The RYT 200 Teacher Training program at Radiant Hot Yoga saved my life. I could not possibly be any happier with the outcome.

Before I began this journey, I was lost. My life wasn’t in shambles and I seemed to be getting along just fine on the surface. But I was not living up to my fullest potential. I was in a dark place. I was serving the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

Throughout my five years of practicing yoga, I often considered completing a teacher training program with various studios.

Earlier in 2015, I hit what I consider to be my own spiritual rock bottom. I endured many tragedies and my only escape was Radiant Hot Yoga. I had been practicing there for nearly two years before I began to realize I was being called to this studio. I decided it was time to begin my journey. I was quickly accepted by the RHY family and forged incredible relationships with my fellow yoga brothers and sisters. I knew this was the right move.

I dove deeper into my practice, opened my heart, and unveiled my true self for the first time in my life. I discovered inner peace, unparalleled happiness, and most importantly, family. I rate this journey second to none and highly recommend it to anyone at any stage in their life. I am now living on a higher vibration than ever before and those around me can sense it. I have been healed and now feel as though I am in a position to heal others.

Thank you, Darlene and the rest of the Radiant Hot Yoga family for saving my life. I am forever grateful and love you all.