Radiant Hot Yoga teacher spotlight | Interview with Skyler Dearen | April, 2016

Meet one of Radiant Hot Yoga's inspiring teachers Skyler Dearen

When and why did you begin practicing yoga?

It’s an amazing feeling to give yourself moments of undivided attention and to truly connect. Ever since my first class I have been on the journey of healing. Yoga has healed me from my past. I started practicing yoga in 2006 and at the time my family and I were going though a lot. It was the hardest time of our life. I saw how yoga changed my mom’s life and it inspired me to try a class.

Throughout my first class, I felt so present in the moment. I felt the energy around me, my breath, and was able to release everything that was no longer serving me. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this journey I am on and all of the incredible people who have inspired me along the way.” – Skyler

Skyler Dearen, RHY Teacher of April, 2016

How has becoming a teacher changed your life?

It has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. In 2013, I became the youngest certified hot yoga teacher in the U.S. I had to make my own path, and create my own standards and expectations. Even though it feels very natural for me to teach yoga, I use the same principles in other areas in my life. Teaching yoga has also brought so many amazing people into my life. The connections I have made and continue to create are truly special to me. ” – Skyler

When did you know you wanted to be a yoga instructor?

I knew I wanted to be a yoga instructor ever since my family opened up Radiant Hot Yoga, in 2013. I always loved taking classes and I had such a passion for yoga. I remember teaching my fist class as if it were yesterday. Throughout the class I had a magical, euphoric feeling and as I said my final speech at the end of my class, I suddenly had tears of joy running down my face. Right there, I knew that I wanted to teach yoga for the rest of my life.

A feeling of deep gratitude filled my heart and ever since then my passion for yoga has grown more and more.” – Skyler

Skyler Dearen, RHY Teacher of April, 2016

What did Teacher Training mean to you and what did it do for you?

Teacher training changed my life in so many ways. I took the training not only to become a teacher, but to also deepen my own practice and to discover more about myself. It was definitely challenging though.

At the time, I thought I I was too young to become a teacher because I didn’t know enough about yoga or the body, but I proved myself wrong. I completely dove two feet into the training and immersed myself into yoga. Having to go to school for nine hours a day, then spending over 35 hours a week on yoga training took a lot of energy, sacrifice, and time.

But what I learned from the challenge is, “If you believe in yourself, you can do anything” and that “There is never a dream too big or too small you can not accomplish if you try.” – Skyler

How necessary is your yoga practice to you?

My yoga practice means so much to me. I feel that I would not be where I am today, if it wasn’t for my practice. My yoga practice has taught me so much about who I am. I know I can always come to my mat to heal my body & soul, to let go and to move deeper within. It is an amazing work-in and an awesome workout.

Every time I come to my mat, I learn more abut who I am and what my purpose is.” – Skyler

Skyler Dearen, RHY Teacher of April, 2016

What do you feel is the personality and energy you bring to your classes?

I am very passionate and joyful spirited. I love teaching and challenging people to their edge. When I am in the hot room teaching there is a great energy, a connectedness between myself and everyone in the room. Unity and love, I feel so alive and happy. I aspire to inspire by my words, the music I play, and the energy I bring to my classes. I am so fully present that it feels as if nothing else exists outside those walls.” – Skyler

What are a few of your favorite things to do outside of yoga?

When I’m not at Radiant, I’m either at the beach, finishing up school, getting a massage, or spending time with those I love. I also LOVE traveling and seeing all different parts of the world.

Everyday gift to be able to live my dream! Namaste ॐ” – Skyler

Skyler Dearen, RHY Teacher of April, 2016

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