Congratulations 28 challengers


Whether you completed 28 classes in 28 days or not, on behalf of Radiant Hot Yoga, we would like to congratulate you on participating in this Special 28 Day Challenge. It’s not easy to challenge yourself or your body in this way to push forward to get yourself to the next level.

Remember that it isn’t the destination, but the journey that is most important.

It has been our honor to guide you through your practice each time and watch the growth day by day.

And Now, Let’s Give A Big Round Of Applause For…
All Students Who Have Completed 25 Or More Classes

Congratulations, you shown perseverance, strength, and fortitude. Now it is time to jump into your power, and RISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Besides the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of the 28 Day Challenge, Radiant Hot Yoga is offering you extra rewards:

28% OFF of Retail / Merchandise and All Class Cards (hydro flask, or ultima products not included).

$400 OFF your next Teacher Training
Between JUNE 7th – JULY 28th

This is your chance to take your practice to the NEXT LEVEL! Challenge Yourself</b again and Reach New Heights, that you never thought were possible.

$400 OFF your next Thailand Retreat with Darlene and the Radiant Family

Between April 1st – 7th. Reward Yourself with 7 days of relaxation and pampering, the RADIANT way. Melt your stress away in Thailand, at the luxurious Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa. The following students have completed over 25 classes in 28 days at our Newport Beach and Irvine Studios!John M. (25)
Sameer S. (25)
Cherie S. (25)
Eunice C. (25)
Sing L. (25)
Vidya R. (25)
Adean H. (25)
David B. (26)
Savanna D. (26)
Sheyla O. (26)
Debbie M. (26)
Rick R. (26)
Heather E. (26)
Janet M. (26)
Neil B. (26)
Mike B. (27)

Marci G. (27)
Dina B. (27)
Megan R. (27)
Alicia A. (27)
Sherry N. (27)
Liz C. (27)
Hector M. (27)
Les T. (28)
Dotsie B. (28)
Joseph T. (28)
Tessie R. (28)
Teresa A. (28)
Karen B. (28)
Kedric F. (28)
Ruby D. (28)
Taylor H. (28)

Monica C. (28)
Kelly H. (28)
Stefanie T. (28)
Kambria H. (28)
Sheela F. (28)
Xiaolian W. (28)
Heather S. (28)
Connie P. (28)
Angela D. (28)
Jake K. (28)
Samantha L. (28)
Sonya B. (29)
Tatiana W. (29)
Zana D. (29)
Isabel C. (29)
Reem A. (29)

Ann K. (29)
Amal A. (29)
Phina H. (29)
Rebecah W. (29)
Karolina L. (30)
Jeff O. (30)
Sayuri T. (30)
Brooke F. (31)
Brooke K. (31)
Michael W. (32)
Jas T. (32)
Amy F. (33)
Penny G. (34)
Dewi A. (36)

Special Offers Only Available Until March 8th