My journey through yoga has been life changing.

I have come to know myself in ways I had not explored before. I have experimented with a certain vulnerability of my soul that I had kept concealed for fear of exposing the parts of me I work to keep hidden. Yoga took away that curtain of doubt because it guided me into the light. Whereas before I perfected a façade of invulnerability, yoga has helped me understand that shattering my walls to let in people is one way to open my heart up to all the beauty of the universe. I found teacher training at a very difficult point in my life, where for the first time, I had experienced uncertainty on multiple levels and could not find some peace. There were many aspects of my life that were vague and unsettled, and I felt the challenges beginning to weigh heavy on mind. Teacher training introduced me to a group of strong-minded, caring, beautiful and inspirational women who offered me insight and kindness. I feel blessed to be a part of such a diverse group of women, who have touched my heart in so many ways. I am grateful to Darlene for her leadership and support, and to the teacher training group for their boundless grace and love.