Challenge Yourself

Spring Into Strength

March 1st – 30th

As nature reawakens and brings forth new life and energy, it’s the perfect moment to channel this renewal into our own lives. This Spring, we invite you to join Radiant Hot Yoga’s Spring into Strength 15-30-Day Challenge, a special series crafted to fortify your body, rejuvenate your mind, and uplift your spirit!

Sign up until March 1st to take on the challenge!

Thank you everyone for participating!

Accept the Challenge

Elevate Your Inner Power

Embrace the challenge, not just by participating, but by thriving with our Special 30-Day Unlimited Class Card Offer!

Taking on a 15-Day or 30-Day Yoga Challenge is a testament to your dedication to self-improvement—a commitment to strengthen, revitalize, and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. And to keep you motivated, we’re offering an irresistible deal crafted just for you!

unlimited monthly


200 paid once

1 Month Unlimited

*Offer available until 2/29/2024.
*Class cards are only available for the month of March.

Complete the Challenge

Complete the challenge and you will transform your body and expand your heart.

No matter how many classes you are able to complete, the benefits are abundant for all who decide to participate!

A few of the great benefits of the Challenge:

  • Burn over 1,000 calories a class!
  • Shed the pounds away
  • Great cardiovascular workout
  • Become stronger and more flexible
  • Stress Reduction
  • Toned muscles
  • Stabilized food cravings
  • Detoxification
  • Improved energy
  • Reduced pain and stiffness
  • A better nights rest
  • Better digestion
  • A peaceful state of mind
  • A great sense of accomplishment
  • Be prepared to take on the world

Take your transformative journey to the next level 

Additional Perks

Beyond the transformative rewards of diving into our 15-30-Day Challenge—picture a life where stress melts away, muscles grow stronger, and your body detoxifies. Imagine waking up each day feeling energetically vibrant, with pains and stiffness becoming a thing of the past, and every night, sinking into a deep, restorative sleep—we’re excited to offer you an extraordinary bonus! This challenge isn’t just about physical and mental rejuvenation; it’s a gateway to a more radiant, powerful you. Alongside the core benefits, we’ve tailored exclusive perks designed to amplify your journey.

From special discounts on our class cards and merchandise to unique community events and workshops, we’re here to ensure your path to strength and wellness is not only rewarding but also filled with inspiring moments and opportunities for growth. Let this challenge be the springboard to a lifestyle where well-being and vitality are at the forefront, supported by a community that celebrates your every step towards a stronger, more fulfilled self.

Complete 15 Classes in 15 Days and Receive 15% OFF 30 & 50 Class Cards, and Merchandise.

Complete 30 Classes in 30 Days and Receive 30% OFF 30 & 50 Class Cards, and Merchandise.

reap the reward of your efforts

Redeem Your Reward

These fantastic discounts are available for a one-time purchase within 7 days of completing your challenge—that’s until April 7 th, 2024.

Elevate your journey of self-improvement and claim these exclusive benefits as a reward for your dedication and hard work. Sign up now to unlock these special perks on your path to becoming stronger, more centered, and vibrant!

*Promotions cannot be combined, nor transferred

Are you ready to embrace strength this spring with us?

Accept the Challenge

Begin your transformative journey by officially signing up for the “Spring into Strength” challenge. Visit us at the studio where you’ll find our sign-up board prominently displayed.

Our friendly staff is on hand to assist you with the registration process, answer any questions you might have, and provide you with all the necessary details to get started. By signing up, you’re taking the first step towards a stronger, more vibrant self this spring. Remember, the path to personal growth and wellness starts with a single step—make yours today!

  1. Sign up on the board at the studio.
  2. Track Your Progress: Monitor your journey with our special Spring into Strength challenge tracking system at the studio.
  3. Celebrate & Share: Share your journey and breakthrough moments using the hashtag #SpringIntoStrength on social media. Don’t forget to tag @radianthotyoga.