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Teacher Training At Radiant

Article by Rebecca Louise

There is not one person who has been through the Radiant Teacher Training that has not been enlightened by the experience. This is what makes the teacher training so unique as its more about going deep into your practice and learning about yourself than anything else. What a magical experience to go through where at the end you are filled with love, peace and passion for life.


Yoga is about the practice. The practice and development of the poses and nothing in this form can ever be perfect. I enjoy the peace of attending classes at Radiant because all judgment is left outside and you can be at peace with yourself. There is no competition, you get to focus on being you because that is enough.

The teacher training will allow you to be more confident in who you are, believe in yourself and your own abilities. What a magical journey you can go through in just eight weeks that will encourage you to be the best version of yourself.


Not only will you be able to go deeper into your practice and learn so much more about yoga but you will be on this journey with like minded people. Meeting new friends and sharing the same experience will create an incredible bond that you can see it in all the teachers at Radiant.

When you go through a journey of learning more about yourself you atomically have a connection with the people that you are doing it with. You are on the same page and have an understanding of one another. I very much felt this when I went on the retreat to Mexico with radiant. There was a sense of community right from the beginning that made everyone feel comfortable and at ease in this new environment. We were all on a similar journey of discovery and relaxation which meant there was an underline support system for us all.

This is exactly what the Teacher training journey will do for you and what it has to offer.


Not only will you come out learning new skills about you but your whole yoga knowledge will be broadened and on a whole new level. Yoga will never be the same for you, you will be able to practice through a new set of eyes and be able to take your knowledge back into the classroom.

The biggest gift that you will take from this is the ability to share what you have learned with others. Being an inspiration to other people and passing on your learnings gives us such purpose in our lives. When we have purpose we wake up every morning with excitement and drive for the new day.

Let your purpose be to help others in there time of need, to share with them things that you have learned at Radiant to have a positive attitude to the world.


For us to be able to look after other we must start with being able to fully look after ourselves. It is important to give yourself the gift of personal enrichment so that you can be the best version of you and make the biggest impact on those around you.

The training that you will receive from Radiant will have a life long effect on you and the changes it can make within yourself to enrich you will be unforgettable. Give yourself the gift of teacher training, give yourself the gift to further your practice and to fill your life to the fullest. It is great timing as the new teacher training starts in January.

It is a new year, with a new start and 2016 is about you.

The training starts on January Friday 15th, consisting of 8 weeks that take you through to March Sunday 13th.

  • Friday’s you will be with us 7-11pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday we start at 8:30am through to 5:00pm.
  • The cost of the course is $3800.00.




RHY Teacher Training team

A New Year for A New You

Start the New Year off right

Join Darlene & the Radiant Hot Yoga Teachers for a transformational experience. In only 8 weekends you will have a gift that will last you a lifetime.

$3,800 (Paid in Full)

Register now!
  • Each offer/pricing option has a $500 non-refundable deposit.
  • Unlimited yoga at Radiant Hot Yoga for the program’s duration.


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