Happy New Year 2021

Looking forward to the New Year ahead, but always grateful for the lessons learned and the beautiful present moment of the NOW.

In a year that’s had more than its fair share of challenges, we’re all looking forward to the brighter possibilities that 2021 brings.

Lets commit to making those dreams and resolutions a reality; more time with loved ones, doing the things we love and that makes us feel alive, feeling the freedom, joy and inner peace that is our birthright, and of course traveling the world on our amazing yoga retreats.

Oh, and hugs… all of the hugs that I have missed so much.

Us? We at Radiant resolve to make every moment you spend with us unforgettable. We’ve been thinking a lot about you and our purpose and what a great honor it is to be the sanctuary you choose to spend your time with for mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Here’s to your health, happiness- and a brand new year of experiencing the moments we cherish the most!

Darlene, Skyler and Savanna Dearen.

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