Super Deals With Lots of Love in the Month of Love

Super Deal with Lots of Love! Only in the Month of Love!
The Perfect Gift for You and Your Loved One

Share your love! Couples Private Yoga is the perfect gift.

At Radiant Hot Yoga private sessions offer one-on-one attention, strengthening the bonds of your relationship, spending undivided time to heal & connect together while doing an healthy activity.

Couple’s Private Yoga Class
for only $150
only in the Month of Love

Or sign up at the Front Desk at Both Studios

Limited Time Offers

Available until February 28th, 2019

Build and Strengthen the Bonds of Your Relationship

The benefits of Yoga are abundant & are for everybody. Couples who practice yoga together, stay together!

A few of the great benefits of Couples Private Yoga:

Or sign up at the Front Desk at Both Studios


For more information, please contact Skyler:

Phone: 480-707-7287

February Special, Couple’s Offer Policy

Offer available until February 28th, 2019.
Price is per couple for the PRIVATE YOGA CLASS.