Gold Membership Sale at Radiant Hot Yoga

Gold Membership Sale

Start Your New Year Off Right with The Gold Membership Sale at Radiant Hot Yoga

FEEL LIKE GOLD 🥇 WITH PREMIUM OPTIONSEnjoy the extra benefits of our Gold Membership. Includes a bottle of cold water, yoga mat, yogitoe, hand and shower towel for each class. guarantees your spot in the room. Take the hassle out of coming to practice, by saving time & laundry. Feel like Gold, while enjoying yoga.

12-month commitment

ONLY $100 / month

Save $25 / month

*Offer ONLY available at the front desk. For NEW SIGNUPS ONLY.

Founding Gold Membership

$4,000 for 3 years

SAVE $500 with this DEAL

*Offer ONLY available at the front desk.

Why become a Gold Member at Radiant Hot Yoga?

You can attach the Gold Membership option to any package. This package offers you the ability to sign up online or over the phone for your class of choice and guarantees you a place in your section of choice.


*You are still required to arrive on time for class. Showing up late for class can lead to losing your place in class.
*When signing up for a class, make sure that you are either here or call in at least 3 hours before class starts to let us know that you will not make it. There is a Absent Gold Member charge of $40 for anyone that does not follow these guidelines.
*Special deal available between 1/5/2022 – 1/15/2022