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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Egon

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

Being 68 years old and having back and shoulder injuries, increasing my flexibility is a goal. Also, I wanted a good overall whole body exercise.” – Egon

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Egon Van Den Berg

How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

This practice is a 10 and in four years at different studios, I’ve never experienced even a 6 out of 10. I take the 80-minute classes and they offer a terrific challenge. It has cardio, strength building, and complete flexibility training. Also, I love to work up a great sweat, it feels very cathartic and detoxifying. After a kick butt class, the final savasana puts me in a meditative state.” – Egon

How has yoga benefitted you off the mat?

After working this hard, I eat healthier. I’m not going to have a cheeseburger or pizza after yoga. I also have more energy during the day and the practice is a great stress reliever.

No matter what the rest of my day looks like, I know I’ve done something great for myself by going to the hot room.” – Egon

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Egon Van Den Berg

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body from a regular yoga practice?

FI have lost weight and firmed up. Most important of all, I have made a total commitment to yoga. I call it my three C’s: commitment, consistency, completion. To that end, I have made a total commitment to improving my practice. I divide my time between Austin, TX and Newport Beach. When I’m here I do the 80-minute class daily. This past summer I was here for 2 months, and I was able to practice daily for 56 straight days.

I know yoga is a personal thing and it’s not a competition, but if it were, I would come in last in form. My injuries limit what I can do in some postures. However, I have made a personal commitment on completion. Each day my goal is to get through the entire practice without any unscheduled savasanas. In 56 classes I only took a break twice, each for less that two minutes” – Egon

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred place of practice?

I have tried Bikram, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and other variations. Some were not heated rooms, so no sweating. In some studios, instructors did their own thing so the practices varied greatly.

None of them were half the challenge of this practice, and I was never really motivated, so I didn’t go consistently. Some studios had as few as 6 students in a class. It was like going to a dance where no one showed up. No energy in the room.

Here, with 30 people in the classes, there is real energy in the room. In Austin I have never found a studio that offers what Radiant Hot Yoga offers. Besides the practice itself, all of the instructors are professional, consistent, passionate, friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I love them all. Even the members are friendly. It’s a real community. I’m so into it that I brought my daughter Gabby in and now she’s a Radiant Hot Yogi.

I want to thank Darlene for creating this fabulous experience and honoring me as the male yogi of the month.” – Egon

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Egon Van Den Berg

How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Tiana

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

I have been practicing yoga for the last twenty years – yes, twenty – and even though my dedication to it has faltered at times, I have always come back to incorporating yoga in my life.

The benefits for me have been mostly physical as I have pushed my body in athletics over the years and often needed the time and focus to let my body stretch and heal. This is what yoga does for me – it allows me the time to slow down, breathe and give my body the opportunity to heal.” – Tiana

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Tiana Roman

How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

One of the greatest benefits of yoga for me is its ability to challenge the body in new ways with every practice. Every day is different for me at Radiant because I have been working through a knee injury so I don’t know how my body will respond on a daily basis.  Most days I am in tremendous pain but I still come to morning practice because I always feel better after and the pain in my knee is usually relieved.” – Tiana

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Tiana Roman

How has yoga benefitted you off the mat?

Yoga is my downtime. It is my me time, which is always a good thing so I can have a clear head and strong body when I leave to start my day. I am a wife, a mother and I work full time – I will always need an outlet where I can clear my mind and just be me.

Yoga has always been there to help me just BE. I don’t care how I look, how much I sweat or if I can’t be perfect in the poses. What’s great is yoga doesn’t care either and that is awesome. :)” – Tiana

RHY student of the month of January 2016: Tiana Roman

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body from a regular yoga practice?

For me, yoga reminds us to be good to each other and we are all unique in our own ways. We push our bodies together without judgement and strengthen our minds and bodies so when we leave our mats, we feel more present and more capable in the world.” – Tiana

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred place of practice?

I have been coming to Radiant since Darlene opened her doors a few years ago. I truly enjoy the environment she has built for her clients, her instructors and the people who attend the studio.  It is a tranquil place for me to unwind, reflect, challenge my body and visit with friends.” – Tiana


Meet one of Radiant Hot Yoga's inspiring teachers, Jennie

What stresses in your life lead you to yoga?

I first started hot yoga to supplement my running. I wanted to prevent injuries and try a workout that was on the opposite end of the spectrum! I loved the idea of sweating and detoxing in the hot room. However, what once started physical soon became so mental and spiritual for me. I soon needed yoga every day in order to disconnect from the outside world.

I noticed that every time I practiced, I was more at peace with my life. I was able to better handle and respond to stress, as well as become more patient and accepting of situations.” – Jennie

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher of the month of January: Jennie

What was your first experience like?

My first experience in a hot yoga room was 6 years ago in Bellevue, Washington. I was immediately hooked. I was DRENCHED in sweat. I remember laying in savasana thinking, “what just happened?” The next day I found myself day dreaming of the hot room and I knew it was going to be a lifelong addiction.” – Jennie

When did you know you wanted to be a yoga instructor?

I knew I wanted to be a yoga instructor pretty soon after I began practicing daily. I looked up to and admired all of my teachers. The messages and group intentions during class always stuck with me throughout the day. I wanted to be the person that could guide a room through a practice while inspiring them to do better in the world.” – Jennie

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher of the month of January: Jennie

What did Teacher Training mean to you and what did it do for you?

Teacher Training meant SO much to me. It was 8 weeks that I will never forget. There were a lot of highs and lows. It was a little stressful at times because I was finishing up the second semester of junior year at Chapman and I had finals. I definitely studied my dialogue more than I studied for finals! There were times that I didn’t feel like I was strong enough or ready to lead a class.

I vividly remember crying in Darlene’s arms once telling her I couldn’t do it. She told me I was going to teach, and that I was ready. Without her, I would not be the teacher I am. I pushed myself out of my comfort zones and I practiced more hours than I could count. I made SO many lifelong friends that mean the world to me. Also, I met my boyfriend, Mike Carolan.

We became dialogue buddies early on and we would meet early before teacher training and throughout the week to practice dialogue. He soon after became my boyfriend! I am forever grateful to Radiant for bringing us together.” – Jennie

What is the one thing about Teacher Training that has stuck in your mind and heart even to this day?

One thing about Teacher Training that has stuck in my mind and heart even to this day is that I truly believe if you put your mind and passion into something, anything is possible. It was not easy becoming a teacher. Being in the hot room for hours on end and practicing dialogue over and over gets exhausting. But I knew my hard work and dedication would pay off, and it truly did.” – Jennie

How necessary is your yoga practice to you even after all this time?

My yoga practice is everything to me, even after all of this time. I am a better person because of yoga. I practice what I learn on the four corners of the mat in my daily life. I cannot control what happens to me, but I can control how I react and respond to situations. On my mat I have learned patience, perseverance, compassion, and forgiveness. I am able to let go of the outside world when I am on my mat and be so connected and present within my practice.” – Jennie

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher of the month of January: Jennie

What do you feel is the personality and energy you bring to your classes?

Everyone who knows me outside of the hot room knows me as the happy, bubbly, and outgoing Jennie. They also know I am a workout freak, so I make sure to give my students a workout! In the hot room, I try and bring that same positive energy. I push my students to their limits, while encouraging them. I also love to set group intentions and come up with messages for class that are related to things going on in my life.

So many people connect with messages that are personal and students often ask me to email my messages to them after class. I also love hip-hop so I try to throw some into the flows/abs/spine whenever I can.” – Jennie

What has changed the most about you now that you are teaching?

What has changed the most about me now that I am teaching is I have a new found confidence that I didn’t know I had. Most of the students I teach are older than me, and commanding the class at 21 years old was definitely intimidating at fist. But I have grown to be so comfortable in the room, whether it be giving adjustments or making sure people don’t leave 🙂

I am also so much more mindful than I used to be. In the hot room I move with intention and connect my breath and movement. Outside of the hot room, I try my best to be aware and present at all times. Teaching has truly helped me to live in the now.” – Jennie

What are a few of your favorite things to do outside of yoga?

Outside of yoga you can probably find me at SoulCycle (take Matthew Carolan’s class), True Food, or at the gym. I also LOVE the beach, hiking, baking paleo cookies, and watching the Kardashians (my guiltiest pleasure).” – Jennie

Radiant Hot Yoga teacher of the month of January: Jennie

Studio news: Teacher Training and classes in January and February

Happy New Year Radiant Family!

Hope that the start of the new year is going well so far! We wanted to just inform everyone that January and February are usually our busier months, where we have a higher probability of classes filling up. Please make sure to get to class about 15 minutes before it starts so that you are able to make it before the class fills up. Remember that all of our classes are on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure that you arrive early to secure your spot in the class!

If you are on a tight schedule and don’t have much of a choice but to arrive a few minutes before class starts, we’d suggest looking into our Gold Membership Package! It is a great way to secure your spot in every class that you sign up for.

Let us know where you would like to be set up in the room and we will put a studio mat and yogitoe to secure that spot before anyone else enters the room. You are also provided with a hand towel and one of our 3 water choices. If you stay for a shower after class, then we will provide the shower towel for you as well. This helps to relieve the stress of wondering whether the class is going to be packed or not and it’s only $89/month! If you’d like to learn more please read more here, or give us a call and the front desk will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Radiant Hot Yoga - Gold Membership Package

Finally, Teacher Training will be starting the weekend of the 16th this month. This will mean that the classes on the weekends will be more packed as they further their yoga journeys in learning our sequence and deepening their practice.

We are deeply grateful for every single person who walks through our doors. Radiant would not be radiant without you.

your RHY Family



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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Stephen

What made you try yoga? What made you continue to practice regularly?

“I originally tried yoga out of curiosity and looking for something to increase flexibility and decrease stress.  I continued to practice regularly because of how great I felt after classes!  I noticed stress of the day/work was really decreased or disappeared.  It made me happier overall!  During other activity such as running, weight lifting, hiking, my stamina and strength was also increased.”- Stephen M.

Stephen-M-profile-pic-2        Stephen-M-profile-pic-1

What makes Radiant Hot Yoga so special?

“Radiant Hot Yoga is an incredible experience.  Upon walking into the studio you are welcomed warmly by name, made at ease about the challenging experience you are about to go through and always empowered and encouraged!  The community at RHY is incredible and will make you feel like family.  The studio and facilities are also sparkling clean and it really feels like a second home.” – Stephen M.

Why should everyone try hot yoga?

”Everyone can benefit from hot yoga, whether you are a runner, a weight-lifter, injured or completely inactive.  The heat enables you to move deeper and stretch in ways you never thought possible.  You will immediately notice physical and mental changes with regular practice and stress of your daily life will melt away!  The heat and the class really has the ability to heal.” – Stephen M.


What advice do you have for new students?

”Stay calm, drink lots of water before class and arrive early, it is a challenging experience but if you can just stay in the room on your mat your first class, you can do anything!  Also, come back, every class is different and every day is different, but after a few classes I can almost guarantee you’ll be addicted!” – Stephen M.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

”I think my favorite pose is probably Standing Bow.  I enjoy this pose because it’s really challenging and requires intense focus.  I have seen my pose improve drastically over the last year thanks to RHY!” –  Stephen M.




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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Jamie

What made you try yoga? What made you continue to practice regularly?

“My first time to practice yoga was at Radiant. My best friend had recently lost her son and was looking for a place of healing. I was simply looking for a good workout. Little did I know what I was in store for. I noticed results in my body, but i also noticed results in my mind and inner self. It turns out i was in need of some healing too. In my busy life of mom, full time employee, wife and friend, i had forgotten to work on me and I had forgotten to take care of myself. I realized that the moments during the day when I came to my mat, emotions that I didn’t know existed within myself were broken open and given a chance to be mended. I let go of my many anxieties and realized that burdens of everyday life are forgotten for that little bit. After 7 months, my heart is lighter, my smile wider, my inner being a litter more radiant….not to mention my body toned!!” – Jamie M.

Jamie-M-profile-pic-1        Jamie-M-profile-pic-2

What makes Radiant Hot Yoga so special?

“The teachers at Radiant are some of the most loving and genuinely caring people I have ever been around. Not only do you get to surround yourself with them, they also guide you through your practice. The teachers also take time during class to adjust your poses as needed to better your practice. They ALL have open hearts and open minds and greet you with a smile when you walk in the door. This kind of warmth and love is exactly what people need and crave in a world often full of rushed, non smiley individuals.” – Jamie M.

Why should everyone try hot yoga?

”Hot yoga is so unique from any other workout i’ve tried. Its so challenging for your breathe, your body and your mind to work together and stay focused through the moves with the combination of the heat. Once you master the breathe and movement with the heat, you feel such an accomplishment and your body and mind feel amazing. The classes are a combination of meditation, focus and also fun flows that we do with club like beats blaring in the background. It’s such a fun, combination class. I get relaxation, challenge, sweat, burn, release, and healing that I’ve never received from any other workout.” – Jamie M.


What advice do you have for new students?

”Stick with it. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t be intimidated. The most important thing I learned when i first began is that there is no judgement or competition in class. It is simply you on your mat doing something for yourself. You are there for yourself, no one else. Some of the poses take 2 months to get down, others took me 6 months to finally do. Some of this stuff is not easy, it’s a challenge, that’s what we want right? Finally, have fun! This is just yoga. Let yourself just be and you’ll be truly amazed at the transformation you see within yourself.” – Jamie M.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

”I have 2 favorites, both balancing poses. First is standing head to knee because it took me 6 months to finally get it down. When I work for something so hard for so long and finally get it, it feels so good and I can’t wait to do it again! Now during class i look forward to the balancing series. My second is standing bow because it is such a beautiful, strong posture. It requires so much focus and energy and when you watch someone from the side nailing this pose, it’s truly beautiful.” –  Jamie M.




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Meet one of Radiant Hot Yoga's inspiring teachers, Erika!

How long have you been practicing yoga?

“I’ve been practicing yoga for almost a year (since January 31st, 2013). I was driving by and thought how interesting it would be to take a hot yoga class. After my 2 week introductory offer, I was hooked and signed up immediately for membership at the studio.” – Erika H.

Erika-H-RHY-teacher-profile-pic             Erika-H-RHY-teacher-profile-pic-2

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

“I enjoy being a guide or service to others. When I walk into the room and see the students before me, I want to inspire them and create a space of inspiration and transformation. I want people to realize that their journeys are unique and valuable. I embrace all who come into the studio.” – Erika H.

What changes do you see in students who practice hot yoga regularly?

“I see students being able to “let go”… I tell my students that after coming for a while, the heat becomes secondary and that there is more to discover when they are present and focused in their practice.” – Erika H.

What inspired you to teach?

“I honestly didn’t see myself as a teacher until Darlene approached me and asked me to consider it. The journey was challenging for me and at times I thought I didn’t have what it took to be a teacher. And with the support from the studio and my family, I kept at it and became certified in December 2013.” – Erika H.


What makes Radiant so radiant in your opinion?

“For me Radiant was like walking into someone’s dream… someone’s vision. I acknowledge Darlene for taking that step that so many of us are afraid to make; to build a space where people can experience growth, love and acceptance. I want poeple to see the studio, teachers and practice as a great instrument to create a better version of themselves!” – Erika H.


How has becoming a teacher changed your life?

“Becoming a teacher challenged me to face some of my fears in life. Am I good enough? What if I disappoint? Do I have what it takes?… If I allowed these obstacles to win, I would not be teaching today. My family has always been supportive of me but leading a group of people in a sweaty room really inspired them to see what yoga is all about and why I like it so much!!!” – Erika H.

What advice do you have to students that are new to hot yoga?

“BTake it slow! There is no rush and every day is different.
Yoga is something you can do for the rest of your life and can start at any time, at any age. The more you get to your mat, the more you will understand and grow your practice.
And the day you finally get to touch your toes or do standing splits, I will rejoice and celebrate with you… no matter how long it takes!” – Erika H.



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