Quick Body Burn with Skyler

Skyler will guide you through a QUICK BODY BURN session, working the lower body, the upper body and core. This will be a full body workout!

Full Body Blast with Darlene

Strengthen and tone your core with targeted exercises guided by Darlene. After setting your intention and connecting to your pranayama breathing, you’ll blast your core with challenging and fat-burning exercises to get you quick results you crave. This short class will improve your fitness performance – be prepared to build endurance, torch your core and […]

Awaken Your Abs with Rucky

Have fun with Rucky as he guides you through a burning flow to awaken your abs and light your core on fire. High energy concentrated exercises will shred your core giving you fast results. No matter what your fitness level, be prepared to sweat, feel stronger, and more confident with this core sculpting class.

Barre Core Burn with Audrey

Barre Inspired Core Flow with Audrey & Ashley. Light up every inch of your core, and find out mind-muscle connection to your center. Let’s build the strength that you can take off this mat to your next yoga flow & practice.

Recruit Your Glutes

Sculpt your backside with Skyler, Tiffany, and Ashley. This short and effective video focuses on building your booty, sculpting your amazing body, torching calories by burning fat, and strengthening your glutes.

Boxing-Sculpt with Tana

Part #1 video – Movement Breakdown Get your summer body ready. Join Tana for Boxing, Sculpting, and Booty Work. Part #2 video – The Workout Let the workout begin! Box, Sculpt, and Move your Body. Get your summer body ready. Join Tana for Boxing, Sculpting, and Booty Work.

Sculpt to the Beat

Sculpt your body with this fun dance fusion class. Be ready to Move & Groove to the beat while you break a sweat and turn up your confidence! You’ll light up your core, abs, and glutes before slowing everything down in some slow intentional yoga postures.