Happy Thanksgiving Day 2020

As we enter into the holiday season…

More than ever, I see people divided and many of these people, I consider my yoga family/ community. This breaks my heart and saddens me beyond words.

Radiant Hot Yoga – Irvine has been shut down for the 3rd time since March 2020. As a community, we are challenged more now than ever, I feel we must dive deeper into the heart of love and the true essence of yoga.

Yoga means to UNITE. So, I will make this my mantra and personal manifestation that even though the world is trying to divide us, separate us and keep us apart: my mantra will be unite, unite, unite.

I hope that you make it back to your mat in our sacred space at Radiant Hot Yoga and let no one govern the calling of your Soul.

Times are hard right now, but I know if we take a closer look into our lives, we will see the many blessings that have unfolded through these adversities.

We must never forget what a gift and true blessing it is to wake up every morning, to see the sun rise and to watch a beautiful sunset. We get so focused on what is going “wrong” that we forget all the many things that are going “right”.

So even though this might be one of the most challenging years in our lives, we must have an attitude of gratitude, love the people in our lives more passionately without reserve and squeeze the joy out of every moment that we have on this earth. As long as we are above the earth and not 6 feet under the dirt, there is a reason to rejoice, there is a reason to celebrate, there is a reason to LOVE.

Let us UNITE!!!

Thank you to the amazing group of teachers and staff who pour themselves out daily and give their hearts into our beautiful community daily.

May you have a wonderfully blessed holiday season.

From our hearts to yours,
Darlene and the Radiant Hot Yoga Family