Darlene's Letter

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Dear Radiant,

I want to personally thank you for co-creating with me the most amazing community and yoga studios I have ever been a part of. Radiant is truly like no other, and it is not just because of me and my daughters, but it is because of all of you; teachers, staff & students. The out pour of love I have received is humbling as well as the love between all of you that I see daily and hear about. This is nothing shy of a miracle. When we live from a place of gratitude we become magnets for blessings.

Even though these times are challenging and we feel shaky, we must remember that great struggle can produce great clarity. Mother earth is steady and we can always ground down and tap into our true essence, the essence of love and being present. Most of the time your highest potential comes from the moments you do not get to choose and have no control over.

You will not discover your greatness in your comfort zone. This is a practice, just like your yoga practice, remember it is all a choice. Some days will be easy, some days will seem heavy. Some days might fly by and some might seem to drag on and on. Some days you might feel inspired and other days discouraged. Some days we will have disbelief and others clarity. All of these emotions are natural and normal. This is a practice and we are slowly learning our new way.

When we experience pain or fright we contract and move inwards, this is needed to find self discovery and growth. We must be a little uncomfortable to be willing to change and find the new way. In this human incarnation we will experience many challenges, we are hard wired to struggle, but we are also meant to experience joy, peace and love. Joy, peace and love is our birthright!

Every day, think to yourself, today I am fortunate to have woken up. I have a precious human life. I am not going to waste it by complaining, or living in fear. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, expand my heart, to achieve enlightenment for myself and the benefit of all Beings.”

What is happening on the inside of you is far more important than the outside. For the inside will paint the landscape around you with whatever emotions you are feeling. The challenges either activate the potential within you or reveal blind spots within you that need to be healed and transcended. Smiling and choosing to be happy is always a choice – it’s a spiritual practice.

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My daughters and I humbly ask you for your support during these challenging times. Your support is crucial to Radiant so it can continue to be a place of love and healing after we emerge from this pandemic.


We are offering a few special Class Packages called Keep the LOVE Alive At Radiant – there is a 10 Class Card, a 30 Class Card and a 50 Class Card with a 5 year expiration!!!

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If Radiant Hot Yoga touched your heart, strengthened you or changed your life in any way and you feel inspired to do so, please DONATE towards these online classes.

We are offering yoga videos every single day, two to three times a day, with many of your beloved teachers. Teaching for us is more then work, it is our passion, our calling and our dharma.

We LOVE yoga! We love life! These classes are a great way to connect with your favorite teachers.

Our Online Live Yoga Classes are on Radiant Hot Yoga’s Instagram.

Day Time Activity / Trainer
Monday 10:00 am Radiant Hot Power w/ the Dearen Family
Monday 4:00 pm Radiant Hot Power w/ the Dearen Family
Tuesday 9:30 am w/ Guest teacher
Tuesday 05:30 pm Radiant Hot Power w/ Lisa G.
Wednes. 10:00 am Radiant Hot Power w/ the Dearen Family
Wednes. 4:00 pm Radiant Hot Power w/ the Dearen Family
Wednes. 12:00 am Booty Bounce w/ Jojo
Thursday 09:30 am Radiant Hot Power w/ Ashley S.
Thursday 5:30 pm w/ Guest teacher
Thursday 7:00 pm Kundalini Meditation w/ Sotantar Gong
Friday 10:00 am Radiant Hot Power w/ the Dearen Family
Friday 4:00 pm Radiant Hot Power w/ the Dearen Family
Saturday 09:30 am Radiant Hot Power w/ Ashley S.
Saturday 4:00 pm Radiant Hot Power w/ Tyler
Sunday 10:30 am Booty Bounce w/ Jojo
Sunday 5:30 pm Yin w/ Doug D.

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More to come. We are here to raise the global vibration of love and unity.

#stayhome #yoga #united #world #healing #global #energy #newportbeach #irvine #onelove #california #radianthotyogaThank you for supporting Radiant Hot Yoga during this time of great need. Your support makes all the difference. There is power in numbers and there is power in love, fortunately Radiant Hot Yoga has both and we will prevail together!

Thank you for allowing us into your hearts and homes, for bringing your family and friends to our studio for healing, for fun, and to find strength. We are forever grateful for your presence.

Love & gratitude,
Darlene, Skyler and Savanna Dearen.