Radiant Flow Breakdown With Darlene and Ashley

Join Darlene and Ashley for a break-down of the flows. This will be some serious moving, serious flowing, so if you need to warm your body up prior, we encourage you to watch the Beginner’s Alignment video first.

10 Minute Tone-Up with Tana

Tana, Darlene and Skyler are here to take you on a really quick yoga workout. Perfect if you just got home from work, or travelling and short on time. Ten minutes and you are good to go! 

ReAwaken Flow with Darlene

Practicing yoga, sharing this beautiful energy, and creating space in our lives, taking time for ourselves to disconnect from all the stuff going on in our world, so we can find a deeper connection within ourselves. So jump onto your mat, or even on the floor, move your body, connect your breath, take some time […]

Beginning Flow with Hector

Join Hector and Audrey for a Beginning Flow to strengthen the body (also good for athletes). This will be a very simple flow, you can even start your mornings off with. Simple yoga poses, connection with breath nothing too hard. Let’s just get into this by starting off with the Child’s Pose.

26 static postures Ashley’s Way

Join Darlene and Emily, as Ashley guides us through the 26 Postures her way. Learn alignment, how to safely get in and out of postures, and the benefits of your static practice. This class is best suited in front of the mirror, if possible, so that you can clearly see yourself. So lets stand up […]

Full Body Blast with Darlene

Strengthen and tone your core with targeted exercises guided by Darlene. After setting your intention and connecting to your pranayama breathing, you’ll blast your core with challenging and fat-burning exercises to get you quick results you crave. This short class will improve your fitness performance – be prepared to build endurance, torch your core and […]

Create Strength & Mobility with Skyler

Follow Skyler, Ashley, and Darlene as they guide you through your practice today. Together, they will be creating awareness through balance and stability. A series of static postures to help you create focus, mobility and strength.

Gentle, soothing flow with Skyler

Unwind and reset with this guided soothing flow class. Gently stretch your muscles and relax your mind-body connection. Recommended after a stressful day, disconnect, and come back to a space that feels right.

Opening the Hips, and the Heart

Open your hips and heart with this special yoga flow that will awaken and reset your chakras, incorporating twists and intentional breath to movement.