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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Jeremy Favis

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

When I first started at Radiant I wanted to experience a studio dedicated to hot yoga. I had heard that it was very challenging but also very rewarding, and that is exactly what it is and continues to be.” – Jeremy

RHY student of April 2016, Jeremy Favis

How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

I honestly didn’t think I would love it so much.  Making it through a class is physically and mentally challenging.  The fast pace and focus on mastering a specific set of postures keeps me interested and makes each savasana all the more rewarding.” – Jeremy

RHY student of April 2016, Jeremy Favis

How has yoga benefited you off the mat?

I have more patience & less stress off the mat. It’s a great way to end the day and flush everything out with the heat.” – Jeremy

RHY student of April 2016, Jeremy Favis

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body from a regular yoga practice?

Absolutely. I feel a mental, emotional, and spiritual peace after each practice. I still can’t put my finger on it, but something happens – something is released in the sweat that pours out of us in each class.  The crazy thing is before Radiant, I was not a heat person at all.  Now I put up with heat a lot better and as far as yoga goes – I crave it.  I’ve also changed the way I think about exercise.

Before, I exercised not because I liked it but because I thought I needed it. Now, every day is different, with each offering a new awareness of my body.” – Jeremy

RHY student of April 2016, Jeremy Favis

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred place of practice?

I’ve done non-heated and heated yoga in the past, and usually gravitated towards the heated classes – I just really like a challenge!  What makes Radiant Hot Yoga my preferred studio is the structure of the classes, the positive energy, friendly members, and the team of caring and passionate teachers who are some of the best people I’ve ever met.” – Jeremy

RHY student of April 2016, Jeremy Favis

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