Almost 6 years ago, during my summer break from college, I took my first hot yoga class.

I lacked flexibility, I was out of shape, unable to do most of the postures, or control my breathing. I remember telling myself I would never step foot into another yoga studio again! But something magical happened to me that day while I was in final savasana, that changed my life forever. I was able to shut my thoughts out, all of my worries and anxiety of the outside world were gone, and I felt a sense of peace, I had never felt in my life before. I went to yoga everyday that summer, I loved how it transformed my body. Physically, I was stronger, leaner, and my flexibility was increasing. I learned to control my breathing, making it calm whenever I could feel my heart rate increasing. When I had to go back to college, I searched for a hot yoga studio to continue my practice. My practice deepened when I realized that I had not only physically (externally) changed, but mentally (internally) I was able to handle stress, have patience, and make healthy conscience choices for my body. Shortly after college, I moved from south Florida to southern California. I tried countless yoga studios, and none of them felt like the right “fit” for me. I guess I was looking for a little piece of “home”, and that was exactly what I found whey I walked into Radiant Hot Yoga. Esthetically, the studio was beyond beautiful, the colors were warm inside and the bathrooms were spotless. I was greeted by Darlene (owner of RHY), who was so kind and polite. I took her class and it was literally beaming with positive energy, the total yoga “high” I had been searching for. A few months went by and Darlene had told me she was going to be doing a teacher training, and asked me if I had ever been interested in teaching.It was something that had crossed my mind before, but I wasn’t sure if it was something I saw myself doing. After lots of thinking, and encouragement from Darlene and her daughters, my family and friends, I decided to do the RHY’s Teacher Training.

What was your experience like?

RHY’s Teacher Training was a truly life changing experience. I learned that my yoga practice, is an on-going “self” study, their is no stopping point, their is only room for growth. Being able to be a student, and a teacher, its truly a gift that will change and deepen your practice in ways you didn’t think possible. I recommend this TT to anyone who is open to discovering themselves through yoga.

What did you gain from TT?

It has been pretty difficult to meet friends, not being from this area- But RHYs TT changed that ? I gained a connection, and friendship with 17 yogi’s. All of us different ages, with different lives and experiences, sharing one common ground, yoga. I learned to be vulnerable, and accept support, and stability, from friends outside of myself. I have infinite gratitude to RHY for creating such an “at home” feeling and for giving me a “yoga family”.

As a student, person and teacher?

RHY’s TT made me grow as a person, student and a teacher. I learned yoga is a life-long journey that incorporates all aspects of yoga and connects them together. I’ve learned to honor my body, and take a child’s pose when I feel tired. I’ve learned that the postures that we do on our mats- prepare us, for what happens when we step off our mats. I’ve learned that teaching is about finding our gift and sharing it, thats the purpose of this life. How did it enhance your life? My practice has taught me to be with my feelings, and that in order to heal we must feel. Never judge people because you never know what internal battle they may have going on, and the only reason any of us can see judgement in each other is because it exists within ourselves. Yoga teaches us that we are human, to learn lessons, teach and take yoga, and grow from it everyday!