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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Joanne T.

When did you first start doing yoga?

I started practicing yoga on a consistent basis about five years ago. My mother-in-law, now in her mid-70s became a yoga instructor late in life; she inspired me to explore my interest in yoga.

I started at a Bikram studio and quickly moved to a Hot Yoga Studio to practice next to my cousin and the one person who to this day I love practicing next to at Radiant, Polly.” – Joanne T.


How has yoga changed your life? (your mood, body, stress level, etc)

Yoga has enhanced my life.

My mat is truly a place where I get to retreat from the outside world, become centered, and focus on my physical and emotional health. It is a gift of “time” that I get to devote to myself without having to carry conversations or meet any expectations other than my own.

The time I spend in yoga is therapeutic. I am able to challenge my body physically and mentally. I always, without a doubt, leave the studio a better and happier version of myself.” – Joanne T.

Why do you think everyone should try hot yoga?

Hot yoga is for everyone.

There is not one person I could think of that could not use the benefits of hot yoga in their lives. This practice improves strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. The wonderful instructors at Radiant are so motivating and send out the most inspiring messages in class. The entire experience is so uplifting.

A hot yoga class at Radiant is indeed a thru-and-thru full body workout… body, mind, heart and soul.” – Joanne T.


What makes Radiant Hot Yoga so special?

Radiant is like no other studio I have ever attended.

I praise the studio for its consistency. Each class on the schedule is led by an instructor who is motivating, inspiring, challenging and who keeps the room HOT!

Radiant’s sense of community is unparalleled. The ownership, staff and leadership, as well as the students are all so engaging and so welcoming.

We have all molded together into a very caring family who push one another to better ourselves and salute our love for one another, our love for yoga and our love for this wonderful studio.” – Joanne T.


What advice do you have for new students who want to try hot yoga?

For any students wanting to try hot yoga, I say go for it!

The biggest challenge may be the heat. But take breaks as needed, allow yourself several classes to get accustomed to the heat and then enjoy the benefits of this wonderful practice.” – Joanne T.

What is your favorite posture and why?

My favorite posture is standing forward head to knee.

I expect myself to get into the full expression of the pose, and every class I look forward to the challenge. I find the the balancing postures to be the most challenging part of class, and this one in particular to be the toughest from both a mental and physical perspective.” – Joanne T.



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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Mikhail

When did you first start doing yoga?

July of 2013″ – Mikhail


How has yoga changed your life? (your mood, body, stress level, etc)

When I first started doing yoga I was looking for an alternative to running because my knees were beginning to bother me and I had so many friends tell me how much they loved it.

I really enjoyed yoga and noticed that when I practiced regularly I was much calmer and more at peace. All that being said, yoga became truly transformational when I started going through a divorce. The beginning of that period is when yoga really started to heal me and it became more about addressing emotions and mediation.

Over time the physical aspects became secondary to the “emotional workout”.” – Mikhail

Why do you think everyone should try hot yoga?

It is awesome and offers so many benefits! I tell my friends and family all the time they need to just give it a try.” – Mikhail

What makes Radiant Hot Yoga so special?

I don’t know where to start, but I practiced at a couple of other studios in Orange County before RHY.

I thought they were good studios and I really liked them, but I *love* RHY and the vibe in the studio suits my personality more than any other studio I’ve been to before. You can express yourself or be mellow or everywhere in between.

The students and the teachers all have a real glow to them. I really can’t say enough good things about RHY.” – Mikhail

What advice do you have for new students who want to try hot yoga?

See you soon and go the the hot corner if you really want to sweat ;)!” – Mikhail

What is your favorite posture and why?

Wheel. It was the first pose that I said just try it and see what happens.

It reminds me to constantly step outside of my comfort zone every time I am in that posture.” – Mikhail



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