First things first, thank you Darlene for an amazing life changing experience. TT was everything I thought it would be and everything I feared it would be.

I had known it, seen it, heard it, and lived with it up until I actually went through it. The view is different from down here. Much more challenging and humbling than I thought it would be, but also much more fun than I thought it would be.

I will start with my first weekend summary that I wrote in my journal:

Friday April 10th

Excited to be here and being part of the spring class. I feel as though I am in store for the time of my life. The day to day challenges and experiences that I am faced with in my life, It seems as though I have found my “safe place.”  My place of peace and I am in the present away from the noise and distractions.

This has been much anticipated and fully supported by my friends and family. After meeting the new group, it felt welcoming and warm. We were all here for the same common reason. To discover myself and peel back the layers and open up and rise to all of the wonderful things that I have been manifesting. It is my time.

Saturday April 11th

Anxious to get going, feeling nervous and excited, I made my way to the studio. As soon as I walked through those front doors, I felt a relief and a sense of calmness about me. I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I am just one soul in the gran scheme of things, here to learn and heal. My destiny awaits me, I am present.

Sunday April 12th

Feeling pretty good physically, mentally and spiritually.  I Feel a bit of stress knowing I have to leave early today to be with my daughter Sophia on her birthday. I cannot wait to see her , but at the same time, I felt great separation anxiety from the group and guilt for leaving. I know that life happens and making adjustments is all part of it. Smile, move on and make the best of the situation. I have learned a lot and met may wonderful people and feel peaceful. Great finish to week #1.

The following seven weeks couldn’t have been any better. It was challenging I will say and there were times where I wanted to just hang it up and remove myself. However, I  was inspired by everyone in the group including you Darlene who I know had struggles during your TT as well. You gave me the pep talk and I took it to heart and new I could not turn back. It was my defining moment. With all that was going on around me and the distractions of my personal life, work and family matters, I thought I would not have had  a chance to do this.  Because of the distractions, I feel like I got deeper into my studies and myself to build up the invisible shield around me to forgot about the problems and let them go. It was actually therapeutic for me to go thru the TT to get away from all of it.

In summary, it was incredible experience and I know the journey has just begun for me. I am a better man now than I was before TT and for this I thank you.  It is only the beginning of my re-birth and self – analyzation. I am anxious to get to the next level and begin to teach classes. I am now cable of preparing more studiously and have found my stride and my own way of expressing myself. I am ready to give to my students as I have received the such gifts from so many fine teachers including yourself, one of my first. Let the journey continue.