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yoga alLiance certified 200-hour

Teacher Training

Delve into a 7-week odyssey of self-growth and enlightenment. Beyond traditional training, this journey unveils your authentic voice, carves your unique path, and deeply connects your heart and soul. Deepen your practice, and discover your essence.

Dream it. Achieve it. Become it.

Rise to Radiance

Seeking to enrich your yoga journey or inspire others? Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training is your gateway. Delve deep, shatter boundaries, and unearth strengths you never knew you had. This isn’t just about yoga—it’s a transformation towards your best life.

Let go of the unnecessary and align with your true purpose. Embrace change, embrace Radiant.

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Find your center, find your peace.


Rise. Soar. Radiate.

Embrace your innate strength and seize your destiny. Harness the power within and transform this year. Soar above challenges, move beyond past regrets, and evolve beyond the former you. Each moment offers growth and resilience. Unleash your potential, ignite transformative change, and realize the powerful force you were destined to be.


2024 Spring Edition Teacher Training

May 3rd - June 18th

Embark on a profound 7-week in-studio journey of self-discovery and awakening. Amidst our nurturing community, you’ll unearth your truth, find your voice, and create lasting memories. While every step is about diving deeper into your yoga practice, the immersive environment amplifies your path to self-realization, making it an incomparable experience.

In-studio learning fosters direct engagement, community bonds, a distraction-free environment, hands-on practice, structured routine, deep immersion, instant feedback, and access to tangible resources.

on-demand journey

Online Edition Teacher Training

Coming Soon

Chart your own path of self-discovery and enlightenment with our on-demand journey. On your terms, tap into the essence of yoga, find your voice, and embark on a transformative path—all from the comfort of home. But remember, while flexibility is a gift, the profound depth of our in-studio journey awaits.


Embrace the Dawn of Your Transformation

Delve deep, aligning every facet of your being — mind, body, and soul. With the Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training, you’re not just stepping into a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification; you’re embarking on an odyssey of self-revelation.

Never believe you’re too anything—too aged, too young, too wounded, or too scattered. Here, boundaries blur and limitations dissipate. Dare to challenge, to grow, to soar to heights once deemed unreachable.


Embrace the Dawn of Your Transformation

Delve deep, aligning every facet of your being — mind, body, and soul. With the Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training, you’re not just stepping into a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification; you’re embarking on an odyssey of self-revelation.

Never believe you’re too anything—too aged, too young, too wounded, or too scattered. Here, boundaries blur and limitations dissipate. Dare to challenge, to grow, to soar to heights once deemed unreachable.


Discover. Transform. Inspire.

Embarking on this training journey means more than deepening your yoga practice; it’s about reshaping your entire life. Whether you’re seeking to break free from old patterns, harness untapped strengths, or inspire and teach others, this program is designed for you. Experience a transformation that sheds limiting beliefs and aligns you with your highest purpose. Welcome to the path of true enlightenment and a radiant new you.

Dive Deep, Discover More

Journey Through Yoga

Embark on an enriching exploration of yoga that transcends mere poses. Our meticulously curated curriculum bridges the ancient and contemporary, the spiritual and practical. From mastering signature sequences to absorbing timeless philosophies, this training promises a transformative education, shaping not just yoga teachers, but enlightened ambassadors of this age-old tradition.

Teaching Essentials: Learn to craft a yoga class that holistically engages body, mind, and spirit.

Radiant Hot Yoga Sequence: Master the signature sequence exclusive to Radiant Hot Yoga.

RHY Sculpt & Yin Sequences: Dive deep into specialized sequences for a well-rounded teaching approach.

Yoga History & Philosophy: Trace the ancient roots and profound teachings that shape yoga.

Enlightening Workshops: Benefit from special sessions led by globally celebrated guest instructors.

Ayurveda: Delve into the holistic science of life, balancing energies and enhancing well-being.

Nutrition: Understand how diet plays a role in the yogic lifestyle, promoting health and clarity.

Chakras: Explore the energy centers of the body, fostering alignment and harmony.

Anatomy: Grasp the human body’s intricate systems and how yoga influences physiological health.

The Business of Yoga: Navigate the professional landscape, building a rewarding yoga career.

Meditation: Cultivate mindfulness, deepening awareness and fostering inner peace.

Breath Work: Master pranayama techniques to invigorate and center the mind.

Hands-on Adjustments: Learn tactile techniques to guide students into safe and effective poses.

Gong Sound Healing: Experience the transformative power of resonant sound frequencies.

Kundalini Yoga: Unlock the ‘serpent power’, kindling spiritual energy and elevating consciousness.

Proper Posture Alignment: Ensure safe, effective practice with a focus on biomechanically sound poses.

Voices of Transformation

Graduating Yogi’s Testimonials

Read the stories of souls reborn, of lives irrevocably changed. Through dedication and discovery, they found more than just a practice; they unearthed their truest selves. Let their transformative journeys inspire your own leap into a brighter, boundless tomorrow.

This studio doesn’t offer just yoga classes, it offers a community, a safe haven to heal and a place to deeply align with your body while stilling your mind.

Having taken 200 hours of yoga teacher training and teaching yoga classes for years… I am super picky with studios that I attend. Every single class you have the opportunity to honor yourself on your mat while being transported with the guidance of all of their wonderful instructors. This is a hot class (my favorite) and you must remember to register for classes online before coming to the studio as they do sell out. I’ve never taken a class from an instructor that I didn’t love… my favorites are Jojo and Darlene and their front office staff are always super accommodating and helpful. You won’t regret joining this amazing studio!!!

Lindsey M.

I’m obsessed with Radiant Hot Yoga and the beautiful souls there!

I love this yoga studio so much. It is a place of strength, growth, and love for the body and the mind. The instructors are amazing and their hot yoga sequences are a perfect balance of challenging your body and going inward.

I just finished their life-changing teacher training and can’t recommend it enough to anyone.

Whitney S.

Do you want to deepen your yoga training? Find spiritual growth? Learn to love yourself and spread love and light? You will get all of these and so much more.

Yoga TT is so much more than becoming a yoga teacher. It’s an experience that will change and magnify your life. You will find a deeper understanding for yourself and experience enlightenment and growth. You will learn to vibrate and function at high energy levels. You will make lifetime relationships that will make your daily life more fulfilling and fruitful. If you are contemplating on Yoga TT, I highly recommend it and encourage you to take that first step.

Ever since I started TT, I felt different. It was a change. A change in schedule, a change in habits, a change in what I feed my life with. I naturally started to heal, grow, and become healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. I felt and still feel so fulfilled and grateful with all my heart. I thank all my fellow TTs for opening their hearts, shining their light, and bringing the group so close together. It’s made a priceless difference in my life.

Somin Lee

My radiant hot yoga teacher training experience was life-changing.

Not only was I able to learn about the study of yoga in depth, but it was so therapeutic and it allowed me to sincerely tap into my emotions and so helpful in terms of natural healing. I am so grateful for this experience, my favorite part was meeting the incredible people that I met through this training, from the teachers to the other students, it was such a powerful connection and a strong bond that was created which will be life lasting. From the first day to the last day, every moment was so special and something that I wish I could replicate on a daily basis, I will sincerely miss these classes and I am extremely interested in participating in another teacher training program at radiant hot yoga in the near future.

The transformation that I made, along with the other students in the class, was extremely evident… The lead instructor, Darlene Dearen, is so special in every way possible and I am extremely thankful for her tutelage, guidance and continual support. I will forever remember these times and cherish them with my heart and soul, I completely recommend this course to anyone that is interested in yoga, therapy, connection, nutrition, the history of yoga in depth, anatomy, and overall health. I loved the various exercises, projects, journaling, and all of the guest teachers as well. My yoga and overall well-being has improved immensely in this short period of time and I owe it to RHY TT.

Thank you,

Tyler Maxwell

Tyler Maxwell

I will cherish my teacher training experience at Radiant all my life.

My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the abundance of love, growth, learning, and beautiful connections that I was able to be apart of during those seven weeks. My Radiant family has touched my heart deeply.

The training is enlightening, transformative, and powerful. I was able to take a life-changing deep dive into my yoga practice and myself, and successfully learn how to teach. It is one of the best things I could have ever done for my life. It has filled me with so much happiness and I would be honored to recommend this incredible experience to anyone.

Whitney Smith

If you are thinking… “I can’t even touch my toes, why would I attempt to teach a yoga class?” You are disillusioned. This program is especially for you.

I have been a part of the Radiant Hot Yoga family since 2015 and completed the Teacher Training Program in the Fall of 2018 and again in 2022. I am truly blessed to have found a community unlike no other. If you are thinking… “I can’t even touch my toes, why would I attempt to teach a yoga class?” You are disillusioned. This program is especially for you. From the moment you begin, you are embraced with loving open arms by Darlene and her daughters.

It has been designed for men and women of all ages and experience levels. You will embark on a spiritual journey of mind, body and soul. If this opportunity has come your way and you have the slightest inkling of interest, one of the things you will learn in “TT” is to always trust your intuition. You will receive an expansive education on this practice that has transcended over time dating back thousands of years. Yoga is a universal language and one that every human should speak. You will become instantly bonded with your fellow “TT’s”. I met my best friend during Teacher Training in 2018 and in 2022 my yoga brothers and sisters will always remain in my heart. Like-minded people are brought together, however the organic connection that develops is extraordinary. I anxiously awaited every week with great enthusiasm knowing that what was planned would bring an overwhelming amount of clarity, awareness, history lesson or expedition down a spiritual path. This program is truly magical and I hope you make the decision as I did, to take a leap of faith and try something new that will enhance your life forever.

Graduated in 2022
Tatiana Weston

I just completed the 200-Hour yoga teacher training. Three words – Life changing experience!

Embarking on the this teacher training at Radiant was one of the most incredible awakenings of my spirit, my heart and my understanding of yoga. The course definitely taught me about anatomy, alignments, yogic texts, philosophy and a beautiful sequence of asanas that is beginner-friendly and for advanced yogis.

This course not only taught you how to teach, but how to deepen your own practice and live your yoga. One of my favorite parts of the training was learning to project my voice in a classroom, stand tall and find confidence within my self. Initially, I was nervous about the whole process, but very quickly realized that it was all about self-development. The amount of growth I have felt & experienced within the YTT is unparalleled to anything I have done before. Giving yourself the space to blossom into a teacher is something truly unique. The various training weekends introduced me to new ways of thinking, as well as new ways to look at the world. I can’t fully articulate how special this teacher training was for me, but rather it is something one has to experience for themselves in order to fully understand. To anyone looking to further their own journey, whether that be spiritually, mentally, or physically, I can’t recommend this path enough. Darlene is a vessel of guidance, light, love, a inspirational teacher who presented yoga in a way that allowed each of us to find our own paths. Whether you intend to teach or not the course will give you a better understanding of Yoga and the amazing changes it can make in your body, mind and spirit.

Diana Cossey

Teacher Training has changed my life! I completed my Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training in the Summer of 2019 and was blessed to be able to complete a second training Fall of 2022.

Both were extraordinary experiences that I cherish so deeply in my heart. I didn’t know what to expect or what I would get out of going into the training but to my surprise it was pure magic. 7 weeks of pure exploration, wonder and soul touching magic. I would sign up and complete this training over and over again if I could.

The lessons and deep dive exploration into one’s self taught me to love myself and put myself first. It provided me with all the necessary tools and self development to be vulnerable by diving further into the deepest parts of my heart and soul where I had buried so much trauma that caused me pain and sadness. By facing it head on it allowed me to ultimately release and let go of what no longer served me and from week one Darlene and Skyler were always there to provide a space of love, comfort and support for myself and all the beautiful souls shifting in to the greatest versions of themselves.

Sharing energy is far more than sharing a physical space with another individual. It requires a person to be present within a moment, choosing to interact and nurture another. It requires a certain level of self sacrifice, choosing to step back from our personal wants, focuses or desires so that we’re able to mutually connect with another person about theirs.

Being a part of a group of people who have the same energy for you that you have for them is priceless. You ride for them they ride for you. You nurture them they nurture you. You respect them they respect you. It all comes down to the alignment of vibrations and Darlene and Skyler provided us with the most beautiful and safest place to nurture each other in this life changing experience. I cherish them, appreciate them, and love them the studio and my TT family so much.

Don’t allow the stresses or influences outside you distract you from the effort required towards the blessings you have, your self, your heart and your soul. Over time life progresses, we evolve, we change. The priorities we once had… may have also shifted. If you have thought about doing Teacher Training don’t think twice and dive in, I encourage you to be brave and not to look back and do this for yourself because your future self and your younger self will thank you. ❤️✨

Graduated in 2022
Dianne B.

My yoga teacher training was such an incredible experience that I will cherish forever.

I got to dive in deep into my personal healing journey, which has been life changing. I met and connected with incredible people including Darlene, Skyler and all the teacher’s in training. This experience was so much more then I expected with my overall physical, spiritual and mental well-being. If you’re ready to step into your truth, and transform from the inside out, this program is for you.  The depth and insight you learn about yourself is something you can’t put a price on. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to elevate and become a more authentic and beautiful version of themselves.


This teacher training has provided me with an abundance of knowledge, self growth, and a warm, supportive community.

I had practiced yoga for about 4 years prior and felt an urge to dive deeper, but I was unsure whether this was the right time to pursue it, or if it was the right fit for me. I soon learned that everyone can take with them from this training what they truly need. The common denominator is that everyone is likeminded in their pursuit of a genuine, authentic experience. Darlene and Skyler provide an environment that encourages and fosters this growth in our individual and collective paths.

I learned yoga history, the physical practice, meditation skills, and how yoga translates into our daily life. Most importantly, going deeper into yoga taught me more about my inner self-awareness, as well as the awareness of all my connections outwardly. I know that wherever I go from here and whatever I face, I now have the tools to face it. Over the weeks, Radiant became a home, training was my favorite part of the week, and one of the best parts is the bonds I formed with the other TTs. We all come from a range of backgrounds, but have a special common connection. Coming in, I was unsure whether my goal was to teach, but after going through this training I have realized the joy that teaching others brings me, and the ability we have to inspire others with our voices. I feel stronger physically and mentally, more grounded, and lighter on my feet than ever before and cannot encourage this training enough. If you feel that small inkling of interest, follow your instinct!

Daisy Gollis

After serious prodding from several teachers who recognized my passion for yoga I took teacher training in the Fall of 2017 and it was truly one of the best 9 weeks of my life!

I got started in yoga about 15 years ago taking bikram yoga. After quitting my practice due to addiction issues I did not practice for many years. After being sober for several years I was looking for hobbies and activities to try and stay in shape and hopefully and mental balance and health as well. After trying many different studios and just not finding what I was looking for I found Radiant and really fell in love with practicing, however I never had any thoughts of becoming a teacher.

After serious prodding from several teachers who recognized my passion for yoga I took teacher training in the Fall of 2017 and it was truly one of the best 9 weeks of my life! From making new friends, discovering how incredibly rewarding it is to teach and see and feel that difference you are making in students lives and all the in-depth study of the postures, nutrition and meditation was so educational.

What really sets Radiant teacher training apart is how Darlene and her group of core teachers really share in their lives and get you to open up as well, I felt like I got rid of decades of resentments and fears that were holding me back in so many different areas of my life. I would so highly recommend taking teacher training to any aspiring yogi even if they are not interested in teaching, you will meet people that will make you light up and smile very time you see them as well as be challenged to step outside your comfort zone
physically and mentally.

Graduated in 2017
Doug D.

I honestly started teacher training in hopes to expand my knowledge of yoga and get my first steps toward prenatal yoga underway.

I didn’t give much thought to the personal transformation I would get from the experience. My practice improved, my spirit improved, but overall my ability to self-love improved. I started to reevaluate my attitude towards not only my surroundings but myself. I was previously stuck in a negative place in life without truly realizing it prior. If it weren’t for this teacher training experience by Radiant, I don’t know if I would be as positive as I am right now. I feel energized and excited. I’m living in the moment and appreciating all of life’s experiences. Radiant brought out an amazing practice from of my body but an even better outlook on my life.

Stefanie Castro

The moment I heard about the teacher training to be held at Radiant Hot Yoga I wanted to join.

I loved the classes there as I found I was not only both strengthening and stretching my muscles but I was centering and focusing my brain to a level that I had never found before in any form of exercise. As a mother of four active children with lots of activities/sports on the weekends, however, my husband felt that it simply was not possible for me to join. So I rescinded my application. Weeks went by and I found that I wasn’t feeling peace with that decision. One evening, after a wonderful class practice, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it and “knew” that I had to be a part of the teacher training. It was the best decision I have made all year.

In the teacher training I learned all about the history of yoga and the different types of yoga; read several very interesting books; watched powerful and motivating movies; learned basic anatomy of the body and its relationship to yoga poses; learned the correctness and meaning of the postures; learned some Chinese medicine and health / food knowledge that has radically influenced my life and my family’s life forever more; learned yoga’s role in healing the body, learned to memorize a very specific dialogue, learned dosha’s, chakra’s, etc… But more than anything, any of the above, I EXPERIENCED what it is to be among a group of women/men who are positive, growing, vulnerable and open to change, supportive, and loving. I EXPERIENCED the meaning of Namaste by Mahatma Gandhi: “I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.” And that, is rare indeed.

Kristen H.

I went into teacher training giddy with excitement. For me, yoga teacher training has been a lifelong dream come true.

I have to pinch myself everyday to make sure I’m not dreaming that I actually get to teach yoga! The RHY teacher training program met and exceeded my expectations. I was excited to deepen my practice and my knowledge of yoga. Learning about anatomy, eastern medicine, chakras and how they all can be connected to yoga and overall well being was fascinating to me. These workshops far exceeded my expectations for the teacher training learning experience. I feel that I walked away with a thirst for even more knowledge and plan to continue to deepen my studies; building upon the strong foundation that was built in my teacher training at RHY.

I have been inspired by all of the beautiful souls who guided my training and by my fellow trainees. This experience brought me to higher levels of confidence in my life, my personal yoga practice as well as my yoga teaching. I truly feel as though I have blossomed and came out of this experience on fire! I found my voice and learned to speak my truth in all aspects of my life. I am better because of the intense and intimate weekends I spent in teacher training for nine weeks. I am so blessed and honored that I was given the opportunity to be apart of this amazing journey. I am eternally grateful to Darlene and Gabriel for their inspiration and guidance, as well as to my beautiful family for their devotion and support.


It’s incredible what this program has taught me about myself over such a short amount of time.

My life has been transformed by the experiences I’ve had and from what I’ve learned. It opened up my mind and my heart, helped me move forward from what had been holding me back, be grateful for what I have and learn about what’s important to me in my future. I’ve experienced great amounts of personal growth and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.

Teacher training is about so much more than yoga. It taught me about yoga, how to teach yoga and it helped me take my practice to the next level… I expected these things and the program was successful doing this. But what I didn’t expect and what absolutely blew me away, is how much this program would impact me off of my yoga mat. This part right here is what is so unique about Radiant and why I would recommend this program to anyone.

It’s difficult to sum up all that I’ve gain from this program. I’m more grateful now than I’ve ever been. I found good people at Radiant and I surrounded myself with them. I’m so happy that I took that leap of faith and signed up for teacher training. Yoga can bring people to their fullest potential, it can heal and it can save someone’s life. I feel lucky to have been a part of this and I’m honored to begin teaching yoga to others.

Jonathan P.

Every time I walk through the doors of Radiant I say to myself, “it feels so good to be home.”

I was a personal trainer and my career took me into the medical field. I had always loved working with people, helping clients reach their goals and be part of their success story. I knew I loved training so much that eventually I would go back to it someday.

What I didn’t know is how much I would fall in love with yoga and become an instructor! Yoga has healed my body and has helped develop a deep inner peace.I want to share with others that yoga can help them too! I always leave a better person after yoga. I felt a fire burning to be able to get more people on their mats and experience this incredible feeling. Signing up for teacher training is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and others. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Darlene, Savanna and Skyler have become my family. I’m so blessed and thankful for their daily inspiration and for creating this yoga community. Teacher training is such a profound journey and I wouldn’t have wanted to complete it anywhere else but Radiant.

Celia T.

My experience with Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training was life changing, yes in the 6 short weeks I left with a deeper understanding of the poses with a stronger body even after practicing for over 20 years but the most profound change was ME.

Allowing myself to be vulnerable walls that have been up for years and years slowly break down through forgiveness, love, trust and ACCEPTANCE of oneself most profoundly being able to look myself in the eyes and truly saying I love you.

If you’re looking for change in your life or yourself, and I’m guessing you are or you wouldn’t be reading this now, I can’t urge you enough to take the leap of faith – age, size, background not of that matters my friend YOU are strong enough, YOU are capable, YOU are a GIFT to this world! Are you ready to shine???”


From the moment I walked through the door I was welcomed with smiles, hugs, and open arms. Radiant was truly a family.

About a year ago, I was introduced to radiant hot yoga by one of my best friends Jennie Monfried. Despite never having done yoga before, she insisted that I be a “front row warrior” and practice next to her in the front left corner of the room.  From that very first class, I was hooked.  From the moment I walked through the door I was welcomed with smiles, hugs, and open arms. Radiant was truly a family.

I had the privilege of watching Jennie go through her teacher training shortly after I joined the radiant family. I watched her life completely transform as a result, and I decided to follow in her footsteps.

My eight-week teacher-training journey was an experience unrivaled and unparalled. During those eight weeks, I was in the best physical shape of my life and despite being busier than ever, I felt more relaxed and stress-free then I had in a very long time. I completely transformed and deepened my yoga practice and now that I understand the benefits and proper form behind each of the postures, I continue to improve and strengthen my practice every day.

I remember the very first day of teacher training; no one knew each other and everyone was shy and nervous. However, those feelings didn’t last long. After that first weekend we became a family. I quickly learned that the relationships you develop during these eight weeks are ones that will last a life -time. The friendships I developed were among the many highlights of my teacher training experience.

I can truly say that these eight weeks changed my life for the better. I am more mindful of what I eat, how I think and who I want to become. Teaching my first class was one of the greatest and most powerful experiences I have had. I would recommend teacher training to anyone who is looking to better themselves in any way and accomplish something that they can be proud of. I look forward to continuing my yoga journey at radiant.


Making the decision to take on the Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training turned out to be one of the highlights of my life.

Spending eight weeks surrounded by such a loving group of people in the most supportive environment was really what I needed to complete my healing process. I have been into spirituality and studying healing techniques for about 6 years and I feel like I have reached a new level after completing this program.

Physically, it is amazing to push yourself like this process does. I am in the best shape I’ve probably ever been in. I feel stronger than ever. My flexibility has improved dramatically and I’ve lost weight.

Emotionally I feel solid as a rock. All my friends and family notice it and coming to me for help.

Darlene is a phenomenal mentor and teacher. I know I have received the best education out there by learning from her. Although it is a very big responsibility and there’s no denying the challenging aspect of taking on a program like this, know that it will be so worth it. You will not regret one moment of the journey because it is so spectacular.

Everything I learned in the training was useful, relevant, enlightening, and will be used to make my life the best possible life because I have become more aware of myself and my environment.

Confidence in yourself will be heightened. Your interior life will grow exponentially and that is priceless. Your exterior life will reflect the expansion because you have done the inner work. Self worth is an “inside job” and you will develop that part of yourself through this program. It’s a WIN WIN no matter how you look at it. Highly recommend doing this training. If it has been calling to you, do it.

Vanessa J.

Teacher Training is truly life changing.

Teacher Training was a difficult journey. Practicing and memorizing dialogue was a lot of work at times, but the hardest part was the process of breaking down the walls and barriers around what I was truly feeling inside and had been for almost 20 years. “For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction” – Cynthia Occelli Teacher Training broke me in the best way possible.

I am forever grateful for Darlene, the other teachers and teacher trainers for calling me out on closing up at times. Bottling up what you are feeling deep down never helps in letting them go or facing them, but just keeps youstagnate in a place of no growth. I cracked open during Teacher Training, but really started to feel the growth when I was tested to grow on my own after teacher training. We still chat on Facebook and at the studio because the bond that was made can never be broken and we will forever be a family.

Teacher Training is truly life changing. We often look at the cost and time commitment when thinking about doing or not doing Teacher Training, but how much would you pay to be happier, to connect with your inner strength, beauty and light, and to go on a journey that will test and challenge you while you find out more about who you are with people that will become friends and family for the rest of your life? We can always find the excuses, but why make the walls and barriers around your true self stronger. Start the process of breaking them down with Teacher Training.

Dave P.

First things first, thank you Darlene for an amazing life changing experience. TT was everything I thought it would be and everything I feared it would be.

I had known it, seen it, heard it, and lived with it up until I actually went through it. The view is different from down here. Much more challenging and humbling than I thought it would be, but also much more fun than I thought it would be.

I will start with my first weekend summary that I wrote in my journal:

Friday April 10th

Excited to be here and being part of the spring class. I feel as though I am in store for the time of my life. The day to day challenges and experiences that I am faced with in my life, It seems as though I have found my “safe place.”  My place of peace and I am in the present away from the noise and distractions.

This has been much anticipated and fully supported by my friends and family. After meeting the new group, it felt welcoming and warm. We were all here for the same common reason. To discover myself and peel back the layers and open up and rise to all of the wonderful things that I have been manifesting. It is my time.

Saturday April 11th

Anxious to get going, feeling nervous and excited, I made my way to the studio. As soon as I walked through those front doors, I felt a relief and a sense of calmness about me. I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I am just one soul in the gran scheme of things, here to learn and heal. My destiny awaits me, I am present.

Sunday April 12th

Feeling pretty good physically, mentally and spiritually.  I Feel a bit of stress knowing I have to leave early today to be with my daughter Sophia on her birthday. I cannot wait to see her , but at the same time, I felt great separation anxiety from the group and guilt for leaving. I know that life happens and making adjustments is all part of it. Smile, move on and make the best of the situation. I have learned a lot and met may wonderful people and feel peaceful. Great finish to week #1.

The following seven weeks couldn’t have been any better. It was challenging I will say and there were times where I wanted to just hang it up and remove myself. However, I  was inspired by everyone in the group including you Darlene who I know had struggles during your TT as well. You gave me the pep talk and I took it to heart and new I could not turn back. It was my defining moment. With all that was going on around me and the distractions of my personal life, work and family matters, I thought I would not have had  a chance to do this.  Because of the distractions, I feel like I got deeper into my studies and myself to build up the invisible shield around me to forgot about the problems and let them go. It was actually therapeutic for me to go thru the TT to get away from all of it.

In summary, it was incredible experience and I know the journey has just begun for me. I am a better man now than I was before TT and for this I thank you.  It is only the beginning of my re-birth and self – analyzation. I am anxious to get to the next level and begin to teach classes. I am now cable of preparing more studiously and have found my stride and my own way of expressing myself. I am ready to give to my students as I have received the such gifts from so many fine teachers including yourself, one of my first. Let the journey continue.

George R.

Thank you to Darlene and everyone at Radiant Hot Yoga for transforming my life forever, I am forever indebted to you.

After practicing yoga for over a year at Radiant Hot Yoga, I found myself in a plateau, both physically and mentally.

I thought my physical practice had reached its pinnacle and this concern was consuming my mind every time I would practice. Fortunately, this period occurred just weeks before the RHY Spring Teacher Training. I had heard wonderful things regarding Teacher Training from everyone involved, so I decided it may be the perfect solution for me.

Going into Teacher Training, I was not entirely sure what to expect. I was close minded and worried that I would not fit in with everyone else. Despite my apprehension, I felt at home in Teacher Training within the first few hours. The love and encouragement by all those at RHY is truly remarkable. The connection between all of us who were involved in Teacher Training is unique. As a result of Teacher Training, I have many new friends who I am incredibly close with, and I know our friendships will last a lifetime.

My growth during the teacher training was tremendous. In just 8 weeks, my life was changed forever. The physical benefits were astounding, through the guidance of the RHY teachers, my yoga practice is so much deeper and connected. The most significant change came to me mentally and spiritually. I entered teacher training reticent and unlikely to share my emotions and left a more open person and above all, a much happier person.

Thank you to Darlene and everyone at Radiant Hot Yoga for transforming my life forever, I am forever indebted to you.


RHY Teacher Training was a perfect way for me to challenge myself mentally and physically to get deeper into my practice.

And to get a better understanding of what direction I wanted to take my yoga practice. It has opened up an entirely new world of curiosity and desire to learn more. I loved getting to know so many people on a new level while exploring yoga.

I’m looking forward to taking yoga further to help the US Health Condition.

Teacher Training at Radiant is special because of the family at Radiant and the love and non-judgemental teachers including the Dearan Family, Erica Schwartz, Melania, Bridget, Yasi, Kristen, Jacey, Karen, Morgan, Jasmyn, Sarah.”

Caren L.

The RYT 200 Teacher Training program at Radiant Hot Yoga saved my life. I could not possibly be any happier with the outcome.

Before I began this journey, I was lost. My life wasn’t in shambles and I seemed to be getting along just fine on the surface. But I was not living up to my fullest potential. I was in a dark place. I was serving the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

Throughout my five years of practicing yoga, I often considered completing a teacher training program with various studios.

Earlier in 2015, I hit what I consider to be my own spiritual rock bottom. I endured many tragedies and my only escape was Radiant Hot Yoga. I had been practicing there for nearly two years before I began to realize I was being called to this studio. I decided it was time to begin my journey. I was quickly accepted by the RHY family and forged incredible relationships with my fellow yoga brothers and sisters. I knew this was the right move.

I dove deeper into my practice, opened my heart, and unveiled my true self for the first time in my life. I discovered inner peace, unparalleled happiness, and most importantly, family. I rate this journey second to none and highly recommend it to anyone at any stage in their life. I am now living on a higher vibration than ever before and those around me can sense it. I have been healed and now feel as though I am in a position to heal others.

Thank you, Darlene and the rest of the Radiant Hot Yoga family for saving my life. I am forever grateful and love you all.


I had originally planned to do the RHY Teacher Training in the Fall, but decided to just go for it when the opportunity was presented to myself for Spring 2015.

After completing the first week I knew it was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

I went in without any expectations and hoped to just to deepen my practice and understand why I keep coming to my mat everyday… but what I gained is so much more.

The friendships and connections that were created with the other teacher trainers are always ones that I will cherish, and know will last a lifetime. It allowed all of us to have a safe environment to open our hearts and arms so that we can truly embrace all that life has to offer.

These 8 weeks gave us all the confidence to rise to our highest potential, and was just the first chapter of a life long journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and most importantly self-love. We all came in as strangers, but undoubtedly left as one.

I will forever be thankful to Darlene and the RHY family for creating this life changing experience that taught us all how to open our wings and now fly.

Graduated in 2015

A Beautiful Breakthrough!

This training makes you feel like the ocean is within you; you know the crystal clear waters with beautiful tropical creatures swimming all around and rays sunshine beaming into your heart and soul.

Radiant Hot Yoga’s teacher training broke down walls in my heart and mind I did not even know I had up. I came into teacher training feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders from the stress of my past. I found love for myself, true love for the woman that I am. I found courage, wisdom, compassion for myself, to rock who I am and say you know what this is me and I need to love every inch of my being.

I also became closer to the world around and the external force that is greater than myself. I found my yoga family, who will fill me up with nothing but love and acceptance, make me laugh endlessly, hold me when I am down, and encourage me to be the best version of myself I can be.

I will forever be grateful for all the unique, silly souls I now am blessed to call my yoga fambam, my tribe. <3″


I entered Radiant’s Yoga Teacher Training as one person and came out a completely new person at the end.

Not only was I able to dive deeper into my practice and understanding of yoga but I learned so much about myself and my fellow TT’s.

We were meant to be on this journey together, from all walks of life and for all different reasons, and it was the true friendships and community that we built that made this experience so special. As we learned to truly breathe together and embrace different yoga cultures and techniques it was the comradery that ultimately lead us through every class, training, dialogue session and workshop.

There was nothing more exhilarating then ping ponging dialogue as we taught each other classes. The unconditional love and support from everyone in the room is what made it so easy to step out of your shell.  Each workshop was truly transformational as we heard the gongs pulsate through us, used crystals to heal our aches and pains, and united in breathe through our spiritual breathing meditations.

And for the moments where we needed to calm the minds and let our food digest, the motivational talks, lectures and videos we watched were life changing. I can honestly say that some of what I learned during these calmer moments about strength, vulnerability, and confidence were more beneficial and impactful that half of what I learned in college and grad school. At teacher training you learn to put your ego aside and step into the unknown, learning to embrace your vulnerability and fears together.

Darlene and her team of teachers led us through a world wind experience full of yoga, postures, friendship, strength, courage and beauty and I will forever be grateful for the experience.


There really are no words that can truly accurately convey how 8 short weeks and 200 hours changed my life, and that is because it is not the words or the number of hours logged that changed me, but the people and the incredible journey.

Everyone who has been through Teacher Training will say it was transformational, but I can guarantee that everyone’s transformation was deeply personal and uniquely their own. For me, Teacher Training was the perfect opportunity to be curious about who I really am, to peel back the layers one at a time in a safe and loving environment and discover the truth, strength, power, and love within myself. I will be forever touched by the bonds I created with this brave and extraordinary group of people who have left an indelible footprint on my heart.

Lisa L.

Teacher Training has been one of the most transformational, enlightening journeys I have undertaken.

“Yoga is the journey of the self through the self towards the self.” It deepened my understanding of yoga from the mechanics, proper alignment and origin of the asanas to the underlying philosophies and history.  Learning lion’s breath, other techniques and doing the warrior series were empowering. Learning from more contemporary sources also taught me a lot about the interrelatedness of true vulnerability, authenticity and strength – all of which not only make a better teacher, but also a better human being.

On a deeper level, I felt a sense of connection to the diverse, dynamic and amazing people who went through this with me. I learned so much from my fellow trainees as well as from the inspiring teachers.


Where do I begin? My Yoga Teacher Training journey with Radiant Hot Yoga cannot be summed up with just a few words.

It began for me after my first few months as a Radiant student. I joined Radiant Hot Yoga at the end of the 2014 summer and shortly after completing the August 30 Day Challenge, I wanted to deepen my yoga practice and start a new challenge for myself. Thank goodness for the Fall 2014 Teacher Training Darlene put together. Not only did I learn to deepen my practice in those 9 short weeks, but I reached deep within myself and saw the world as much brighter place! The air I breathed daily wasn’t just air, the water was sweeter, and my life in general keeps getting better because of what I learned during the Fall 2014 Teacher Training. I am now teaching on weekly basis, and am practicing almost daily.Before Teacher Training, I would doubt my abilities to juggle my busy life. Teacher Training has shown me that I DO have time to do everything I want and need to do!


Step into your power with Radiant’s Teacher Training Program

It's never too late to change your life

It would be my greatest joy to share this experience with you. If you are in search of healing, of change, and of more peace… I can promise you that Teacher Training is a blueprint for a happy, healthy and spiritual life. We have to step out of our comfort zone and be willing to be courageous for that change to occur.

Be prepared to physically challenge your body, expand your consciousness, make friends for life, and find playfulness in your yoga practice. I look forward to walking along side you during this journey into the deepest parts of yourself.

Like I always say: Good things happen to those who do yoga.

Embrace the journey, one pose at a time.

Every transformation begins with a single commitment

Awaken Your Potential

Every soul has a hidden spark, a potential waiting to be realized. Our program isn’t just about learning; it’s a transformative, life-changing voyage into the depths of your own spirit. Connect with your true essence, break through barriers, and let your authentic self-shine.

Why wait? Every moment is an opportunity. Don’t let this chance slip by. Rise to the challenge, and recognize the boundless potential within you.

More Than Mastery

A Journey Beyond The Mat

Embrace more than just a certification. With Radiant Hot Yoga’s Teacher Training, you’re stepping into a lifelong community, continual guidance, and doors opening to vibrant opportunities, partnerships, and events. This isn’t merely a course—it’s your path to profound personal growth and an expansive, rewarding future in the world of yoga.

Voices of Transformation

Real Stories from Radiant Graduates

Dive into the heartwarming journeys of those who’ve walked this path before. Witness firsthand testimonials from our Radiant Hot Yoga graduates, as they share the profound changes, breakthroughs, and awakenings they experienced during their training. Let their stories inspire your own transformative journey.










The Universe Has Led You Here for a Reason

Unleash Your Destiny

Every heartbeat, every breath, every dream you’ve held silently within has led you to this very moment. This isn’t mere chance; it’s a call from the universe echoing deep within your soul. Radiant Hot Yoga’s Teacher Training isn’t just another course — it’s a gateway to your higher self, a bridge to a life reimagined. Don’t merely exist. Thrive. Transform. Triumph. The next chapter of your extraordinary journey begins with a single click. Step into your power.


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