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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Frankie W.

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice at Radiant Hot Yoga?

At the time I first signed up I was really wound up from several months of 90 hr work weeks. I was feeling like I was full of sand, my muscles ached all the time. I was hoping to stretch and release that tension, if nothing else go to physical exhaustion so I could actually relax, not just zone out. I was feeling defeated, sluggish and overwhelmed. I was looking for something to help me out of that feeling.” – Frankie W.

RHY student of February 2017 - Frankie W.

How has Yoga and your personal practice exceeded your expectations?

Not only was I able to relieve the stress from work, but also some of the aches and pains I’ve had for years have gone away. I had a muscle cramp in my right leg for a few years, I just though that was the way it is, I took muscle relaxants when it got really really bad. All that has changed and I haven’t taken those pills since I’ve started practice. Most importantly, being ADHD my whole life I have gotten a peaceful mindset during a one hour session that it would normally take me 4 or 5 hours of walking to do.” – Frankie W.

How has Yoga benefited you off the mat?

I am more peaceful and focused, I stand up and sit up straight. I am more present in my body. So I have had an eating disorder since I was little, I’ve spent my life gaining and losing the same 100 lbs over and over and over. One of the things that I’ve noticed is that I am aware of my body, I don’t feel like I am fighting against it anymore.

It has helped in my being present in my body and paying attention to my postures created an awareness I hadn’t had before.” – Frankie W.

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual body, from a regular Radiant Hot Yoga practice?

Not only has my physical body changed and become stronger, I have good posture now, my mental clarity and focus has been like never before, but there has been emotional benefits as well. Most recently, out of the blue, without any conscious effort on my part, a really painful childhood memory came out one day during class. I didn’t freak out but just let it ride like a wave, knowing it would pass and I cried for the first time about that issue. It’s never returned, and I feel like I made peace with that moment in my past.” – Frankie W.

Why is Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred studio/home away from home?

Do you remember that TV show Cheers? It’s nice to go where everyone knows your name. The staff at the studio are a direct result of Darlene’s intention of creating not just another yoga studio but a community for those who choose to call Radiant their home. I am so honored to call RHY my home studio.” – Frankie W.

What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?

Favorite Yoga Pose? Downward dog. When I first started I couldn’t do it for more than a few seconds and had to use my fist as it hurt my hands to hold myself up. Now, I feel so powerful in that position. My upper body strength is so different than when I started.” – Frankie W.

Resolve to Evolve

by Skyler Dearen

Creating a New Year’s resolution is a remarkable way to inspire yourself for a change of greatness in the New Year.

Yet, sometimes our New Years resolutions can devolve into a subconscious way of living that implements self-loathing. New Year resolutions can inspire us for the better, but they also bring unneeded stress and chaos.

When we look over our resolutions, we see that they are stemmed from an unspoken assumption, assuming that the way we currently are is not good enough.


Sometimes we allow our ego to be a role player in our life. When this happens we constantly compare ourselves and allow the word “should” to lurk in our self-evaluation. Society and the media love to portray what the “ideal” life is. It is easy to fall into the belief that what and where we are right now isn’t good enough.

This assumption and un-contentment comes from a place of comparison, which is fed by the ego. After all these years of comparing and trying to fit in with what society says, why don’t we start this year off by accepting ourselves and embracing the unique beautiful beings that we are!

What matters the most is how you see yourself

Instead of starting this New Year off with New Year resolutions, why don’t you start the New Year off with a “sankalpa”. The word sankalpa means “will, purpose, and determination.”

The beautiful concept of a sankalpa is that promotes awakening and love, while admiring the nobility of effort; rather than focusing on what you are doing wrong. Instead of creating resolutions that challenge you to loose ten pounds, to stop drinking coffee, to work out more, or to fit in; why don’t you set an intention to live in gratitude within every moment, to live with an open and loving heart, and to embrace the present moment; regardless of the situation.

Sankalpas are intentions that are created from a place of love, purity, acceptance, and unity. Allow your sankalpa to be your daily mantra. A mantra is a sacred, powerful statement, that generates connection, awakening, and tremendous growth in the physical, mental and spiritual body. Mantras should be chanted with concentration, love, and devotion.

Incorporate your sankalpa / mantra into your yoga practice, mediation, morning run, while your driving, or in any other daily routine.

Live less out of habit and and more out of intent

Yoga is much more than a work out, it is a positive and awakened way of living. Yoga is a practice that promotes connection. It is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self. It’s about letting go and clearing space within yourself, so you have space to receive and room to plant new seeds.

Your daily yoga practice prepares the soil that we will plant our seeds in, manifesting deep and permanent changes in our lives. Through the practice of the yoga postures and breathing exercises, we are tending the soil, where we will plant. Through this practice, we create a flow of energy that allows us to let go of the past, release the things that no longer serve us, and let go of any toxins, creating more room inside for something new and magical to arise. As we hold the postures, we find the places where our comfort meets discomfort. When that place is discovered, we let go of anything that is not serving us, so we can move deeper into our comfortable edge.

We then find our breath and direct it into the uncomfortable places, creating openness within. As we complete the journey of cleansing, connecting, and preparing, we move into a deeper practice of letting go and discovery. From this process of creating space within and nurturing the soil, we now have the perfect place to plant our seeds. As you plant your seeds, hold your intention deep with your heart and repeat it to yourself with love, belief, and concentration. Begin to imagine that your intention is already manifested. Imagine this intention as part of you. Allow it to speak loudly in the spaces of your mind and heart. As it resonates deep within your soul, see yourself aligned with your intention and aligned with the universe.

This is a BEAUTIFUL brand New Year! It is never too late to start living in gratitude, to accept the unique and divine you, and to live with an open heart, full of love. Give it a try and see how it changes your life.


Skyler Dearen

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January 1 – 15, 2017

Missed our amazing Black Friday deals? No worries, this is your chance to fill up with gifts for the New Year for your friends, loved ones and even yourself!

Start the New Year off right! Give the gift of yoga, it will bring joy to their heart and a smile on their face! The benefits of Hot Yoga are abundant and are for everybody!

The New Year comes with great offers from Radiant Hot Yoga:

Offer #1

$100 gift card for only $80

Receive a $100 value gift card and pay only $80.



Offer #2


Auto Pay Membership: only $99 for the first month

…and $158 the following months with a 12 month contract.



Only $8 a class

If you practice yoga 4 times a week

Radiant Hot Yoga offers unlimited Auto Pay membership for only $1,837 (this means that a class will cost you only $8.00 if you practice hot yoga 4 times a week)!

We recommend practicing 3-5 times a week to receive the many benefits of hot yoga, which are abundant and are for everybody. Immersing yourself in a regular practice will:

  • Cleanse the mind and body;
  • Release toxins and impurities;
  • Improve flexibility, range of motion and balance;
  • Burn 700-1000 calories contributing to weight loss;
  • Develop muscle tone and build strength;
  • Boost the immune system;
  • Relieve stress and anxiety;
  • Reduces the symptoms of certain chronic illnesses, such as thyroid disorders, depression, arthritis and circulatory problems.



Receive 5 FREE, One Week Free Gift Cards

Sign up now for the Auto Pay Membership with a 12 month contract at either of our studios and receive 5 Free One week gift cards for friends and family.

Sign up now, for our Auto Pay Membership and receive the 5 free one week free cards.



10% off of retail

Receive 10% off of retail items: yoga mats and yogitoes, towels, etc.




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Radiant Hot Yoga Teacher Training

by Rebecca Louise

Hot yoga has become a popular yoga practice in recent years, and you may have practiced it a few times yourself! I love hot yoga because it helps me improve my flexibility, become more comfortable with the yoga poses, and release the built-up tension in my muscles from a hard workout. Basically, it’s just what I need after a busy and hectic day!

Hot yoga has become a popular yoga practice in recent years

I choose to go to Radiant Hot Yoga in Newport Beach, California because this yoga studio provides everything that I need: a welcoming atmosphere, an individualized yoga practice, cleanliness, friendliness, and professionalism.

Now until August 1st, Radiant Hot Yoga is offering an Early Bird Special for its teacher training courses!

Early Bird Special - logo



Original price: $3,800

(Paid in full)

* Each offer/pricing option has a $700 non-refundable deposit.
* Unlimited yoga at Radiant Hot Yoga for the program’s duration.

Register now!

I know what you’re thinking:

Rebecca, I’m not a yogini or anything like that! I couldn’t possibly teach yoga to other people!”

Well, why not? I was no expert when I started doing hot yoga, but as I continued attending classes and feeling a closer connection to my body, things started to change for the better! Not only did I feel more physically capable of getting through my workouts, but my mental clarity and concentration also improved. While stretching my body I am also stretching my mind, and the ambiance of a hot yoga class is something that you can’t replicate anywhere else.

Practice for yourself

Another thing that I absolutely love about yoga is that it is an individualized practice. When I step onto my mat, I am practicing only for me. There is no competition and no need to one-up the other person. We are all there to practice together, and yet there is an intense focus on listening to your body and the way it goes through the movements and poses. Just imagine what it would be like to teach your own hot yoga class and encourage others to get in touch with their bodies. So many people rush through life without paying attention to what their body and mind is telling them. If they would just take a step back and breathe deeply, who knows what they could discover?

Radiant Hot Yoga, Newport Beach studio

That’s why I keep coming back to Radiant Hot Yoga in Newport Beach. The instructors are so kind and helpful and they do the best job of walking me through the poses and what each movement is doing for my body. They always encourage me to listen to my body, to get into each pose and breathe through it, and to continue challenging myself physically and mentally. I’m super excited to share one of my wellness secrets with you, and now you can train to be a hot yoga teacher!

The helpful Radiant Hot Yoga Teachers

From now until August 1, 2016, Radiant Hot Yoga is offering an Early Bird Discount. I know that without the gentle kindness, eye-opening instruction, and invigorating sequences in my hot yoga classes, I would definitely not have the flexibility I have now – both for my body and mind! If you’ve been thinking about becoming a yoga instructor or taking your own practice to the next level, then I encourage you to check this out! What an opportunity!



Original price: $3,800

(Paid in full)

* Each offer/pricing option has a $700 non-refundable deposit.
* Unlimited yoga at Radiant Hot Yoga for the program’s duration.

Register now!

Rebecca Louise

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RHY 2016 Fall TT header banner

RHY 2016 Fall TT header

RHY Fall 2016, 200 hour Teacher Training – September 23 to November 13, 2016


A journey of a lifetime awaits!

Whether you choose to teach and inspire or to dive deeper into your own personal practice. This Teacher Training is a time of learning, self study, building awareness and connecting.

Rise to your fullest potential

Join Darlene & the Radiant Hot Yoga Teachers for a transformational experience. In only 8 weekends you will have a gift that will last you a lifetime.

Discover your voice, find your passions, and open your soul.



Original price: $3,800

(Paid in full)

* Each offer/pricing option has a $700 non-refundable deposit.
* Unlimited yoga at Radiant Hot Yoga for the program’s duration.

Register now!



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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with David

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

From my yoga practice, I was hoping to receive the benefit of movement, challenge, fitness, and self discipline just to name a few.” – David

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, David

How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

Yoga is all embodying.  It helps me to breathe more, and to work through things with strength and focus until I reach my goal or desired outcome.” – David

How has yoga benefited you off the mat?

Off of the mat is where yoga can be fun! Things such as good balance with activities, work and life. Also I find that I make healthier more conscious food choices, have less physical pain, hydrate well, and i just feel great!” – David

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, David

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body from a regular yoga practice?

I have noticed a positive change in my overall life experience with yoga period.” – David

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, David

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred studio?

I have been practicing yoga for 22 years and I have to say that Radiant is one of my favorite studios!  I love Radiant because the staff is amazingly friendly and helpful. Hot yoga feels soooo good, and I love visiting Newport Beach regularly, as I commute from the city of Corona.” – David

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, David

How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Oksana

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

My hope was that hot yoga would help me heal and recover from my concussion suffered in a car accident while also meeting my goals to improve my level of fitness and spiritual self. Radiant Hot Yoga has been the perfect solution because when you are recovering from a head injury you are limited in the type of activities you can do.” – Oksana

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, Oksana

How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

My expectations have been exceeded because I am much further along in my recovery, I feel that I’m in excellent physical and mental shape and now I’ve had the opportunity to share these benefits with my husband such that Radiant Hot Yoga has become something we do together as a couple.” – Oksana

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, Oksana

How has yoga benefited you off the mat?

I feel that yoga has helped me do a better job of achieving my life goal of maintaining balance, energy and health so that I can add more of those qualities to my life and the lives of my family and friends.” – Oksana

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, Oksana

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred studio?

I’ve tried Bikram yoga in the past and I feel that I get more out of my Radiant Hot Yoga experience because the energy that is created in the room through the consistently good teachers and the positive atmosphere helps me work harder and more easily achieve my desired results while           enjoying the experience.” – Oksana

RHY Student of the month of June 2016, Oksana

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred studio?

I have tried other yoga styles and I prefer to only do hot yoga. Radiant is special because of the people. Everyone is so kind and inviting.” – Oksana

How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life... Interview with Melissa

What benefits were you hoping to receive from your yoga practice?

I was hoping to build flexibility as well as mental and physical strength.” – Melissa

How has yoga and your practice exceeded your expectations?

The mental strength from hot yoga has benefited me throughout my career. In times of stress I am able to remain calm and collected. We learn that in hot yoga when we are focusing on holding our pose in the intense heat.” – Melissa

Yoga students of the month of May 2016 at Radiant Hot Yoga: Melissa and Jeff

How has yoga benefited you off the mat?

I take more time to appreciate the present moment instead of living in the past or focusing on the future.” – Melissa

Do you notice a change in your physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual body from a regular yoga practice?

I know when I don’t practice on a regular basis I get moody and anxious! That must mean something.” – Jeff

Yoga students of the month of May 2016 at Radiant Hot Yoga: Melissa and Jeff

Have you tried other styles of yoga? What makes Radiant Hot Yoga your preferred studio?

I have tried other yoga styles and I prefer to only do hot yoga. Radiant is special because of the people. Everyone is so kind and inviting.” – Melissa

Radiant 80 minute class. Give your body the benefits of hot yoga.

by Rebecca Louise

Radiant Hot Yoga offers exceptional classes that are designed to heal your mind, body and soul. The teachers are there to help you replenish your body and clear your mind. You can see this with the dedication and passion they put into every class.

Giving your body the benefits of hot yoga is in my mind one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Developing your practice from a 60 minute to an 80 minute class will increase all of those benefits and give you so much more out of your time. Give yourself an additional 20 minutes to make the most out of every day you have on this earth.

Giving your body the benefits of hot yoga

Exercising for a longer period of time and moving over the 60-minute mark is going to improve your endurance. If you are used to doing the 60-minute class, the way to improve your endurance is to increase that time period. At Radiant they offer an 80-minute class that will push your body for another 20 minutes, giving you more of the healing benefits as well as improving your endurance. By adding in the session of 80 minutes and getting used to a longer practice you will go into a 60-minute class and feel 100% stronger!

The mental benefits of the longer class outweigh what you can accomplish in just the hour. You escape for longer periods of time which takes you into a deeper meditative state. This is important to do when you want to improve your yoga practice and get connected with yourself on a deeper level. Because you are in the heat for over an hour your metal strength is challenged at a higher level. This is key to advance your yoga practice by doing a longer class as your mind has to remain focused while you are taken into a deeper meditative state.

When you are in the 80-minute class we hold the poses for a longer period of time, what this does is detoxify you on a deeper level. Holding a stretch is one thing but really taking it to your edge is going to give you all of the detoxifying benefits. The extra time in the class allows you to take your time and push your body a little further and really rest what you can do both physically and mentally.

get focused on our poses

Because we have more time we can get focused on our poses which is going to improves your postures. It is better to take a longer class where you have the time to work on your form. Getting your form and posture correct takes time, when they are done correctly your performance is improved along with the results. No need to rush in the longer class, use those extra minutes and put them into your practice to get the benefits.

Whenever we do something for a longer period of time than what we are used it gives us the opportunity to strengthen our mind and body. Why would you not want to take what you have now and advance to the next level. Everyone has the ability to strengthen themselves and it all starts with trying. You might jump straight into the longer class and be fine or it might take you a while to build up the strength. Either way its key that you start and don’t give up even if you have a tough class. There will be sometimes it’s going to be tougher just because there are many things that can affect our practice and that’s normal, it’s just about picking yourself up and going back into another 80-minute class!

controlling your breath

One of the biggest parts of your yoga class is breathing and controlling your breath. The longer class will not only give you more time to practice your breath it will also push your ability. As we exercise and get hot our breath can become choppy and irregular, this is when we need to train our mind to come back to the breath. In the longer class it will be more challenging to keep your breath at a steady pace because you are pushing your body to the next level. This is only going to advance you in your practice and get the full benefits from hot yoga.

Asides all the mental strength that you will get from the longer class you will burn more calories. If you are looking to lose body fat this is going to be perfect for you because you will lose between 700-1100 more calories than the hour class. So for just 20 minutes extra of your day you can get rid of more of the unwanted body fat and be on your way to a faster result ready for summer!

Challenge yourself to try the 80-minute class

Challenge yourself to try the 80-minute class and make it part of your weekly practice. There are so many more benefits that you get just by adding in 20 minutes! You never know what your body is capable of until you try it and you will probably surprise yourself!






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Hot Yoga Prep

Hot yoga is completely different to regular yoga in terms of how essential it is to prepare your body for class. The heat adds a whole new element to the workout and depending on how you prepare it will effective your abilities once inside the hot room.

I love getting my daily fix at Radiant Hot Yoga because it clears my mind and takes me to a place of peace. I believe everyone would benefit from exploring this space at least a few times a week so help them with day to day life.

Radiant Hot Yoga makes it easy for you to switch off and stretches your mind because of the quality of the studio and its teachers. Preparing for a class ahead of time is going to make your experience even more enjoyable!



We sweat excessively during hot yoga so it is essential to make sure you are drinking about a gallon of water for three days prior. Proper hydration will allow you to stretch more deeply and help you to avoid lightheadedness.

If you have not been consciously hydrating for three days prior, you can still attend a hot yoga class. Be mindful not to push yourself too hard. When I’m not fully hydrated, hot yoga its still a great excuse to go to the studio and enjoy the peaceful environment. On these days I am sure to take lots of breaks!

Electrolyte water can help you achieve optimum hydration. Electrolytes aid in delivering the water to the muscles more efficiently, enabling you to continue your workout. Be sure to choose electrolyte options that do not contain added sugar (coconut water or pure aloe leaf puree).



Fueling your body with good nutrition is not only going to make a difference in how you feel in the yoga studio, it has an effect on your day-to-day emotions and physical ability. An hour before practice, have a snack that contains protein, good carbs and fats for slow released energy. After you have finished in the studio, feed your body with foods that repair your muscles so that they can recover and rebuild.



Be sure to prepare your body for hot yoga with enough sleep. Allow your body to heal and detox with slumber. Radiant has classes all throughout the day so you will find one that fits into your schedule. If you are someone who struggles with sleep, try taking an evening class. The class will put your body at ease and help to erase the worries of the day from your mind.


Avoid Alcohol

Another preparation tip is to avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic therefore it dehydrates the body and decreases your strength and overall health.


The instructors at Radiant will help you feel new again. This is one of the reasons I am constantly drawn back into the Radiant studio. The instructors’ common goal is to heal you and remove impurities from your body.

Radiant Hot Yoga offers physically and mentally stimulating practices that bring you back to the basics of self-love, peace and happiness through healing.




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Om Girl! Youngest hot yoga teacher blazes her own trail

Skyler-Dearen-hot-yoga-teacher-daily-om-1Skyler Dearen can take the heat.

At just 15-years old, our nation’s youngest Yoga Alliance-registered hot yoga instructor treks a bold, heart-guided life path.

A yogi since age 7, Dearen’s passion for the fiery practice was inspired by her single mother, a yoga teacher-turned studio owner in Newport Beach, California.

Yoga totally changed our lives. We’ve had hard times. Hot yoga offers…
an amazing emotional release. You get in to that hot room, sweat it out and let it go,” says Dearen, who completed a teacher training in 2013 at her mom’s Radiant Yoga studio here.

We trained in 105 degree temperature for weekends on end. I didn’t think I could physically and mentally do it, but jumped in,” says the ninth-grader.

Though nervous her first time teaching a group of forty,

I walked in there and gave it all I had. You have to go for it and stay fearless to be that vessel for your students,” says Dearen.

Skyler-Dearen-hot-yoga-teacher-daily-om-2Over time, Dearen’s combined style of Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and Bikram classes took shape. She currently teaches six to eight weekly classes, a feat made possible by another gutsy life choice.

After a family exploration trip to Thailand last year, “I decided I wanted to be homeschooled so I could do more yoga,” says Dearen, whose mom supported the switch.

Skyler-Dearen-hot-yoga-teacher-daily-om-3Dearen now virtually attends an online, self-study program through Brigham Young University. She says she’s able to pull in A’s and B’s, while taking or teaching yoga twice daily and has transitioned easily to her new routine.

All of my school friends come to my classes and we still hang out. I’m very close with everyone at my studio. We’re a huge family,” she says.

Dearen chronicles her love of nature and sense of adventure on Instagram, posting, “When I find a beautiful place and want to stop and take a cool yoga picture,” she says. Her online following has grown to 2000.

Up the road, Dearen dreams of opening up her own Radiant Yoga studio and hosting yoga retreats worldwide.

She plans to inspire more teens to try yoga, too.

“It’s such an amazing gift,” she says.



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The Benefits of Hot Yoga

Article by Rebecca Louise

From the moment I went to my first class at Radiant Hot Yoga, I completely fell in love with the way that it made me feel. Not only because of the practice that made my body feel stronger, but it was also the surroundings that I found myself in.

Radiant Hot Yoga has been able to create something so extraordinary, and I’m sure that my fellow students can relate to me when I say that I have found an extended family that genuinely cares about my well-being and growth. This is not just your regular studio where you work up a sweat and leave; no, this is a place that you carry in your heart wherever you go and this is purely because of the love that comes from the owner. She is married to the practice as well as the students, that is how dedicated she is. Her passion for yoga and her students make it a very special studio to be part of.


The Exercise

Incredible things are happening to your body when you are in the room at Radiant Hot Yoga, both physically and mentally. For the hour class, you are in the room that reaches temperatures of 104 degrees while you do a series of yoga flows and poses that stretch your body and work deep into your soul.

The teachers at Radiant do such an excellent role of guiding you through your practice and making you feel comfortable with whatever level you are at. I always have the mindset that it is yoga practice and not yoga perfect – something that is reiterated a great deal by those leading class.

When you are in this level of heat your muscles are contracting and stretching at a cellular, biochemical level. One of the great benefits of this is better circulation because lipids and proteins are reorganized optimally in this environment. When we have better circulation, our bodies function better and it can aid in healing, joint mobility, and our range of motion.

Yoga in heat creates so many incredible benefits for us that my body has started craving the practice on a daily basis since attending my first class at Radiant. For me, I feel that I need to go every day to realign my focus, my energy, and my body. When we perform the practice in this heat, blood and calcium are brought to the bones and as we work against gravity, it strengthens the bones.

Because of the increased circulation, our lungs are stretched while the poses that we hold eliminate the toxins and waste through our organs. Yoga has such incredible benefits for healing the body, making you stronger, and cleansing your soul. This happens because the nerves are stimulated by compression and extension which improves communication. This helps with the body supplying fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout.

Radiant Hot Yoga students know the consistency that happens in each class which allows you to improve on your practice. I love fact there is a variety throughout the class, from the flows that we do at the beginning to the ab section where you feel another rush of energy within the room. This pushes you through onto the final spine series.


The Community

There is something so special about the community at Radiant because they heal your body from the inside out. Strip away your facade and break down any barriers. Create connections and bonds unlike any other gym or yoga studio can. This all stems to the basis on why this studio was created.

Unlike other studios that are big corporations with the goal to make money and have as many people come in and out as possible, Radiant Hot Yoga is unique. The owner and her two girls have been healed by the practice, and from their deep love, has created the drive to help others heal using hot yoga. This is what Radiant is all about: healing your soul. I am sure I speak on behalf of many of the students that we are all deeply connected at Radiant because of the environment of the studio.

I am incredibly grateful to be part of a family at Radiant that looks out for one another and genuinely cares about each member’s experience, development, and heart. The teacher’s dedication to their students is very special and it makes you want to keep coming back to receive more love, energy, and peace. I feel very blessed to have found this community because it keeps me motivated to keep going and improving in my own practice. Being part of something gives us significance, which is one of our 6 basic human needs.


The Mind

For me, yoga has really been a catalyst in my healing process. We all have scars from the past, and hot yoga with Radiant has given me something so powerful it is hard to put down into words. All of the heart breaks you held onto for so long can be freed from the your life outside the studio doors, allowing you to connect to yourself on a deeper level. You are then able to strengthen the mind and create more focus with better concentration.

I know that the energy I feel in the room has been a significant part in my development during my healing process and the heat allows me to let things go. You are able to get deeper into your poses and stretches which allows for more toxins to be flushed out of the body. This process helps clear your mind, which realigns your focus on you and gives you the clarity you seek. The teachers always give words of wisdom about life, sort of like my own personal inspirational speaker. They always say your soul and how you conduct yourself makes an impact on you on a day to day basis.

My mind has been expanded to more love and gratitude, which has made me a happier person. For someone who has a very hectic schedule, the hot yoga room is a place I can completely switch off and work on my practice surrounded by love from the teachers and the students.


The Flexibility and Strength

The warm room used for hot yoga classes allows tight muscles to release faster and stay loose throughout the session. This is why there are added benefits to being in a hot yoga studio rather than one that doesn’t use heat. Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are able to safely stretch further, giving you more flexibility and muscle strength. You are able to go further by using the heat to allow your body to get to your extended boundaries. You can increase your stretch in a variety of poses, improving elasticity and range of motion. These are incremental changes that, with a regular practice over time, result in greater overall flexibility.

More blood is circled around the body and with the heat loosening up your muscles by relaxing them, it helps elongate and heal the connective tissues. Hot yoga works both on your flexibility and strength, two elements that you need to live a healthy and strong life. Especially as we get older, it becomes more important to keep your body active and moving with a wide range of motion.

Hot yoga is a great workout for all ages and levels of skill because you can go at your own pace. It carries a key component in healing past injuries as well as muscle soreness. This is because the heat allows us to get deeper within the muscles, healing the injury or knots at the root of the cause. Think of it when you go for a massage and the masseuse has to warm the effective area first to get to the problem.

The hot studio is heating your body so that when you go into the stretches and poses, you can release muscle tissue aiding in healing and muscle soreness. If you are someone that is an endurance athlete or weight-lifter, when you are contracting your muscles and not stretching, a hot yoga class can release any tension allowing for an improved performance in your sport.

It is always practice – there is no such thing as perfect – which is why at Radiant Hot Yoga they call it yoga practice and not yoga perfect. There is a deep connection within the studio grounds; the owner, teachers, and students create a place to come not only to feel an incredible workout, but to be healed and feel at one with yourself.




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Yoga instructor, 15, is poised and posed beyond her years

Original article from hot yoga

You don’t know what you can do until you do it.”

Those words from her hot-yoga instructor inspired 48-year-old Juliet Morgan, an ultra-runner, to strike a yoga pose she’d dreaded – the bridge.

Morgan’s instructor, Skyler Dearen, is 15 – a Newport Beach resident and freshman at Corona del Mar High School. Yet, those who know her and learn from her describe the teen as an “old soul,” mature beyond her years, a motivational speaker who inspires them to get out of their minds and into their bodies.

“Most kids her age are probably in Fashion Island or on the beach,” said Morgan, of Newport Beach, who has been taking Dearen’s class for the past 10 months. “But this kid has changed my life.”

Dearen teaches yoga to adults a few times a week at Radiant Hot Yoga, a Newport Beach studio that her mother, Darlene Dearen, started two years ago. She also teaches her peers at Corona del Mar High two or three times a week, and runs a regular yoga class on campus.

A spokeswoman for the Yoga Alliance said Skyler Dearen is likely the youngest instructor the association has certified. The national organization has set 13 as its minimum certification age, she said.

Skyler Dearen started practicing yoga when she was 8 with her mother and younger sister, Savanna. They had just moved to Arizona from Las Vegas. Darlene Dearen said she and her daughters had just left her now-deceased husband.

Darlene Dearen showed a restraining order, which alleged physical abuse that the mother said all three had endured for three years. She got a divorce and sole custody of her daughters and moved away, Darlene said.

“When we moved to Arizona, we were living in fear,” she said. “My goal was to protect my daughters from danger and give them a normal life, where they could be children and be happy again.”

The girls, two years apart, were far from being in a happy place.

“They had no fingernails; they were tearing their hair out,” their mom said. “They would wake up screaming at night. We would all worry someone was at the door or outside, threatening us physically. It was a very difficult few years for us, as we moved through shelters and friends’ homes, living in fear.”

It was at such a time that one of Darlene Dearen’s friends suggested yoga. At first, only Darlene Dearen took the classes. When she realized it was helping her get to a place of peace, she started involving Skyler and Savanna. They’d get on mats and do the cat and cow poses as they mooed and meowed – just being silly.

“It became our way of bonding and healing,” Darlene Dearen said. “It went beyond that. It saved our lives.”

Darlene Dearen was told by therapists to put her daughters on antidepressants. But as it turned out, yoga was better than medication.

Skyler Dearen said she is not quite sure how she fell in love with yoga. “But I remember getting this clear state of mind and just being present, in the moment, and loving it,” she said. “It taught me not to dwell in the past or on people or memories.”

She said she has gone beyond shutting out her past and has forgiven her father. The family got news of his death by homicide last year.

Skyler Dearen says she sees yoga as a way to unite with everyone around her without judgment.

“It taught me to love myself,” she said.

Skyler Dearen especially loves hot yoga, which is typically done in 105-degree heat and at least 50 percent humidity.

“You sweat; no one can tell if you’re crying,” she said. “You leave all that negativity on the mat. It’s truly life-changing. You feel lighter, brighter and cleansed.”

Erica Schwartz, 42, of Huntington Beach, takes Skyler’s hot-yoga class twice a week.

“She’s very motivating,” Schwartz said. “Her energy is amazing for a 15-year-old.”

Schwartz, who has taught aerobics classes to adults since she was 16, knows what it takes for a teenager to teach people two or three times her age.

“Skyler is confident, poised and just passionate about yoga,” she said. “She speaks from her heart. You can tell that this is going to be a huge part of her life.”



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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed my life...

What made you want to try Yoga?

“I had always heard that yoga was a great way to heal. With all the hype that yoga has gotten I was very curious as to what it was all about.” – Erik K.

Erik-K-RHY-student-profile-picEric K. has been a yogi for 9 months and began his journey with Radiant Hot Yoga!

Why did you continue to come to yoga?

“I continued to practice regularly because within a few weeks I was already seeing and feeling the benefits of it. Physically I was in better shape, and mentally I was much more calm and collected.” – Erik K.

What makes Radiant Hot Yoga so special?

“Radiant is unlike any other yoga studio because they truly treat you like family here. When you walk in it is warm and welcoming and everything here is so clean, well taken care of, and nice. The classes are amazing because it is MY time of the day where there are no distractions and I can let everything go in the hot room.” – Erik K.

Why should men try hot yoga?

“I think many men think that yoga is super easy and just stretching but it is really an amazing work out and keeps you in really good shape.” – Erik K.

What advice do you have for new students who want to try out a class?

“Get to class early to acclimate to the heat, and leave your judgements of yourself outside the door and do the best you can!” –  Erik K.



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