Are you kidding me, this place rocks! 1st of all did I just walk into a 5 star spa?

It’s GORGEOUS! Staff is super friendly and accommodating. Everything you need is there to rent or buy, but all you need is mat, yoga towel and being prepared to have an amazing experience. As a fitness instructor I am EXTREMELY particular on studios and instruction, I do not give 5 start unless it’s warranted.

The actual practice studio is extremely clean & the classes… well it should not surprise you that based on my 5 star rating Review ARE AWESOME! This is not boring yoga, this is fun, a workout, deep stretching, working your core, lifting your YOGA spirit. The instructor, Darlene (also the owner) walked around & checked form on everyone, corrected us & and even gave us some hands on adjustments. Loved that! Oh & they play fun up beat music!! No wonder the name is Radiant Yoga you leave there feeling RADIANT!