The Crown Chakra and the Power of Manifestation

Join Ashley for this short Radiant Hot Yoga OnDemand video as she talks about The Crown Chakra (sahasrāra chakra in Sanskrit) and affirmations that can bring piece throughout your day. 

Breath Of Fire – Breathwork with Darlene

Darlene, Ashley, and Emily are here to guide you through a quick breathwork. This is called The Breath Of Fire, also known as Ego Eradicator. This breathwork is helpful when you want to fire up your core, when you are in need of energy, to clear your mind, remove brain fog, and heat up your […]

Guided Savasana for Beginners

Explore with Darlene, and Ashley, the power and healing aspects of Savasana. Let’s settle in, and receive that deep healing, and many other benefits Savasana provides to our mind and bodies.