Yoga Teacher


At the tender age of 12, Audrey turned to yoga as a means of physical recuperation. While she competed in dance, yoga became her anchor, fostering a harmony between strength and flexibility. During her time as a kinesiology major at CSUF, Audrey enrolled in a hatha yoga class. This not only enhanced her mastery of asanas but also introduced her to the transformative powers of focused breathing, meditation, and a more profound connection to her practice.

Having dedicated years to the field of physical therapy, Audrey harbors a deep passion for healing the human body through deliberate movement. She is keen on sharing the myriad benefits yoga offers - be it mental, emotional, energetic, or spiritual. Teaching yoga has imbued Audrey's life with a heightened sense of purpose, a renewed zest for life, and an expansive love for the world around her.

Newport Beach Studio
Newport Beach Studio

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    "If you seek peace, be still. If you seek wisdom, be silent. If you seek love, be yourself."

    Audrey is one of my favorite instructors!

    Even on days I’m not feeling 100%, I find myself leaving her classes feeling like I pushed myself the perfect amount. She’s sweet as can be but knows how to motivate! 🧡


    Audrey is absolutely amazing.

    The class had so much energy, her voice was so soothing as she guided us through our practice. If I could, I would spend every opportunity I had taking her class. The studio, community, & everything about Radiant was incredible. What a great experience.


    Audrey’s class is second to none.

    I love the language she uses, the pace we workout at, & how she is able to help me release the things I need to. I always leave her class feeling amazing. Highly recommend!


    It is always an amazing class when Audrey is teaching.

    Her voice, delivery and beautiful energy is such a precious treat every time!


    Audrey is an angel on earth. So loving, professional, intentional & divine!

    I have been in the industry over a decade and trained trainers, took many trainers classes and she is one I will always return to. It’s a blessing to have her guide you through a practice 🤍


    Audrey is such a great instructor!

    The calming push she gives to challenge yourself is a big part of the reason I continue taking the class.


    Audrey led an amazing class!

    It was very energetic and HOT! Her voice sounds so graceful yet powerful – when you’re ready to give up, she keeps motivating to keep you going! Great class!


    Audrey is just an angel, her classes are soothing and truly resetting❤️


    I love her!!!


    Radiant is home!

    Nothing is like their hot yoga — intense, upbeat and relaxing all at once. I’ve been coming to this studio for years and of the hundreds of classes I’ve taken, none is the same. Each provides a new challenge!

    The instructors are talented and care. They transport you to a new world! Try a Jojo or Audrey class. They’re top notch.

    Hopelessly obsessed with radiant hot yoga, and can’t go a week without one of their classes.

    A must try studio!

    Jaclyn P.