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The Right Way to Cleanse

by Rebecca Louise

Many people have thought about doing a cleanse, or maybe they’ve even tried one. In recent years, diet cleanses have been gaining more traction, and with celebrities touting the benefits of cleansing, it can seem like an enticing option. While cleansing may help you lose weight or get your diet back on track, it isn’t something that you should be invested in for the long run.

Healthy Smoothie

Did you know that your body detoxifies itself each and every day? It is the body’s job to get rid of toxins in the liver and colon, which it does all on its own. Yet if you’re feeling sluggish, backed up, or you’re having tummy issues, your body might be having trouble detoxifying itself. A cleanse may be able to help.

Healthy Smoothie

There are actually many different kinds of cleanses, as well as a variety of ways to approach a cleanse. Some people may prefer a juice cleanse, in which they consume mostly (or only) juices made of fruit and vegetables. This kind of cleanse is good for a couple of days, but it isn’t something that is going to sustain you forever. Other people opt for a water-only cleanse, also known as fasting. While linked to spirituality, fasting is not an ideal cleansing solution, and it actually has no known physiological benefits!

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The majority of cleanses involve eating whole, natural foods that are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. While you might start the first day drinking primarily fruit juices (the sugars in fruit help to flush the body’s system out,) the second day will include more food options. These may include lots of green leafy vegetables, which will energize you. Depending on your body goals, you may choose to refrain from carbs during your cleanse, or you may incorporate fiber and protein-rich carbs like brown rice.

Walk, run and move

Some things that can help to move things along in your digestive tract could be probiotics, antioxidants, and some light cardio (like walking). This gets things up and running in your body, so you will feel lighter as you empty out your system and detoxify it. Cleanses like these should help you lose a few extra pounds and get your body back in proper working order. Remember, most cleanses are just that: a cleanse, not a diet to follow regularly.

Healthy Salad

Iprefer to focus on healthy eating year-round to keep my body in tip-top shape. When I concentrate on feeding my body enough good foods from a variety of healthy sources, I feel better, I look better, and I’m able to tackle each day as it comes! If you want to give your body an extra push towards detoxifying, I’d recommend choosing whole, natural foods. Eat a diet rich in produce, lean protein, and healthy fats. Good carbs and fruit can fit into a cleansing diet as well.

You’d be surprised at how well your body will respond to the right nutrition!

Rebecca Louise

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Article by Rebecca Louise

You’ve seen it before. A room full of people siting around, legs crossed, chanting Om. You stand there wondering what this funny sound means and if something like this could be for you. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years and its benefits transcend time. Its purpose is to reconnect you to who you truly are in order to live a happy, joyful, purposeful and fulfilling life.

In essence, to be the best version of you! That funny sound represents silence and enlightenment, and is meant to calm your mind and create a peaceful environment. Most people when they first try meditation, they sit crossed legged, start to fidget, get anxious and so many thoughts run through their head that they tend to think they are not doing it right and then abandon the practice before they even start. Here are a few reasons you might want to give it a go!


Meditation Reduces Stress

You’ve heard this before, but studies have shown that meditation permanently affects people so that they are better able to regulate their emotions. Through meditation, you can learn to choose your reaction to something that makes you angry or upset and learn to just be happy instead! It also improves information processing and decision-making, as well as learning and memory. It increases creativity and can improve your focus and attention, and therefore, your ability to work better under stress.


Meditation Increases Happiness

The practice of meditation increases signaling activity at the brain’s prefrontal cortex, or happiness center. This means that through meditation, you can experience more positive emotions in your life and be happier than you have ever been! It regulates your mood and can decrease feelings of depression, anxiety or loneliness.


Meditation Helps Reduce Illnesses

Meditation helps to bring clarity, balance and a sense of calm to your life, which reduces stress related diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Studies have shown that it also decreases pain and helps to prevent asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and most inflammatory disorders.


Meditation Reduces Signs of Aging

Since meditation teaches us to deal with stress in better ways, it therefore slows the aging process. Stress affects the hormonal levels which then effects the cells, specifically the telomere which effects how our cells age. Meditation is helpful in protecting those cells from deterioration. It may actually help us to live longer! Your cells are healthy, you are happier which only leads to more positive relationships in life which can only lead to you looking more youthful as you grow older! Sounds good to me!


Meditation Is Good Cardio

What?! Meditation is good cardio?! Yes it is! Even though you are sitting still, actually perfectly still, meditation causes the nitric acid levels in your blood to drop, therefore causing blood pressure to drop, just like a good run on the treadmill would do!

You may be familiar with the some of the varied techniques that are categorized by five major types of meditation which are Hindu (Mantra, Yoga, and Transcendental Meditation, practiced 15-20 minutes twice per day in a seated position with eyes closed. For more information go to, Chinese (Taoist and Qigong), Christian (“sitting with God” preceded by contemplative prayer), Guided Meditation (Guided Imagery and Affirmations) and Buddhist (Mindfulness, Loving Kindness and Zen Meditation).

Zen Mediation, Zazen (坐禅) means “seated Zen”, or seated meditation in Japanese. It has its roots in the Chinese Zen Buddhism (Ch’an) tradition, tracing back to Indian monk Bodhidharma (6th century CE). Zen meditation is an open awareness meditation in which you are completely aware of everything inside and outside of you without controlling anything.


Meditation workshop with Bob Posert

Radiant Hot Yoga will be holding a Zen meditation workshop on Sunday, November 8th led by Bob Posert who has been practicing this particular technique for 14 years! We are excited and honored to have him with us to share this beautiful experience.

  • ॐ Learn how to do awareness meditation and work with your monkey mind.
  • ॐ Practice seated meditation to deepen your experience.
  • ॐ Experience yoga poses as moving meditation.
  • ॐ Feel more compassionate towards yourself and those around you after a loving-kindness meditation.
  • ॐ Understand the connection between Zen and Yoga.
  • ॐ Know how to establish a meditation practice after the workshop.

Find out more about the meditation event…

Meditation is such an important part of my life. It has brought me so much inner peace and awareness, and I want you to feel those positive emotions as well.

There are so many different types of meditation. Find what you like to do; an audio session, a class with a meditation teacher or even a meditation retreat. Even finding the inner strength to persevere in anything you dois a type of meditation. The benefits will surprise you and leave you feeling good all over from your head to your toes!

Have a beautiful week and give meditation a go! Your mind + body + spirit will thank you! Namaste!






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