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At Radiant Hot Yoga Studio®, “Strong Body, Strong Mind” isn’t just our mantra, it’s an invitation into a transformative experience.

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Whether you’re stepping onto the mat for the first time or marking your thousandth Sun Salutation, Radiant Hot Yoga is here to support and elevate every moment of your journey. Navigate through our offerings to discover the essence of our studio, explore membership perks, or simply find the perfect class to brighten your day. Your path to strength, flexibility, and mindfulness is just a click away.

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Radiant Hot Yoga Studio – where “Strong Body, Strong Mind” isn’t just a slogan – it’s a transformative experience. Join us and embrace the journey to a more powerful you.

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Discover membership plans that cater to all skill levels. From beginners to seasoned yogis, our flexible options at Radiant Hot Yoga offer something for everyone.

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Radiant Hot Yoga welcomes you to a world where everyone finds their place – from beginners to advanced practitioners. Join our amazing community and be inspired by our dedicated teachers. Experience the healing and detoxifying benefits of our yoga classes. Dive into our signature classes and enriching workshops. Transform not just your practice, but your entire life with Radiant Hot Yoga.

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Our Radiant Community

At Radiant Hot Yoga, our community’s journey speaks volumes about the transformative experiences we offer. These testimonials aren’t just words; they’re reflections of real journeys, authentic transformations, and the profound impact of our teachings. Dive into the stories of fellow practitioners and discover the radiant difference for yourself.

Radiant hot yoga is a place unlike any other. I have been practicing yoga for years and have tried many studios but nothing compares.

Not only will you get the best work out of your life but also the best work in. Radiant is not just a yoga studio it’s a community/a family/a beacon of life! Every instructor brings something special and I highly recommend trying each and everyone! Radiant hot yoga will transform the physical, mental and spiritual. It’s addicting.. trust me you will not be disappointed!!!

Tanya M.

Radiant Hot Yoga is by far the most amazing yoga studio I have ever been to!

From the moment I walked in the door on my first visit back in 2017, I felt welcomed and like I was about to experience something really special. Their signature 60 minute hot vinyasa class is challenging, energizing, and detoxifying. You get an incredible workout that leaves you feeling like you can take on the world! I love the upbeat music and the awesome energy of all the teachers.

The teachers keep you focused and wanting to come back for more! I never thought yoga was for me until I found Radiant!

Emily W.

The music is great and the instructor is motivational.

This was my first time trying out hot yoga. To be honest, I’ve done yoga a few times before, but was never too impressed. Maybe I’m a little impatient, but it seemed to drag a little. However, with hot yoga, the heat really keeps you on your toes. I assume you’ll get the same movements at any other studio, but doing them under the heat makes it more of a challenge you want to complete.

I’m not sure if I have ever sweat this much before in my life. After class, I feel “detoxed”, and had the most amazing nap. To me, sweating out your toxins for an hour is the focus, while the yoga movements are just a way to keep you from giving up. Plus, the sensation of the Newport Beach air coming in each time she opens the door was INCREDIBLY REFRESHING.

David I.

What started with 10 classes became something I couldn’t live without.

Radiant Hot Yoga began as a need for physical exercise, and now it has become a place of self-love and letting go of all the outside pressures life has a tendency of putting on our shoulders. As a wife and mom of 2, I needed time to myself and now I have found this place to be a second Home. I will feel eternally grateful I found a place where I can get my workout and work-in done in the same place, surrounded by incredible instructors and staff that I’m proud to call my yoga family!

Thank you Radiant Hot Yoga for providing a place where I can let go and give myself the much needed break during my hectic day.

Stefanie C.

I’ve been practicing at Radiant since 2019 and it is truly an amazing experience every time I come here.

You can tell the instructors really care about their students. There’s so much love and positive energy in the room. The heat really is such a good detox! It does get toasty in there but the teachers open the doors frequently so you get plenty of fresh air! Love this studio

Samantha L.

This studio doesn’t offer just yoga classes, it offers a community, a safe haven to heal and a place to deeply align with your body while stilling your mind.

Having taken 200 hours of yoga teacher training and teaching yoga classes for years… I am super picky with studios that I attend. Every single class you have the opportunity to honor yourself on your mat while being transported with the guidance of all of their wonderful instructors. This is a hot class (my favorite) and you must remember to register for classes online before coming to the studio as they do sell out. I’ve never taken a class from an instructor that I didn’t love… my favorites are Jojo and Darlene and their front office staff are always super accommodating and helpful. You won’t regret joining this amazing studio!!!

Lindsey M.

From my first practice, I was hooked.

The energy of the community, the flow, the heat, the music; ignites a fire in my soul, that has yet to be replicated in any other athletics. The breath-work has changed my world. I apply what I practice in yoga to every aspect of my athletics.  Beyond the affects of physical change; RHY taught me that my hour on my mat is a most sacred gift to myself. I use it as a time to reflect, let go, struggle, fight, flow, dance, laugh and enjoy every… single… moment.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I believe that Hot Yoga is a life changing transformation of self. I have brought countless friends to join me at RHY. I moved away from OC a year ago, but I return to find a beautiful gift, when I walk through the doors to practice. My

Dear friend, Emily Wollenman; who was once my guest; is now an instructor in my favorite yoga studio. She is the most naturally gifted and talented instructor, and every single practice with her is a special experience for me and all that experience her light and love!
I can not recommend this studio higher. Every instructor has poise, grace, love and light in their heart. This community is special. The leadership stems from the top.

Lea S.

This place is like my second home.

My favorite yoga spot. The room gets really hot which I love and they have the best yoga Instructors. Perfect place to decompress. I always leave feeling good!

Jessika H.

This place has been my therapist and my yoga studio now for 6 months.

They focus on energy, meditation but also an amazing workout that leaves me dripping in sweat. Love all the instructors and feel so refreshed after every time! Highly recommend.

Becka B.

Radiant Hot Yoga is an awesome hot yoga studio!

Each teacher I’ve taken class with has been wonderful. The classes are quite hot compared to other hot yoga studios I’ve been to, but I really love the heat so that’s a positive for me! Each hot class follows a similar sequence so the flows become more familiar the more you come.

Lindsey C.

Better than any therapy, got me through very difficult divorce anxiety combined with getting me in great shape.

The workouts are similar but not the same, breathing is key and connects your mind with the body, very grateful for the team that makes the studio work!!

Peter D.

I’m obsessed with Radiant Hot Yoga and the beautiful souls there!

I love this yoga studio so much. It is a place of strength, growth, and love for the body and the mind. The instructors are amazing and their hot yoga sequences are a perfect balance of challenging your body and going inward.

I just finished their life-changing teacher training and can’t recommend it enough to anyone.

Whitney S.

Love the classes, love the teachers, love the heat when they keep the room hot.

Great for all levels of flexibility and improving balance and discipline.

Give 100% of what you have every class, and you’ll see and feel incredible results in you body head and soul.

Amy F.

I’m so glad that someone recommended this place to me.

I’m an athlete and I’m always sore and my muscles are very tight. I’m in constant pain and I can’t say this for everyone, but for me this place has helped my body so much. I feel like I can move better, and I’m so relaxed. To be honest I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the entire first class, but everyone is so helpful and kind. I felt very welcomed and was given a lot of tips and advice. I highly recommend this class if you need some “you” time.

You’re missing out if you don’t go. I can see why this would be addicting. They even have nice bathrooms with showers and provide all of the essentials that you need to get ready for the day. I will def be back.

Courtney S.

Just took Xavier G’s class and I am speechless.

He was so clear, helpful, and motivating. His mantras at the beginning and end of class nearly had me in tears (in the best way). He offered hands on adjustments and light massages which were extremely helpful. I will 100% be back to take his class!

Rachel H.

You’ll be happy you did!

Check it out! I have had an amazing experience here and the community of health minded energetic folks here is uplifting.

Galen T.

Was visiting my parents in Newport Coast and was fortunate enough to find Radiant Hot Yoga!

Thoroughly enjoyed my classes taught by Alexa and Doug—both are excellent! Lovely studio, helpful staff, plus Yoga mats and towels are available for rent. I will definitely return the next time I’m in the area!

Carol W.

Radiant is home!

Nothing is like their hot yoga — intense, upbeat and relaxing all at once. I’ve been coming to this studio for years and of the hundreds of classes I’ve taken, none is the same. Each provides a new challenge!

The instructors are talented and care. They transport you to a new world! Try a Jojo or Audrey class. They’re top notch.

Hopelessly obsessed with radiant hot yoga, and can’t go a week without one of their classes.

A must try studio!

Jaclyn P.

This is truly the hottest yoga class ever but I am obsessed.

The energy from the class, the loud music, and the flow are the best. Hector is my favorite teacher. It is a lot of people in one small hot room so it might not be for everyone but I love it.

Nina D.

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Embark on a 14-day yoga journey with unlimited access. Ideal for California residents looking to explore our studio’s offerings. The more you practice, the closer you get to perfection.

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Unleash the full power of hot yoga with a month of unlimited classes. Available exclusively for California residents, this plan is your gateway to consistent practice and transformative results.


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We have a variety of classes that range from fitness style and length so there is something for everyone; whether you’re inspired to power up or ready to relax and settle into your own space quickly, we’ve got something for everyone at Radiant OnDemand!

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This package guarantees you a place in your section of choice even if you arrive 5 minutes before class starts. We will lay a mat, yoga towel, and hand towel down for you prior to class. This package relieves you of the hassle of extra laundry and carrying your yoga mat around.

  • Guaranteed place of choice
  • Yoga mat
  • Bottle of water
  • Hand & shower towel
  • Yoga towel
  • Full access to our On Demand library
Signing up for the Gold Membership was a game-changer. Now, I can focus solely on my practice and leave the logistics to the team!
Upgrading to Gold Membership has taken my practice to the next level. The perks make each session stress-free and even more enjoyable. Highly recommend!

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150 per month

Embrace luxury and convenience in your yoga practice. Elevate your journey today.

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  • Strong mind
  • Mindfulness
  • Transformation
  • Gratitude
  • Dedication
  • Connected
  • Sexy
  • Clarity
  • Balance
  • Grounded

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Radiant Teacher Training

Missed out on our recent 7-week odyssey of self-growth and enlightenment? Don’t worry, your journey towards personal transformation is far from over! Our next edition of the Radiant Teacher Training program promises an even deeper dive into self-discovery and practice enhancement.

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Embark on a journey where luxury meets soulful transformation with the Radiant Hot Yoga team. Nestled in the world’s most breathtaking destinations, each retreat is an oasis of rejuvenation, offering more than just daily yoga sessions. Experience curated adventures that beckon you away from the mundane, immerse in sheer tranquility, and bask in unparalleled comfort. Dive deep into luxury, emerge renewed in spirit.


TBD 2024

South Africa

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Africa Retreat

Let your spirit soar in South Africa. Join us in South Africa, for 11 days of Luxury, Yoga, Safari, Adventure and Relaxation!

Enjoy the peace that Yoga brings you, and the thrill of being on an African Safari! This is sure to be the most amazing trip of your life. Enjoy 1 night at the Da Vinci Hotel in Johannesburg, 3 nights at the Maratoba Safari Retreat, 3 nights at the Ulusaba Rock Lodge, and 3 nights in Cape Town.


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Join your yoga family in palm desert for a weekend getaway at a luxurious resort. This beautiful retreat will be full of yoga, wellness, hot springs, sun bathing, star gazing and amazing moments.


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Bali Retreat

Mark your calendars for March 2025 and embark on an extraordinary 8-day, 7-night luxury yoga retreat in enchanting Bali, Indonesia. Envelop yourself in the revitalizing embrace of yoga amidst the verdant splendor of Bali’s landscapes, offering a transcendent escape from the ordinary. Allow us to weave together moments of relaxation, adventure, and cultural immersion, crafting an experience that enriches your body, mind, and soul in ways beyond imagination.


March 23rd - 30th, 2025


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Thailand Retreat

Embark on a spiritual adventure with Darlene and Luxury Yoga Retreats.

The Santhiya eco-luxury resort comprises of 39 teakwood pool villas and 109 deluxe rooms that blend in perfectly with the natural mountainous surroundings and offer a rare, private stretch of beach frontage. Unrivaled guest facilities include a spectacular waterfall swimming pool, an indulgent spa offering a range of pampering treatments…


October 26th - 30th, 2024


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Hawaii Retreat

Join Radiant Hot Yoga for a transformative retreat on the stunning island of Kauai. Experience personalized wellness with daily yoga and meditation sessions, savor gourmet meals, and explore the enchanting landscapes of the “Garden Isle” through various enriching activities. Indulge in luxury, comfort, and the natural beauty of this serene paradise.