I had no idea what to expect… All I knew was that I was excited to do it.

On the first night, I was blown away! The atmosphere was special. The people were amazing, and the group exercises we did only made us all unite in a special way. Each week became something I looked forward to, seeing my friends, learning and doing yoga, and going through this unique experience as much like a sponge as I could, trying to soak everything in. From holding a 5 minute warrior, to sharing deep personal stories with one another, the love and support was unparalleled! It was a safe place, where the openness bonded us all to create unforgettable moments that I am sure none of us will soon forget. Even though it’s over, the group is still bonded and supportive of one another, and I’ve gained a new group of friends. It was one of those experiences that can be challenging and difficult, but that is what also makes it so memorable impactful on your life. I would tell anyone who is thinking about doing the RHY teacher training to definitely do it! You will not be sorry, it will be a moment in your life that you will always look back on with a smile on your face and love in your heart.”