Coming from the Middle East, Jordan, to live in the United States, I found it very difficult to cope and melt into the pot.

That transitional period unfolded layers of uncertainty and doubt about my role and purpose in life. Many aspects were vague and unsettled, and the challenges started to weigh heavy on me.

When I was introduced to the Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher training, I jumped into it not knowing what to expect, but I know I was overwhelmed with a tremendous flow of love and support from everyone at RHY.

The Teacher Training provided me with the art and science of traditional yoga meditation for Self-Realization, and the process of systematically encountering, examining, and transcending each of the various gross and subtle levels of false identity in the mind field, until the jewel of the true Self comes shining through.

RHY Teacher Training provided me with an optimum medium to break open, connect, grow and nourish again, as I felt an instant overflow of positive energy, love and support, which are extremely contageous, from each and every one in the Teacher Training and RHY family.

Now, every time I teach yoga, with all the heat, sweat, music and energy in the room, my senses are heightened, and I become the consciousness that sits in the back and witnesses the class, such an amazing feeling that I reduced into words for the mind to grasp.

We came into Teacher Training as many, and now we are one, Namaste.