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Open Your Heart to Radiant Instagram Challenge

Attention RHY family!

Announcing our FEBRUARY Instagram challenge

This challenge is for ALL LEVELS, to continue to develop your personal practice and to grow and connect as a yoga community. We encourage anyone and everyone to participate, challenge yourself, and open your heart.

Here’s how it works

1. @radianthotyoga will post the pose of the day the night before, starting January 31st. We will provide modification options and advanced postures to each pose every day.

2. Post a photo of your version of each pose every day. Each post must tag @radianthotyoga and include the hashtags #openyourheartrhy and #radianthotyoga.

3. Please also check into Radiant Hot Yoga during your practice on Facebook or Instagram.

4. Complete the challenge successfully and you will recieve a free RHY T-shirt, and your choice of 30% off of class card @Radiant Hot Yoga or 10% off merchandise sold at our studio.

Please be sure to download this collage and invite your friends and family to participate!




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Studio news: Teacher Training and classes in January and February

Happy New Year Radiant Family!

Hope that the start of the new year is going well so far! We wanted to just inform everyone that January and February are usually our busier months, where we have a higher probability of classes filling up. Please make sure to get to class about 15 minutes before it starts so that you are able to make it before the class fills up. Remember that all of our classes are on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure that you arrive early to secure your spot in the class!

If you are on a tight schedule and don’t have much of a choice but to arrive a few minutes before class starts, we’d suggest looking into our Gold Membership Package! It is a great way to secure your spot in every class that you sign up for.

Let us know where you would like to be set up in the room and we will put a studio mat and yogitoe to secure that spot before anyone else enters the room. You are also provided with a hand towel and one of our 3 water choices. If you stay for a shower after class, then we will provide the shower towel for you as well. This helps to relieve the stress of wondering whether the class is going to be packed or not and it’s only $89/month! If you’d like to learn more please read more here, or give us a call and the front desk will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Radiant Hot Yoga - Gold Membership Package

Finally, Teacher Training will be starting the weekend of the 16th this month. This will mean that the classes on the weekends will be more packed as they further their yoga journeys in learning our sequence and deepening their practice.

We are deeply grateful for every single person who walks through our doors. Radiant would not be radiant without you.

your RHY Family



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How Radiant Hot Yoga changed our life... Interview with Lisa and Danny

When did you start practicing yoga?

“We both started practicing regularly in July of 2013.” – Danny and Lisa

How has the practice of yoga changed your life?

“We started yoga as a means to get more physically fit. After practicing regularly, we both realized yoga is so much more than a physical activity. Our bodies crave yoga from the inside and out. After not practicing for a few days, both of us will say, “We miss yoga!” Our minds feel more sound and we can better deal with stress and anxiety. We also have seen an increase in flexibility which has helped us in other sports and activities.” – Danny and Lisa


Why should all couples practice yoga?

“Yoga helps us become the best versions of ourselves. After a long day of work, we will practice yoga together and leave with clear heads. Yoga is a means to help release tension and stress without bringing it home with us. It makes us feel more connected as a couple, plus it is a fun activity to do together! We motivate each other to push ourselves both inside and outside of the studio.

We completed the 30 day challenge in October and it was an amazing accomplishment that we both experienced together.” – Danny and Lisa


What do you like most about Radiant Hot Yoga?

“We feel like Radiant is a home away from home. All of the staff and teachers are so welcoming and inviting. They truly set the tone for how the entire studio feels when you walk inside. All of the instructors are amazing and such motivation!” – Danny and Lisa

Do you have any advice for someone interested in trying yoga?

“Keep an open mind and don’t go in with any expectations of yourself or of others. Yoga is your own journey and you should feel confident and content with exactly where you are.” –  Danny and Lisa



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Dear Radiant Hot Yoga fam

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