of challenging your body and going inward. I just […]

Somin Lee

Do you want to deepen your yoga training? Find spiritual growth? Learn to love yourself and spread love and light? You will get all of these and so much more. Yoga TT is so much more than becoming a yoga teacher. It’s an experience that will change and magnify your life. You will find a […]

Tyler Maxwell

My radiant hot yoga teacher training experience was life-changing. Not only was I able to learn about the study of yoga in depth, but it was so therapeutic and it allowed me to sincerely tap into my emotions and so helpful in terms of natural healing. I am so grateful for this experience, my favorite […]

Whitney Smith

I will cherish my teacher training experience at Radiant all my life. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the abundance of love, growth, learning, and beautiful connections that I was able to be apart of during those seven weeks. My Radiant family has touched my heart deeply. The training is enlightening, transformative, and powerful. […]

Tatiana Weston

If you are thinking… “I can’t even touch my toes, why would I attempt to teach a yoga class?” You are disillusioned. This program is especially for you. I have been a part of the Radiant Hot Yoga family since 2015 and completed the Teacher Training Program in the Fall of 2018 and again in […]

Diana Cossey

I just completed the 200-Hour yoga teacher training. Three words – Life changing experience! Embarking on the this teacher training at Radiant was one of the most incredible awakenings of my spirit, my heart and my understanding of yoga. The course definitely taught me about anatomy, alignments, yogic texts, philosophy and a beautiful sequence of […]

Dianne B.

Teacher Training has changed my life! I completed my Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training in the Summer of 2019 and was blessed to be able to complete a second training Fall of 2022. Both were extraordinary experiences that I cherish so deeply in my heart. I didn’t know what to expect or what I would […]


My yoga teacher training was such an incredible experience that I will cherish forever. I got to dive in deep into my personal healing journey, which has been life changing. I met and connected with incredible people including Darlene, Skyler and all the teacher’s in training. This experience was so much more then I expected […]

Daisy Gollis

This teacher training has provided me with an abundance of knowledge, self growth, and a warm, supportive community. I had practiced yoga for about 4 years prior and felt an urge to dive deeper, but I was unsure whether this was the right time to pursue it, or if it was the right fit for […]

Doug D.

After serious prodding from several teachers who recognized my passion for yoga I took teacher training in the Fall of 2017 and it was truly one of the best 9 weeks of my life! I got started in yoga about 15 years ago taking bikram yoga. After quitting my practice due to addiction issues I […]

Stefanie Castro

I honestly started teacher training in hopes to expand my knowledge of yoga and get my first steps toward prenatal yoga underway. I didn’t give much thought to the personal transformation I would get from the experience. My practice improved, my spirit improved, but overall my ability to self-love improved. I started to reevaluate my […]