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Setting intentions for the new year by creating a healthy mind and healthy body

by Rebecca Louise

Have you ever set goals before and not achieved them? For 2016 I am going to teach you something new that will help you achieve more than you thought! It is important to set the right intentions for the new year including creating a healthy mind and body. When we are at one with ourselves we can focus on all the other things that come in and out of our life with more ease.

New Years resolutions

The word goals are thrown around all over the place and they are often seen as just things that are too far down the line. We need a plan of action if we ever want to achieve something. That is why I have decided to use the word objectives! So what are your objectives for 2016?

To help you achieve your objectives we have to look at what needs to be done to getting them. This is where I love this new word, COMMITMENTS! It has totally changed my thinking around and when you change your mindset, you change your life! For this year I have decided to write down what my commitments are. When you commit to something and you keep doing it positive results are inevitable!

Healthy body and healthy mind

Having a healthy body and mind is the foundation to a happy and fulfilling life. It will get you clear on what your intentions are for the future. Radiant Hot Yoga allows you to go deep into your yoga practice which strengthens and challenges you along the process. The studio gives you the environment that you need to grow, let go of things that do not serve you and get your intentions set for the day. Starting your day, ending it, or anything in-between with a practice at Radiant is only going to benefit your wellbeing and focus on a healthy mind and body.

The Radiant Hot Yoga studio

Exercise for one relives stress and anxiety. There are so many benefits to hot yoga that help with your mind and body. Make sure that for 2016 you are committed to going to class and reaping all those benefits 3-5 times a week.

When we achieve our objectives by following our commitments we get what we want and become who we want to be! Take a minute today and write down what you are committed to do and why.

  • How many times are you going to work on your practice each week?
  • What is the reason you want to commit?

Think about all areas of your world. Your personal life, what your finances look life, social life, how you are spiritually and physically. Share them with friends and family that will hold you accountable for your actions in 2016!

Radiant Hot Yoga teachers

Getting connected to the Radiant Family will help you stay on track. The teachers have a very special presence about them and you want to be part of the community as it will only benefit you in all areas of your life! Set your intention today for a healthy mind and body and make your way to class to start your new year with power and positivity!






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