12 days before Christmas Sale

Christmas Is Coming 🎶

The holiday season is a fun and exciting time. But it can also be stressful when you do not know what presents to shop for your loved ones.

Get all of your Christmas shopping 🛍️ done at Radiant Hot Yoga!

This is the best time of year to fill up on holiday gifts for your friends, loved ones and even yourself!

Give the gift of yoga, it will bring joy to their heart and a smile on their face!


12 Days Before Christmas Sale


For the next 12 Days, you can stock up on 5, and 10 Class Cards at Radiant Hot Yoga Studio with 15% DISCOUNT.

15% OFF on 5 and 10 Class Cards*

*45-Day Expiry


5 Class Card


REGULAR PRICE: $160 (You Save $24)


10 Class Card


REGULAR PRICE: $300 (You Save $45)