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Meet one of Radiant Hot Yoga's inspiring teachers, Jennie

What stresses in your life lead you to yoga?

I first started hot yoga to supplement my running. I wanted to prevent injuries and try a workout that was on the opposite end of the spectrum! I loved the idea of sweating and detoxing in the hot room. However, what once started physical soon became so mental and spiritual for me. I soon needed yoga every day in order to disconnect from the outside world.

I noticed that every time I practiced, I was more at peace with my life. I was able to better handle and respond to stress, as well as become more patient and accepting of situations.” – Jennie

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher of the month of January: Jennie

What was your first experience like?

My first experience in a hot yoga room was 6 years ago in Bellevue, Washington. I was immediately hooked. I was DRENCHED in sweat. I remember laying in savasana thinking, “what just happened?” The next day I found myself day dreaming of the hot room and I knew it was going to be a lifelong addiction.” – Jennie

When did you know you wanted to be a yoga instructor?

I knew I wanted to be a yoga instructor pretty soon after I began practicing daily. I looked up to and admired all of my teachers. The messages and group intentions during class always stuck with me throughout the day. I wanted to be the person that could guide a room through a practice while inspiring them to do better in the world.” – Jennie

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher of the month of January: Jennie

What did Teacher Training mean to you and what did it do for you?

Teacher Training meant SO much to me. It was 8 weeks that I will never forget. There were a lot of highs and lows. It was a little stressful at times because I was finishing up the second semester of junior year at Chapman and I had finals. I definitely studied my dialogue more than I studied for finals! There were times that I didn’t feel like I was strong enough or ready to lead a class.

I vividly remember crying in Darlene’s arms once telling her I couldn’t do it. She told me I was going to teach, and that I was ready. Without her, I would not be the teacher I am. I pushed myself out of my comfort zones and I practiced more hours than I could count. I made SO many lifelong friends that mean the world to me. Also, I met my boyfriend, Mike Carolan.

We became dialogue buddies early on and we would meet early before teacher training and throughout the week to practice dialogue. He soon after became my boyfriend! I am forever grateful to Radiant for bringing us together.” – Jennie

What is the one thing about Teacher Training that has stuck in your mind and heart even to this day?

One thing about Teacher Training that has stuck in my mind and heart even to this day is that I truly believe if you put your mind and passion into something, anything is possible. It was not easy becoming a teacher. Being in the hot room for hours on end and practicing dialogue over and over gets exhausting. But I knew my hard work and dedication would pay off, and it truly did.” – Jennie

How necessary is your yoga practice to you even after all this time?

My yoga practice is everything to me, even after all of this time. I am a better person because of yoga. I practice what I learn on the four corners of the mat in my daily life. I cannot control what happens to me, but I can control how I react and respond to situations. On my mat I have learned patience, perseverance, compassion, and forgiveness. I am able to let go of the outside world when I am on my mat and be so connected and present within my practice.” – Jennie

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher of the month of January: Jennie

What do you feel is the personality and energy you bring to your classes?

Everyone who knows me outside of the hot room knows me as the happy, bubbly, and outgoing Jennie. They also know I am a workout freak, so I make sure to give my students a workout! In the hot room, I try and bring that same positive energy. I push my students to their limits, while encouraging them. I also love to set group intentions and come up with messages for class that are related to things going on in my life.

So many people connect with messages that are personal and students often ask me to email my messages to them after class. I also love hip-hop so I try to throw some into the flows/abs/spine whenever I can.” – Jennie

What has changed the most about you now that you are teaching?

What has changed the most about me now that I am teaching is I have a new found confidence that I didn’t know I had. Most of the students I teach are older than me, and commanding the class at 21 years old was definitely intimidating at fist. But I have grown to be so comfortable in the room, whether it be giving adjustments or making sure people don’t leave 🙂

I am also so much more mindful than I used to be. In the hot room I move with intention and connect my breath and movement. Outside of the hot room, I try my best to be aware and present at all times. Teaching has truly helped me to live in the now.” – Jennie

What are a few of your favorite things to do outside of yoga?

Outside of yoga you can probably find me at SoulCycle (take Matthew Carolan’s class), True Food, or at the gym. I also LOVE the beach, hiking, baking paleo cookies, and watching the Kardashians (my guiltiest pleasure).” – Jennie

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher of the month of January: Jennie

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