Studio Switch for the Irvine Yoga Family

Dear Irvine Yoga Family! We invite you to our Newport Beach Location.

If you have a CLASS CARD, or MEMBERSHIP at our Irvine Location you can now use your CLASS CARD or MEMBERSHIP at our Newport Beach Location.

Contact us if you would like to use your package at our Newport Beach Studio.

We ask you to sign up online once you have messaged us to activate your classes at our Newport Beach Location.

Radiant On Demand was created to bring out the best version of you! A healthy body, clear mind, and joyful spirit! Our teachers are here to inspire you through yoga and meditation to live your best, most authentic and healthy life.

With numerous classes on demand, you can experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go, on any device. Stay fit, healthy, strong both mentally and physically by incorporating Radiant On Demand into your everyday life. We have a variety of yoga, flow, sculpt, barre, workout, mediation, and kundalini classes on our platform.

Feel inspired. Feel healthy. Feel confident. Feel empowered. Feel sexy. Feel purposeful. Feel fit. Feel happy. Feel love. Feel Radiant.