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The Right Way to Cleanse

by Rebecca Louise

Many people have thought about doing a cleanse, or maybe they’ve even tried one. In recent years, diet cleanses have been gaining more traction, and with celebrities touting the benefits of cleansing, it can seem like an enticing option. While cleansing may help you lose weight or get your diet back on track, it isn’t something that you should be invested in for the long run.

Healthy Smoothie

Did you know that your body detoxifies itself each and every day? It is the body’s job to get rid of toxins in the liver and colon, which it does all on its own. Yet if you’re feeling sluggish, backed up, or you’re having tummy issues, your body might be having trouble detoxifying itself. A cleanse may be able to help.

Healthy Smoothie

There are actually many different kinds of cleanses, as well as a variety of ways to approach a cleanse. Some people may prefer a juice cleanse, in which they consume mostly (or only) juices made of fruit and vegetables. This kind of cleanse is good for a couple of days, but it isn’t something that is going to sustain you forever. Other people opt for a water-only cleanse, also known as fasting. While linked to spirituality, fasting is not an ideal cleansing solution, and it actually has no known physiological benefits!

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The majority of cleanses involve eating whole, natural foods that are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. While you might start the first day drinking primarily fruit juices (the sugars in fruit help to flush the body’s system out,) the second day will include more food options. These may include lots of green leafy vegetables, which will energize you. Depending on your body goals, you may choose to refrain from carbs during your cleanse, or you may incorporate fiber and protein-rich carbs like brown rice.

Walk, run and move

Some things that can help to move things along in your digestive tract could be probiotics, antioxidants, and some light cardio (like walking). This gets things up and running in your body, so you will feel lighter as you empty out your system and detoxify it. Cleanses like these should help you lose a few extra pounds and get your body back in proper working order. Remember, most cleanses are just that: a cleanse, not a diet to follow regularly.

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Iprefer to focus on healthy eating year-round to keep my body in tip-top shape. When I concentrate on feeding my body enough good foods from a variety of healthy sources, I feel better, I look better, and I’m able to tackle each day as it comes! If you want to give your body an extra push towards detoxifying, I’d recommend choosing whole, natural foods. Eat a diet rich in produce, lean protein, and healthy fats. Good carbs and fruit can fit into a cleansing diet as well.

You’d be surprised at how well your body will respond to the right nutrition!

Rebecca Louise

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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with David

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

From my yoga practice, I was hoping to receive the benefit of movement, challenge, fitness, and self discipline just to name a few.” – David

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, David

How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

Yoga is all embodying.  It helps me to breathe more, and to work through things with strength and focus until I reach my goal or desired outcome.” – David

How has yoga benefited you off the mat?

Off of the mat is where yoga can be fun! Things such as good balance with activities, work and life. Also I find that I make healthier more conscious food choices, have less physical pain, hydrate well, and i just feel great!” – David

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, David

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body from a regular yoga practice?

I have noticed a positive change in my overall life experience with yoga period.” – David

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, David

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred studio?

I have been practicing yoga for 22 years and I have to say that Radiant is one of my favorite studios!  I love Radiant because the staff is amazingly friendly and helpful. Hot yoga feels soooo good, and I love visiting Newport Beach regularly, as I commute from the city of Corona.” – David

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, David

The 30 day challenge

by Rebecca Louise

I love it when there is a challenge that has already been set up for me and all I have to do is complete it! The next 30 day challenge at Radiant starts on June 1st and from someone who has already done one before I cannot wait to do it again.

It takes 21 days to create a habit

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and when you commit to this challenge you are going to receive so many benefits for your mind, body and soul along with a new formed habit to stay consistent. The challenge at radiant creates a real buzz around the studio that motivates and inspires you to give it your best over the month of June. You get to put your name on the board and give yourself a tick every day you come in! I really love that they do this because you can visually see how well you are doing. The great thing too is that if you miss a day you can double on another day to get 30 sessions in 30 days!

When you make this type of commitment to yourself you are affirming that you are worth the time to get to your mat each day. I know I have days where I feel like I have too much work to do and then find that the reason not to go to class. When my mind is clear and I have been going to practice regularly I am more efficient in the outside work. Make time for you, look after you and you will see a difference in how you are mentally and physically when it comes to your day to day life.

It is key to have the right nutrition

When you are preparing for the 30 day challenge it is key to have the right nutrition throughout. This is to fuel your body to be able to do the physical activity, to repair your muscles from the tension you put them under and also to get the best results. Nutrition takes up 80% of what your body looks like and fitness is the other 20%. You cannot train and get great results when you do not have a balanced diet. I always make sure that I am preparing my body with the best ingredients in order to maximize my performance and get the best results physically More information on nutrition on my website along with customized meal plans.

Sweat during classes

Due to the amount you sweat during a class your hydration levels will go down over the 30 days which is why you want to up your water intake. Aim to drink 3 – 4 liters of water a day to replenish your body. It is also advised to have electrolytes in your water too that will aid in hydration. For every 2% that your body is under its maximum hydration level your body works at 20% less efficiency. Water is crucial for performance and weight loss. Start to increase your water 4-5 days prior to June 1st to get you body ready!

You need to rest

Rest is actually one of the biggest parts to getting results both mentally and physically. Our bodies have to rest in order to repair and they need to repair in order to grow lean muscle mass and to function at our optimal level. Making sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep each night will maintain your strength over the 30 day challenge. A lack of sleep will effect your ability to perform in class, your form will be compromised which can lead to injury and further fatigue.

Commit to yourself for 30 days

So just remember to fuel your body, stay hydrated, get the proper amount of rest and commit to yourself for 30 days. It is not a long time to transform your body, go in with a positive and powerful mindset and enjoy the journey. I am so excited about the challenge and I look forward to meeting everyone else!

Rebecca Louise

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Sizzling Summer 30 Day Challenge

Sizzling Summer 30 Day Challenge

Practice yoga for 30 straight days!

Transform your body, Transform your mind.

This challenge encourages you to practice 30 classes in 30 days!
The start of the summer provides a wonderful opportunity for you to get in the best shape of your life and deepen your yoga practice.

Committing to the 30 day challenge will change your life in positive ways.

Be prepared to sweat, shred and smile at the new RADIANT YOU!Transform your body, Transform your mind.

Date and place

June 1-30 Radiant Hot Yoga studio
8501 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine California
Find out more


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Hot Yoga Prep

Hot yoga is completely different to regular yoga in terms of how essential it is to prepare your body for class. The heat adds a whole new element to the workout and depending on how you prepare it will effective your abilities once inside the hot room.

I love getting my daily fix at Radiant Hot Yoga because it clears my mind and takes me to a place of peace. I believe everyone would benefit from exploring this space at least a few times a week so help them with day to day life.

Radiant Hot Yoga makes it easy for you to switch off and stretches your mind because of the quality of the studio and its teachers. Preparing for a class ahead of time is going to make your experience even more enjoyable!



We sweat excessively during hot yoga so it is essential to make sure you are drinking about a gallon of water for three days prior. Proper hydration will allow you to stretch more deeply and help you to avoid lightheadedness.

If you have not been consciously hydrating for three days prior, you can still attend a hot yoga class. Be mindful not to push yourself too hard. When I’m not fully hydrated, hot yoga its still a great excuse to go to the studio and enjoy the peaceful environment. On these days I am sure to take lots of breaks!

Electrolyte water can help you achieve optimum hydration. Electrolytes aid in delivering the water to the muscles more efficiently, enabling you to continue your workout. Be sure to choose electrolyte options that do not contain added sugar (coconut water or pure aloe leaf puree).



Fueling your body with good nutrition is not only going to make a difference in how you feel in the yoga studio, it has an effect on your day-to-day emotions and physical ability. An hour before practice, have a snack that contains protein, good carbs and fats for slow released energy. After you have finished in the studio, feed your body with foods that repair your muscles so that they can recover and rebuild.



Be sure to prepare your body for hot yoga with enough sleep. Allow your body to heal and detox with slumber. Radiant has classes all throughout the day so you will find one that fits into your schedule. If you are someone who struggles with sleep, try taking an evening class. The class will put your body at ease and help to erase the worries of the day from your mind.


Avoid Alcohol

Another preparation tip is to avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic therefore it dehydrates the body and decreases your strength and overall health.


The instructors at Radiant will help you feel new again. This is one of the reasons I am constantly drawn back into the Radiant studio. The instructors’ common goal is to heal you and remove impurities from your body.

Radiant Hot Yoga offers physically and mentally stimulating practices that bring you back to the basics of self-love, peace and happiness through healing.




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