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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Egon

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

Being 68 years old and having back and shoulder injuries, increasing my flexibility is a goal. Also, I wanted a good overall whole body exercise.” – Egon

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Egon Van Den Berg

How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

This practice is a 10 and in four years at different studios, I’ve never experienced even a 6 out of 10. I take the 80-minute classes and they offer a terrific challenge. It has cardio, strength building, and complete flexibility training. Also, I love to work up a great sweat, it feels very cathartic and detoxifying. After a kick butt class, the final savasana puts me in a meditative state.” – Egon

How has yoga benefitted you off the mat?

After working this hard, I eat healthier. I’m not going to have a cheeseburger or pizza after yoga. I also have more energy during the day and the practice is a great stress reliever.

No matter what the rest of my day looks like, I know I’ve done something great for myself by going to the hot room.” – Egon

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Egon Van Den Berg

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body from a regular yoga practice?

FI have lost weight and firmed up. Most important of all, I have made a total commitment to yoga. I call it my three C’s: commitment, consistency, completion. To that end, I have made a total commitment to improving my practice. I divide my time between Austin, TX and Newport Beach. When I’m here I do the 80-minute class daily. This past summer I was here for 2 months, and I was able to practice daily for 56 straight days.

I know yoga is a personal thing and it’s not a competition, but if it were, I would come in last in form. My injuries limit what I can do in some postures. However, I have made a personal commitment on completion. Each day my goal is to get through the entire practice without any unscheduled savasanas. In 56 classes I only took a break twice, each for less that two minutes” – Egon

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred place of practice?

I have tried Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and other variations. Some were not heated rooms, so no sweating. In some studios, instructors did their own thing so the practices varied greatly.

None of them were half the challenge of this practice, and I was never really motivated, so I didn’t go consistently. Some studios had as few as 6 students in a class. It was like going to a dance where no one showed up. No energy in the room.

Here, with 30 people in the classes, there is real energy in the room. In Austin I have never found a studio that offers what Radiant Hot Yoga offers. Besides the practice itself, all of the instructors are professional, consistent, passionate, friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I love them all. Even the members are friendly. It’s a real community. I’m so into it that I brought my daughter Gabby in and now she’s a Radiant Hot Yogi.

I want to thank Darlene for creating this fabulous experience and honoring me as the male yogi of the month.” – Egon

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Egon Van Den Berg

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