Exclusive Offers for a Radiant You!

Elevate Your Year, Embrace Your Power

January 25th - February 8th

Don’t let the energy of the New Year fade away. Our offers are here to keep you inspired, focused, and moving forward on your yoga journey. Embrace the power within and let’s make 2024 a year of continuous growth and radiant well-being.

This offer has expired, but don't worry. There will be more amazing offers to come!

Early Bird Special

Teacher Training

Keep your 2024 journey vibrant and powerful at Radiant Hot Yoga. Enroll in our acclaimed 2024 Teacher Training program now and seize an exclusive Early Bird opportunity with a remarkable $700 discount. This year, transform not just your practice but also your potential as an inspiring yoga teacher.

Our program offers a deep dive into the art and science of yoga, empowering you to lead with confidence and wisdom. As you progress, you’ll not only enhance your own practice but also gain the tools to inspire others on their yoga journeys. Step into your power.

Lock in this price for 2024’s training (between May 3rd – June 18th, 2024)

Elevate Your Year with Unforgettable Yoga

Luxury Retreat Discount

In 2024, let’s not just continue the journey; let’s elevate it. Radiant Hot Yoga invites you to deepen your practice, connect with nature, and discover inner peace at our upcoming retreats. With an exclusive $700 early bird discount, there’s never been a better time to plan your next escape.

Our retreats promise not just a break from the everyday but a transformative experience that nourishes body, mind, and spirit. By securing your spot now, you’re setting the stage for a year of growth, adventure, and unparalleled yoga experiences.

Anticipate the extraordinary. Join us as we unveil the dates and destinations for our retreats, carefully selected to inspire and rejuvenate. Elevate your new year with us and make 2024 a landmark year in your yoga journey.

Commit to your practice early

Auto Pay Special

Embrace convenience and savings at Radiant Hot Yoga! Sign up for our 6-month or 12-month auto pay memberships and receive an exclusive 10% discount. It’s the perfect way to maintain your yoga practice without the hassle of monthly renewals.

10% discount


186 per month

6-month Commitment

Embrace a foundation of consistent practice and save $126! 

10% discount


172 per month

12-month Commitment

Seize this opportunity to deepen your practice and SAVE $240.

Year-Long Yoga Journey

Memberships Discount

Keep the momentum of your 2024 going strong with our exclusive One-Year Unlimited Yoga Membership. It’s time to invest in your well-being and embrace the transformative journey that yoga offers. Our membership unlocks a world of possibilities, keeping you engaged and inspired throughout the year.

In the spirit of elevating and empowering your practice, we’re also delighted to offer a special discount of 10% OFF on this premium membership.

$218 discount


1,960 paid in full

1 Year Unlimited

Save a whopping $218 off our one year unlimited with this amazing 10% discount.

10% discount


135 per month

Gold Membership

Give More, Get More

Gift Card

As we progress through 2024, keep the spirit of generosity and self-care thriving with our special gift card offer at Radiant Hot Yoga. Elevate your gesture of giving: for every $150 gift card you purchase, we’re adding an extra $50making it a gift of $200 value!

Give the Gift of Yoga

$200 value

Pay only $150